Autistic Pride Day: 5 Problems Faced by Autistic Adults

Autistic Pride Day: 5 Problems Faced by Autistic Adults

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June 16, 20225 mins read


Autistic Pride Day is observed to educate people on autism. Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on June 18 globally. The Autistic Pride Day meaning focusses on the acceptance of autistic people.

Key Takeaways

  • Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on June 18 around the world
  • On this Autistic Pride Day, learn about common autism problems
  • Lack of communication is a major challenge faced by autistic people

Autism is a condition that interferes with your brain development, and autistic people require proper care and support. With this being the primary goal, Autistic Pride Day 2022 is observed globally on June 18. In today’s fast-moving world, you may fail to understand the unusual behavioral patterns that may be due to autism. Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on this day every year with the main purpose of educating people about autism.

With the help of a rainbow infinity symbol, Autistic Pride Day sends across a powerful message of diversity and possibilities within the autistic community. Unlike the World Autism Awareness Day observed on April 2, Autistic Pride Day is a global celebration initiated by autistic individuals themselves. Facts reveal that 1 out of every 100 children suffers from autism [1]. With proper therapies and professional support, the sky is the limit for autistic individuals. 

Statistics reveal that the prevalence rate of autism in India is approximately 1 for every 500 individuals [2]. While autism is more common in children, communication problems can affect adults too. Autistic Pride Day is celebrated on June 18 to spread the key message that autistic individuals are not sick but unique and should not be alienated. As we march closer toward Autistic Pride Day 2022, here are a few challenges faced by autistic individuals that you should be aware of. 

Facing communication challenges

If you want to understand the real essence of the meaning of Autistic Pride Day meaning, it is to minimize inhibitions among autistic individuals. Since autism hampers brain development, autistic people find it hard to express their feelings properly. Communication issues are one of the biggest challenges faced by autistic individuals.  

Communication challenges you may witness in an individual with autism include: 

  • Inability to bond with anyone or make friends 
  • Difficulty in understanding facial expressions and body language 
  • Monotone way of speaking 
  • Lack of active participation during a conversation 
  • Usage of self-made words that make it difficult for others to understand 
  • Inability to look into someone’s eyes during a conversation 
  • Not able to understand social cues 

On this Autism Pride Day, take a vow to support your loved ones with autism by encouraging them to create bonds. 

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Experiencing issues with planning 

Proper planning of your daily schedule can help you organize your life and achieve your goals. Be it planning a work deadline or a personal goal; you may be used to sticking to your routine and planning changes in it when needed. If your loved one is facing autism, he/she may find it hard to follow a proper routine and execute it. Be it household chores or work, a sudden change in schedule can make life harder for autistic individuals. 

You may be familiar with the observance of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day on June 15. This day spreads awareness about the abuse and negligence faced by the geriatric population. Likewise, Autistic Pride Day emphasizes treating autistic individuals with care and not neglecting them. 

Facing sensory problems 

If any of your loved ones are autistic, you may observe that they are unable to withstand loud noise or bright light. Sensory processing disorders are common among autistic individuals. Going to a mall or a theatre may seem quite challenging for them. In many cases, you may even observe that your loved one is unable to put on socks. Individuals with autism may not be able to bear a strong taste or even a simple hug. All they require is proper understanding and support from you. Autistic Pride Day is mainly observed to educate society about their capabilities. 

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Lacking social skills 

Since autistic individuals face communication challenges, you may observe that they fail to understand body language. While interaction remains a problem, you may observe that an autistic individual is unaware of when to allow the other person to talk. Difficulty in modulating their vocal tone makes it difficult for autistic people to interact with everyone socially. By allowing them to speak and pay attention, you can encourage these individuals.

Displaying peculiar behavioral and emotional patterns 

Since autism hampers cognitive development, you may witness that autistic adults are unable to control their emotions. This may lead to frequent meltdowns and outbursts. When things do not work as per plan, your loved ones may get upset or throw tantrums. In most cases, you may observe that they like to follow rigid routines.

Display of repetition in their behavior is another challenge faced by autistic individuals. You may also observe them making loud and unpleasant noises in a quiet environment. With the main aim of raising awareness among people that autism does not require treatment but only love and care, Autistic Pride Day is observed to change the attitude of society towards autism. While the Autistic Pride Day 2022 theme has not been revealed, the rainbow infinity symbol reminds us of the diversity of people with autism.

Now that you understand the meaning of Autistic Pride Day meaning do your bit for society by creating awareness of autism among your family and friends. Spread the message and walk hand-in-hand with autistic people. Remember, all they are yearning for in your care and love. Do not treat autism as a disease that requires treatment. Instead, consider them as unique individuals with endless capabilities. 

Be it World Population Day or Autistic Pride Day, each day has its own significance and conveys a powerful message to the world. So, be proactive during these days to spread positivity. Another thing you should be proactive about is your own health. Whether you are looking for top developmental behavioral specialists or a general physician, get doctor consultation with ease on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book a video consult or an in-person appointment on this app or platform and clarify all your concerns, be it about autism or anything else, and put your health first.  

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