8 High BP Symptoms in Women to be Careful About!

8 High BP Symptoms in Women to be Careful About!

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October 27, 20214 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Be cautious about High BP Symptoms for better health
  • Irregular heartbeat is one of the high blood pressure symptoms in women
  • Breathlessness and chest pain are also signs of high blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is called the silent killer. This is so because if your blood pressure is not managed on time, it can damage your blood vessels. This may lead to complications like stroke, heart failure or even kidney disease. By monitoring high BP symptoms regularly, your blood pressure can be lowered.

Both men and women are at equal risk for developing hypertension. However, women who have menopause or a family history of high BP are more vulnerable to it. Other causes of high blood pressure in women may be hormonal changes during pregnancy or taking birth control pills.

Estrogen is a vasodilation hormone that keeps your blood pressure low. When this hormone decreases in your body, especially during menopause, you are prone to hypertension. A large number of women suffer from high BP symptoms during menopause. Therefore, it is important to watch out for these high blood pressure symptoms in women. Read on to know what they are.

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Irregular beating of the heart

This is one of the vital signs of high blood pressure. If your blood pressure levels are high, you may sense fluttering in your chest. Your heart beats irregularly when electric signals of your heart do not coordinate properly. That’s exactly the reason for palpitations or fluttering [1]. Your heart may either beat too fast or very slow. While it can be normal at times, persistent patterns of irregular heartbeat need to be checked. This is to rule out any possibility of hypertension. When blood pressure level increases, your heart may need to exert more that causes such fluctuations.

Vision problems

Due to high blood pressure, you may experience vision-related issues. In case of high ocular pressure symptoms, high blood pressure may be the responsible factor. If not checked on time, it can cause total vision loss in women. Since your eyes are made of tiny blood vessels, you may develop the following conditions if high BP is not controlled. [2]

  • Total blood vessel damage that can cause complete vision loss
  • Buildup of fluid under retina resulting in distorted vision
  • Nerve damage that may result in permanent or temporary vision loss

Presence of blood in the urine

Urine is formed in kidneys. When there is any kidney disease or infection in other parts of urinary system, you may see blood in urine. Under such conditions, your urine may turn brownish-red or pink in color. The presence of red blood cells in your urine may be an indication of kidney diseases. One of the typical symptoms of kidney disease is high BP. Therefore, it is essential to monitor your BP levels regularly in order to avoid any complication.

Unable to breathe properly

High blood pressure during hypertension reduces the flow of blood. As a result, your heart may need to work harder by pumping more blood very fast. This excessive strain on your heart can cause difficulty in breathing. This is definitely one of the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure that you should never ignore!

Pain in the chest

This is one of the most obvious signs of high BP. If you continue to have persistent pain in your chest, you should definitely get your BP checked. Since high blood pressure primarily affects your heart, you should never ignore your cardiovascular health. Too much exertion taken by heart to pump blood is what results in chest pain.

Continuous headaches

Not all headaches can be attributed to high BP. It may be a migraine attack too. However, if you face frequent headaches, it is better to consult a doctor and get your blood pressure checked. Unchecked high BP can cause serious life-threatening complications as well [3].

Feeling exhausted always

Since your arteries become thick, your heart needs to exert more pressure to pump blood. This is the main reason you may feel tired and fatigued if you have high BP. Lack of energy and feeling exhausted may indicate that you have hypertension.

Bloating of stomach

This is another classic symptom of high BP. When your blood pressure levels spike, you may experience decreased urination along with stomach bloating as well. Kidney disease and diabetes are also linked to high BP. Therefore, it is better to get your BP checked regularly to avoid further complications.

Tips to Prevent & Manage High BP:-

The below infographics shows some tips on how to prevent & manage high BP.

Tips to manage High BP

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All these high BP symptoms can be controlled by proper treatment. The first and foremost step is to have a balanced diet. Secondly, exercise regularly and minimize your consumption of alcohol. To reduce your BP, take an appointment with a specialist close to you on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an online doctor consultation and get help from the comfort of your home. Be proactive and address BP at the right time for a healthier life.

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