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Apricot benefits your overall health by boosting your immunity and increasing bone density. Read to know about various apricot health benefits related to your skin, heart, eyes and lungs.

Key Takeaways

  • There are numerous apricot health benefits that you must know
  • Apricot benefits your cardiovascular and respiratory systems
  • Apricot fruit benefits your vision and improves your skin texture

This yellowish-orange fruit may cast a sweet yet tart spell over you and your tastebuds, but are you aware of how apricot benefits your health? Knowing the various apricot benefits for skin, eye, and heart health, you’ll be adding this fruit to your diet a lot more! Also called Jardalu or Khubani, you may be surprised to learn that India is one of the top 40 producers of apricots globally. The maximum production of this stone fruit happens in Ladakh [1].

Apricot fruit benefits your health due to the presence of certain bioactive compounds. With more than 50% of citric acid, among other organic acids, present in it, apricot benefits your immune system and metabolism [2]. Be it curing stomach ailments or boosting your cardiovascular system, there are numerous apricot benefits that you may not be aware of.

Due to their short shelf-life and the fact that their nutritional values are preserved in the process, apricots are a popular dried fruit. In fact, you can enjoy all the apricot benefits in this form.  

The various apricot health benefits can be linked to its high vitamin and mineral content too. If you take around 100g of this fruit, which is half a cup, your body gets 6% and 12% of potassium and vitamins A and C, respectively. The rich nutritional profile and the myriad apricot benefits should convince you to always have them in stock in your kitchen if you don’t already!

Have them raw or blend apricots into juice to enjoy the numerous apricot fruit benefits. Apart from the fruit itself, the oil you get from its seed too offers many health benefits. Whatever form you consume, apricot benefits do not decrease when you freeze or dry it. To know how apricot benefits your health, read on.

Apricot Benefits

1. Improve Skin Texture by Having Apricots 

Apricots are rich in antioxidants that help boost the suppleness of your skin. Packed with vitamins C and E, apricot benefits your skin by protecting it from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Due to these apricot fruit benefits, your skin does not develop wrinkles. In addition, beta-carotene, another vital antioxidant present in apricot, benefits your skin’s health by preventing sunburns and rashes.

There are many apricot benefits for skin glow that you should know about too. Use an apricot scrub on your face and bid goodbye to dead skin cells. Not only do these apricot benefits for skin improve its texture, but they also reduce the risk of pigmentation. Mix apricot oil with sugar and apply this mixture regularly on your face and body to enhance your skin tone. All these apricot benefits help in unclogging your pores and eliminating blackheads on your skin.

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2. Apricot Benefits Your Bone Density

Calcium is an essential mineral that helps maintain strong bones. Since apricot is rich in minerals like calcium, intake of apricot benefits your bone health. This fruit plays a critical role in the development of bones and also helps you improve your bone density.

While calcium is essential for bone development, the role of potassium cannot be ignored either. For your body to absorb and distribute calcium, it requires adequate potassium too. Apricots are also loaded with this vital mineral. So, with all these essential apricot fruit benefits for your health, include this fruit in your daily diet. One of the simplest ways to enjoy these apricot benefits is to add it to your morning muesli or smoothie.

Apricot Benefits

3. Lower your Bad Cholesterol with Apricots 

Due to the high fiber content in apricots, consuming them regularly can decrease your LDL levels. Bad cholesterol can lead to plaque in arteries that can affect your heart. Apricot benefits your heart by not only reducing bad cholesterol but also improving good cholesterol. Its high potassium content also helps in maintaining a regular balance of electrolyte levels in your body. No wonder it is one of the essential fruits for heart health!

When there is a good balance of electrolytes, your heart muscles function efficiently. This way, the apricot fruit benefits your heart by reducing the risk of heart attacks. Have dried apricots or fresh ones to boost your cardiovascular system. All these apricot benefits for your heart help improve your overall health too.

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4. Boost your Digestion by Eating Apricots 

Apricots are loaded with fiber that helps improve your gut health. Be it soluble or insoluble fiber, apricots are packed with both, so there is a good regulation of bowel movements. To control your blood glucose levels, soluble fiber is essential. Apricot benefits your health by maintaining regular cholesterol and sugar levels.

The presence of fiber in apricot fruit benefits your digestive system by decreasing the food movement in your digestive tract. This helps beneficial bacteria in your gut to grow, thereby reducing your risk of obesity. Whether you eat it fresh or in dried form, the rich fiber in apricot benefits your digestion and helps in the easy breakdown of fatty acids. Eat apricots regularly to stay safe from gastrointestinal ailments.

5. Apricot Benefits your Vision 

As apricots are rich in fat-soluble vitamin A, it helps improve your vision. Moreover, antioxidants like retinol and beta-carotene help reduce the risk of eye ailments. Be it loss of vision or macular degeneration, regular intake of apricot benefits your health in case of all vision-related conditions.

While vitamin A present in apricot benefits you by preventing night blindness, vitamin E in apricot fruit benefits your health by preventing free radicals from damaging your eyes. With so many apricot health benefits, make sure to have them in stock in your pantry!

6. Reduce the Risk of Respiratory Ailments with Apricots 

Consuming apricot benefits your respiratory system too. Whether it is cold, asthma, or flu, the vitamin E present in apricots destroys free radicals. This way, your immune mechanism improves, and you are safe from respiratory ailments like flu and cold. The beta-carotene in apricot benefits your overall health by preventing fever and improving immunity.

Now that you are aware of various apricot health benefits and apricot benefits for skin and other organs consume this fruit regularly. In the same way that having apricot benefits your health, there are umpteen cherries’ benefits too, as they also contain antioxidants. Follow a well-balanced diet with all these essential stone fruits, leafy vegetables, and proteins to stay healthy and fit. Have zinc-rich foods and a diet packed with other essential minerals for improving your health. In case you have any ailments, do contact reputed specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an online doctor consultation with nutritionists and dietician specialists either through the app or website and resolve your symptoms without any delay.

Published on 4 Jul 2022Last updated on 29 Dec 2022
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