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Quick Check Heart Package in Rajkot

Ideal for individuals aged18-99years

IncludesComplete Hemogram (CBC with ESR) (1 test), Consultations (1 test)&6 Tests

8-12 hours fasting is mandatory

on timeReports in 24 hours


Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited

Earliest Slot :Wednesday, 6:00 AM


About QUICK CHECK HEART Package in Rajkot

Pathology tests cover blood tests, and tests on urine, stools (faeces), bodily fluids and tissues. If you’re sick, many of the decisions about your care will be based on the results of your blood and pathology tests. Pathology tests are performed to diagnose, monitor or evaluate certain conditions or just to evaluate your general health status. Your doctor or healthcare professional will advise certain tests for evaluating these factors about your health. Evaluating your health on a timely basis is very critical for one’s wellbeing.

QUICK CHECK HEART Package Overview

Test NameQUICK CHECK HEART Package in Rajkot
Report time24 hrs
Preparation required.8-12 hours fasting is mandatory

      Preparations and Precautions

      • 8-12 hours fasting is mandatory

      Quick Check Heart Package price in Rajkot

      • The regular cost of Quick Check Heart Package is ₹3800 in Rajkot. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

      QUICK CHECK HEART Package Price in Rajkot


      Collection Type


      Apollo Health and Lifestyle LimitedLab Visit₹3800


      Includes 8 Tests

      • Complete Blood Count (CBC) with ESR
      • Cardiac Consultation
      • Fasting Blood Sugar (FBS)

      How lab sample collection for Quick Check Heart Package in Rajkot works?

      collection type

      Book a package at your preferred lab by selecting lab visit

      sample collected

      Visit lab to get your sample collected at the designated time


      Receive your lab reports within 24 hours over email

      Apollo Health and Lifestyle Limited


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      Doctor Verified Reports


      Digital report in 24-48 hours

      Lab Visit for Sample Collection

      Frequently Asked Questions about Quick Check Heart Package in Rajkot

      Can I get home collection services for QUICK CHECK HEART in Rajkot? 

      Check if selected lab partner in Rajkot provides home sample collection for QUICK CHECK HEART test. If it is available, you will be able to choose the 'home sample collection' option; otherwise, you'll need to visit the lab for the test.

      What should be the next step after I receive my QUICK CHECK HEART report?

      Once you receive your QUICK CHECK HEART results, your physician might advise you with corrective measures if they are not in the normal range.

      How can I book a QUICK CHECK HEART test near me in Rajkot?

      You can easily book an appointment for QUICK CHECK HEART. Just select the city in which you are located, and we will show you all the lab collection centres for the test. You can also call on our hotline 020-48562555 to book an appointment. We will be glad to help you.

      What is QUICK CHECK HEART test price in Rajkot?

      The QUICK CHECK HEART test price in Rajkot is Rs. 3800, excluding home sample collection charges.

      How long does it take to get the QUICK CHECK HEART results in Rajkot? 

      The turnaround time for receiving results may vary depending on the type of QUICK CHECK HEART and the laboratory/clinic. Typically, results are available within 48 hours in Rajkot. 

      Where can I get QUICK CHECK HEART done in Rajkot? 

      QUICK CHECK HEART test is performed at several reputed laboratories in Rajkot. Select a location close to you or opt for home collection at a convenient time. 

      How can I cancel or reschedule my appointment for QUICK CHECK HEART in Rajkot?

      To cancel or reschedule your appointment for QUICK CHECK HEART in Rajkot, please log in to your account/contact us at least 1 hours in advance for home collection and 6 hours in advance for lab visit.