Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS: 6 Top Therapies to Try

Ayurvedic Treatment for PCOS: 6 Top Therapies to Try

Bajaj Finserv Health
November 02, 20214 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Resorting to ayurveda for PCOS has certain health benefits
  • Shatavari is an effective ayurvedic medicine for PCOS problems
  • Guduchi and pippali form a part of ayurvedic treatment for PCOS

PCOS and Ayurveda go hand in hand, and it has been seen an ayurvedic treatment for PCOS can be very effective in relieving the symptoms. PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormonal condition that can cause fertility problems in women. Here, excess production of male hormones or androgens affect your menstrual cycles. This condition can cause several complications like weight gain, excessive growth of facial hair, acne,  PCOS hair loss, irregular periods and even infertility. With early diagnosis and a disciplined lifestyle, you can manage PCOS.

Read on to know the 6 most effective ayurvedic treatments for PCOS to relieve the symptoms.

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6 types of Ayurvedic treatment for PCOS

Balance your hormones by consuming Shatavari 

Shatavari is an effective ayurvedic medicine for PCOS problems. This potent herb is ideal for treating your reproductive health issues. It helps in balancing your hormone levels and prevents cyst formation. Consuming this herb also helps you avoid developing PCOS again. It also regularizes your menstrual cycles by maintaining proper blood flow. All in all, this herb promotes good ovarian and uterine health.

Eliminate toxins from your body with Kanchnar Guggulu 

This herbal formulation helps in flushing out waste substances from your body. While it is effective in treating a range of diseases, this is an ideal ayurvedic treatment for PCOS and PCOD at home. Packed with numerous healing traits, it is capable of treating menstrual disorders as well. With this herb, you can solve the following problems: 

  • Hormonal imbalance issues 
  • Amenorrhea 
  • Ovulation 
  • Obesity
ayurveda diet tips to manage pcos

Ayurvedic therapies for PCOS

PCOS problem treatment in Ayurveda advocates the use of certain therapies. Basti is a process wherein medicated oil is poured through the rectum. This helps minimize the PCOS problem as well as fertility issues. Another herbal cleansing therapy called virechana is helpful in flushing out the toxins from your body. With this procedure, you can also regulate your bowel movement. Here, the cleansing process is initiated in the small intestine.

During the herbal vomiting process, Kapha is eliminated from your body with the help of certain ayurvedic medicines. This painless method helps in balancing your hormone levels. Another ayurvedic therapy called fertility massage reduces the pressure in your lower abdomen. It also improves the blood supply in your pelvic region. This promotes the healthy functioning of your uterus.

Apart from these therapies, doing yoga can also help you improve the health of your reproductive system. You can try the following asanas for effective results: 

  • Camel pose 
  • Tree pose 
  • Diamond pose 
  • Raised leg pose 
  • Bow pose 

Doing pranayama and butterfly stretch also helps in boosting your reproductive health. These therapies increase your muscular strength as well as the flexibility of your lower back.

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Boost the female reproductive system by using Guduchi 

Ayurveda for PCOS also recommends the usage of this herb. This one-shot remedy is the perfect solution for building the health of your reproductive system. Not only is it helpful in treating PCOS, but it also minimizes inflammation in your body.

Some of the other beneficial features of Guduchi are that: 

  • It rectifies hormonal imbalance issues 
  • It helps in weight loss
  • It regularizes your menstrual cycle

Ayurvedic Treatment of PCOS with Bilva 

This herb is known for its potent therapeutic and medicinal properties. It is packed with bioactive compounds and vital nutrients. All of these help in reducing the size of your cysts. Another PCOS symptom is uterine bleeding. You can also decrease this by using bilva.

Balance your hormone levels with Pippali 

Pippali has properties that can relieve flatulence. It also contains certain antioxidants that protect your cells by destroying free radicals. Thus, it prevents the oxidation of healthy cells in your reproductive system. With this ayurvedic herb, you can also get the following health benefits. 

  • Improve your resistance to insulin 
  • Manage your weight and balance your hormone levels

Along with these ayurvedic herbs and therapies, you can modify your diet and lifestyle for better results. Learn to manage your stress and stay well hydrated. Practice breathing exercises and yoga can help you balance your hormone levels too. To get customized help, connect to ayurvedic specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an appointment without delay to address your PCOS problems at once. 

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