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Cardiac Risk Markers Test in Khammam

Also Known asCardiac markers

8-12 hours fasting is mandatory

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About Cardiac Risk Markers

The cardiac risk markers test is a blood test that helps assess the risk of heart-related issues by measuring certain markers in the blood. These markers provide valuable information about the health of the heart and blood vessels. The test includes evaluating levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and other substances that can indicate the presence of conditions like coronary artery disease. The Cardiac Risk Markers test is a valuable tool in promoting heart health and preventing heart-related complications.

Cardiac Risk Markers Test Brief

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Cardiac Risk Markers Test in Khammam

Also Known as

Cardiac markers

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1000+ times

Preparation required.

8-12 hours fasting is mandatory



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    Who needs cardiac biomarkers test ?

    • People having symptoms like breathlessness on unaccustomed work, chest pain or discomfort, sweating, and dizziness.

    • People who are obese, having a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating habits.

    • People with a family history of heart disease.

    • People with coexisting diseases like diabetes, thyroid problems, high blood pressure.

    • People with abnormal cardiac risk markers on therapy.

    Preparations and Precautions

    • 8-12 hours fasting is mandatory

    Cardiac Risk Markers Test price in Khammam

    • The regular cost of Cardiac Risk Markers Test is ₹899 in Khammam, but we are offering a 5% discount, so you can book it for just ₹855. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

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    Redcliffe Labs

    Home Collection


    Thyrocare Technologies Limited

    Home Collection



    Includes 6 Tests

    • HsCRP (High Sensitivity C Reactive Protein)
    • Apolipoprotein A1
    • Apolipoprotein B
    • Apolipoprotein B/A1 Ratio
    • Lipoprotein (A) [Lp(A)]
    • Homocysteine

    How lab sample collection for Cardiac Risk Markers Test in Khammam works?

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    Book a profile at your preferred lab by selecting lab visit

    sample collected

    Visit lab to get your sample collected at the designated time


    Receive your lab reports within 24 hours over email



    Doctor Verified Reports


    Digital report in 24-48 hours

    Lab Visit for Sample Collection

    Frequently Asked Questions about Cardiac Risk Markers Test in Khammam

    What type of infection/illness can Cardiac Risk Assement detect?

    These test do not detect any illness. It assess your risk of having a heart attack if no changes are made.

    Why do you need Cardiac Risk Markers Test?

    It gives you an insight on the risk of developing heart disease. If the risk is high, you can modify the risk factors, add or change medication to reduce the risk and timely prevent a health catastrophe.

    Do you need Cardiac Risk Markers Test on a regular basis?

    You might need Cardiac Risk Assessment on a regular basis if- 1. You have family history of heart disease 2. You are smoker and regular alcohol consumer 3. You have a sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits and stress 4. You have other co-existing diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney or liver diseases 5. You are already on risk factors modification, to check how well it has helped you.