7 impressive health benefits of giloy you need to know!

Dr G Menon
March 06, 2021

When dealing with certain types of illnesses or diseases, be it tooth ache or the common cold, it is quite common to consider going the natural route. This may either involve home remedies or ayurvedic treatment, which primarily rely on natural or traditional approaches. The giloy herb is among the popular options used in this field of medicinal treatment and some suggest that ayurvedic practice without it is difficult to imagine. This simply highlights the importance and relevance of giloy even today. There are several health benefits of giloy, especially when it is used to treat common ailments.

Some giloy benefits are also applicable to cosmetic purposes, making this a very versatile herb to have. You aren’t restricted to using it only for the attributes mentioned on the giloy nutrition chart but may find it useful when treating skin problems too. For greater insight about the different giloy uses, whether consumed as a juice or leaf, and to understand the health benefits of giloy, read these pointers.

Health Benefits Of Giloy

Boosts the immune system

Giloy is loaded with antioxidants and these are required to keep the body healthy. Without a healthy amount of antioxidants, the body experiences oxidative stress brought on by free radicals. This causes several health problems and may even lead to lasting damage. Giloy helps combat this and boosts the immune system, helping it fight off other diseases too. In addition to this, giloy is known to purify the blood, fight bacterial infections, and aid with combating liver disease. Further, it is also used when treating urinary tract infection, heart conditions, and infertility.

Improves platelet count during dengue fever

Dengue fever can be quite a troublesome and potentially life-threatening illness. Further, it is one that pushes you to focus on recovery through home care and immunity boosting. When infected with dengue, the body’s platelet count tanks and this can cause other adverse problems. One of the many benefits of giloy juice is that it serves as a counter to that effect as it helps improve platelet count during dengue fever. This is on account of giloy being an antipyretic herb, making it crucial during recovery and for immunity boosting. For best results, boil giloy juice with tulsi leaves and drink the mixture.

Treats pancreatitis

Giloy has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in addition to analgesic properties. Put together, these offer you several health benefits. As such, giloy serves as a viable treatment for pancreatitis by reducing abdominal pain and inflammation. Moreover, smelly and oily stools are characteristics of pancreatitis and are brought by the existence of toxins. Giloy acts as a detoxifier to clear out these toxins from the body. There is data that suggest that giloy can help with preventing repeat pancreatitis and also safeguard the body from further damage.

Provides relief from asthma symptoms

The symptoms of asthma can crop up at any time, usually due to triggers, and cause serious problems like shortness of breath, coughing, wheezing, and chest tightness. In some cases, you may require immediate treatment and, in such cases, an option you have is using giloy. One benefit of giloy juice is that it provides relief from asthma symptoms. In fact, this is a treatment option that many doctors recommend.

Keeps skin younger and healthier

Having younger, healthier skin that is free of blemishes or spots is what many of us chase but have little luck achieving. However, there is data that suggests that there are giloy benefits for skin that can actually help you get a glowing complexion. This herb is said to contain anti-aging properties that reduce dark spots, pimples, wrinkles, and lines on the skin.

Helps with indigestion

Indigestion, hyperacidity, diarrhoea, vomiting and colitis are serious problems that many in India face quite often. Among the several natural remedies for these is the use of giloy powder. Here, you simply need to add about half a teaspoon of giloy powder to warm water and drink it twice a day. This can be had as long as required and can help treat digestive issues with relative ease.

Aids diabetes treatment

Giloy is known as a hypoglycaemic agent, which is why it also helps with treatment of type-II diabetes. Among the benefits of giloy is that is reduces blood sugar levels by enhancing the production of insulin in the body. Further, it helps with other complications related to diabetes such as kidney problems and ulcers.

Being aware of these giloy health benefits and knowing how to best utilise this herb can be immensely helpful. In fact, it is quite a popular choice among those that prefer natural treatments. In some cases, like with dengue fever, giloy advantages stand out as there are very few other alternatives that work as well. However, like with any substance, overuse has its consequences and there are giloy side effects you should keep in mind. In some cases, it was found that overconsumption caused excessive heat retention in the body. To avoid this and any other lesser-known complications associated with giloy dosage, consult a specialist such as an Ayurvedic doctor. To find the best and top-rated doctors around you, be sure to use the Bajaj Finserv Health App.

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