Body Organs

Body Organs

Get a comprehensive evaluation of your vital organs with our Organ Function Test.

Breast Cancer

Tests such as mammograms, ultrasounds, and biopsies are important for detecting breast cancer early, which can lead to better outcomes and treatment options. Early detection of breast cancer through regular screenings can increase the chances of survival and improve treatment options.

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Thyrocare Technologies Limited

Thyrocare Technologies Limited

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Also Known as PRL, Prolactin Hormone Test

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Dr. Lal PathLabs

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Thyrocare Technologies Limited

Thyrocare Technologies Limited

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Redcliffe Labs

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Redcliffe Labs

Redcliffe Labs

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How organ function test helps?

Organ function tests are laboratory tests that are performed to evaluate the functioning of various organs in the body, such as the heart, kidneys, liver and lung. Organ function tests measure the levels of certain substances in the blood or urine, and these levels are then used to determine if the corresponding organs are functioning normally. Since organ functionality tests provide such in-depth knowledge about various body organs, they are used to detect, diagnose, and monitor a wide range of underlying health conditions, such as kidney problems, cardiac issues, diabetes, and thyroid. Organ tests, or organ function tests, can also be used to evaluate the effectiveness of ongoing treatment and to detect any potential complications or side effects in the patient. This enables the doctor to take decisions regarding whether to continue the treatment or modify it, as per the patient’s response to it. These organ tests can be performed as a single test or as a series of tests, depending on the patient’s health condition, nature of the test and the doctor's recommendation.

Breast Cancer Function Tests Price in Nagpur

Provider Name


Redcliffe Labs centre for Body Organs

₹117 - ₹20500

Dr. Lal PathLabs centre for Body Organs

₹160 - ₹4500

Healthians centre for Body Organs

₹149 - ₹7775

Thyrocare Technologies Limited centre for Body Organs

₹100 - ₹4850

Sage Path Labs Private Limited centre for Body Organs

₹100 - ₹3000


₹130 - ₹3250

Suretech Hospital and Research Centre Limited centre for Body Organs

₹207 - ₹3450

Pathcare Labs PVT LTD centre for Body Organs

₹100 - ₹2700

Diagnoplus Pathology Laboratory Diagnoplus Health Services centre for Body Organs

₹350 - ₹1680

Dhruv Pathology & Molecular Diagnostic Lab centre for Body Organs

₹70 - ₹1120

Alliance Diagnostic Centre and Clinic centre for Body Organs

₹150 - ₹800

Pathkind Diagnostics Private Limited centre for Body Organs

₹130 - ₹500

Frequently Asked Questions

What are organ function tests?

Organ function tests are medical evaluations that help doctors to determine whether your organs are working well. These organ tests indicate the efficiency of specific organs, such as the liver, kidneys, and heart. Organ functionality tests can also help to identify underlying conditions that may be affecting the working of an organ. These tests can also be used to check if the ongoing treatment is effective.

How do I know if my organ is failing?

There are a variety of symptoms that can indicate organ failure, and they can vary depending on the specific organ affected. Here are some common signs of organ failure: 1) Loss of appetite and weight loss 2) Nausea and vomiting 3) Pain or discomfort in the affected area 4) Changes in urine or bowel movements 5) Shortness of breath 6) Fatigue or weakness 7) Rapid heartbeat It's always best to consult with a doctor if you are experiencing any unusual symptoms.

Can blood tests detect organ failure?

Yes, blood tests can detect organ failure by measuring levels of certain markers or enzymes that are released into the bloodstream when an organ is not functioning properly. Other blood tests that can detect organ failure include tests that measure electrolyte levels, glucose levels, and the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood.

What are the 5 key indicators of arising health issues?

The symptoms can vary from person to person but here are the most common factors - 1) Changes in weight or appetite 2) Fatigue or decreased energy 3) Persistent pain or discomfort 4) Changes in sleep patterns 5) Unusual symptoms such as rashes or lumps.

Is there any health checkup packages for complete body examination?

Yes, there are various health check-up packages available for complete body examinations. These packages typically include a range of tests and screenings that are designed to check for common health problems and identify potential health risks. We offer a curated selection of full-body health checkups to keep a track of overall health, including the Vital Screening Package, Swasthfit Senior Citizen Package, Swasthfit Woman Package, Aarogyam 1.1, Swasthfit Total – Heart Check and Swasthfit Active Man Package.