Apolipoprotein-B Test: 7 Important Facts You Need to Know

Apolipoprotein-B Test: 7 Important Facts You Need to Know

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June 03, 20225 mins read


Getting an apolipoprotein-B test helps you keep your heart problems at bay. To get a proper insight of apolipoprotein-B test meaning, read on. This lab test checks LDL levels in your blood.

Key Takeaways

  • Apolipoprotein-B test helps determine bad cholesterol levels in your body
  • The apolipoprotein-B test cost in India ranges between Rs.500 and Rs.1500
  • The normal levels of apoB protein in blood should be less than 100mg/dL

The apolipoprotein-B test helps determine if you are prone to cardiac problems. According to WHO, cardiovascular diseases affect approximately 17.9 million people globally [1]. Lipoproteins help in transporting cholesterol and other fats in blood plasma, water, or any other fluids. Being insoluble in water, cholesterol requires lipoproteins for circulation within the plasma. One such lipoprotein that transports cholesterol and fat within your body is apolipoprotein B-100 or apoB.

With the help of an apolipoprotein-B test, you can measure the quantity of apoB in your body. This protein is present on the outside of a lipoprotein. If your body contains bad cholesterol, this protein binds itself to it. Bad cholesterol is responsible for cardiovascular diseases as it causes plaque buildup in your blood vessels. This reduces the flow of blood and damages your heart.

So, getting this lab test done on time is vital to stay safe from heart-related problems. There is also an apolipoprotein-A1 test that is used to measure A1 protein levels in your body. This protein, unlike apoB, attaches itself to good cholesterol. If your apo A1 levels are low, it may indicate that you are at a higher risk for heart diseases. Both apolipoprotein-B test and apolipoprotein-A1 tests are good diagnostic markers for heart conditions.

To understand more about apoB and apolipoprotein-B test meaning, read on.

How does an apoB protein function? 

Now that you have some idea about the apolipoprotein-B test meaning, it is important to understand how the apoB protein works. This protein carries different types of bad cholesterol, such as 

  • Low-density lipoproteins (LDL) 
  • Very low density lipoproteins (VLDL) 
  • Intermediate density lipoproteins (IDL) 
  • Chylomicrons 

The apoB protein attaches to your cell receptors and allows bad cholesterol to enter your cells. This cholesterol is broken down and gets released into your blood. When the levels of bad cholesterol increase, it results in a buildup of plaques. So, getting an apolipoprotein-B test helps measure bad cholesterol.

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What is the procedure followed for an apolipoprotein-B test? 

This test is a usual lab test like other cholesterol blood tests. Before the test, your doctor may instruct you to fast for approximately 8-12 hours. Along with the apolipoprotein-B test, you may also be asked to take other cholesterol tests. Remember to drink only water during your fasting period, or else it can affect your apolipoprotein-B test results. This test gets done within minutes. All that is required is a blood sample from the vein of your arm, and the test is complete.

Why do you require an apolipoprotein-B test? 

If you have low levels of bad cholesterol (LDL) in your blood, it is an indicator of good health. In case of this level increases, you are prone to cardiovascular problems like atherosclerosis [2]. When there is a plaque buildup in your arteries, it causes this condition that can even lead to heart attacks. As apoB attaches itself to each LDL, undergoing the apolipoprotein-B test helps in measuring bad cholesterol levels in your body.

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Are there any other factors accountable for taking an apolipoprotein-B test? 

Yes, you may have to undergo this test in case of the following conditions: 

  • If your doctor wants to monitor your treatment 
  • If you have existing cardiac problems 
  • If your family has a history of heart diseases 
  • If your blood levels indicate high levels of cholesterol 

Your doctor may also ask you to get a lipid profile test along with an apolipoprotein-B test. A lipid profile helps in measuring your total cholesterol levels along with triglycerides, HDLs, and LDLs. The average apolipoprotein-B test cost in India ranges somewhere between Rs.500 and Rs.1500.

How can you infer apolipoprotein-B test results? 

If the levels of apolipoprotein B in your blood are less than 100mg/dL, it is considered normal. This is a clear indicator that the quantity of lipoproteins present in your body is ideal, thereby reducing the risk of cardiac problems.

If apoB levels in your blood exceed 110mg/dL, it determines that you are at a higher risk for cardiovascular problems. Elevated levels indicate the presence of high LDL in your body. If your body is unable to eliminate LDL from the blood, the apolipoprotein-B test shows an increased concentration of apoB proteins.

Are there any other conditions responsible for high and low levels of apoB proteins? 

A few other conditions that can increase your apoB levels include: 

  • Kidney ailments 
  • Low functioning of the thyroid gland 
  • Pregnancy 
  • Diabetes 

In case your apoB levels appear less than normal range in an apolipoprotein-B test; it may indicate the following conditions: 

Apolipoprotein-B Test

What are the various lifestyle factors affecting apolipoprotein-B test results? 

  • If you are eating foods rich in fats 
  • If you are taking diuretics 
  • If you are following weight loss programs 
  • If you are consuming herbal supplements 
  • If you are taking vitamin B3, beta blockers, or statins 

All these factors can affect your apolipoprotein-B test results. So, it is important that you convey the information properly to your doctor before undergoing this lab test. Your medical history, gender, and age also play significant roles in your test results.

Now that you have understood the apolipoprotein-B test remember to check its levels regularly. This may help keep your heart problems at bay. Book your tests within minutes on the Bajaj Finserv Health website or app and get this done from the comfort of your home.

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