6 Benefit Of Bell Peppers And Nutritional Value

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Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

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There are umpteen health benefits of peppers. Right from improving immunity to burning calories, bell peppers’ benefits are too many to count! Here are some amazing benefits for bell peppers for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Having bell peppers benefits your metabolism and overall health too
  • Improving your vision and immunity are other benefits of bell peppers
  • Include them in your daily meals and enjoy all the health benefits of peppers!

Great on pizza, in a sandwich, a stir fry, or any sabzi, crunchy bell peppers are a favorite of many! As much as you may love their taste, are you also aware of the amazing benefits of bell peppers? Also known as capsicums, these are available in green, orange, red, and yellow colors. Whether you add them to salads and eat them raw or cook them in your favorite gravy, their flavor is simply irresistible – and so are bell peppers' benefits! While they are available throughout the year, you can find them abundantly in summers. 

Reports reveal that Karnataka was the Indian state with the highest bell pepper production during 2017-18. The bell pepper production exceeded 60,000 tons during that year [1]. However, from 2021-to 22, the maximum production was seen in West Bengal, which approximately crossed 150,000 tons [2]. This explains how much we love our peppers! Many studies also state that including bell peppers in your diet can minimize the risk of cancer and coronary heart ailments [3]. 

With so many health benefits of peppers, like being rich in vitamin C and low in calories, these are ideal foods for immunity building. You may be familiar with the benefits of vitamin C and its role in improving your immunity and preventing diseases. So, start including peppers in your daily meals.  

nutritional value of Bell Peppers

Six great benefits of bell peppers

Promotes good vision 

One of the most important health benefits of peppers is that they are rich in vitamin A. Eating them regularly can improve your vision and prevent eye disorders. Since bell peppers have carotenoids, they can protect your eyes from macular degeneration. This condition is the most common cause of vision loss. With high amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene in them, these benefits of bell peppers also protect you from cataracts. The presence of antioxidants protects the retina from oxidative stress too. 

Increases body metabolism 

Having red bell peppers enables you to shed calories. These peppers promote a process called thermogenesis and improve your metabolism. Thermogenesis is a method wherein your body burns calories to generate more heat. In simpler terms, this is your body’s mechanism to produce heat. Since red peppers are capable of activating this process, your metabolism also increases without causing any ill effects on your heart rate or blood pressure. 

Likewise, a common spice found in your kitchen pantry, black pepper, also helps burn calories. Black pepper benefits your health by preventing the accumulation of fats in your body. Like bell pepper, even black pepper has thermogenic properties. Make sure to eat it in moderation as its level of hotness is slightly more when compared to bell peppers.  

Bell Peppers Benefits

Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases 

Since red bell peppers contain lycopene, it promotes good cardiovascular health. The presence of cholesterol-lowering fiber in green peppers is ideal for your heart too! Both these bell peppers’ benefits can prevent heart ailments. If your body contains high levels of homocysteine amino acid, it can cause blood clots and damage the lining of your artery. As bell peppers contain folate and vitamin B6, they reduce your homocysteine levels. This helps reduce the risk of heart disorders. All these health benefits of bell peppers help improve your cardiovascular health. 

Lowers the incidence of cancer 

Be it prostate, cervical or bladder cancer, the presence of lycopene in bell peppers can reduce your risk of cancer. If your body experiences chronic inflammation and oxidative damage, you are at high risk for cancer. Since bell peppers contain various anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants, these can destroy free radicals in your body and reduce inflammation. Sulfur compounds in bell peppers help you fight infections and promote good health. This is one of the essential health benefits of bell peppers that you should be aware of! 

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Boosts your immunity 

While you are familiar that vitamin C in bell peppers plays a vital role in improving immunity, be aware that these peppers also contain antibacterial properties. Not only do bell peppers minimize oxidative stress, but they also repair your damaged tissues. While they can fight bacteria such as Helicobacter, consuming bell peppers can also help you strengthen your immune system. So, make sure they’re a part of your weekly diet and enjoy the benefits of bell peppers! 

Reduces your anxiety levels 

As vitamin B6 and magnesium are found abundantly in bell peppers, they help maintain the functioning of your nervous system. All these benefits of bell peppers help you lead a healthy and active life! Studies reveal the efficiency of magnesium in lowering anxiety attacks [4]. By increasing your magnesium intake, you can control panic. With the help of vitamin B6, your body is able to synthesize neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine. These substances help your body manage anxiety and depression in a better way. 

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Now that you are aware of the numerous benefits of bell peppers remember to include this vegetable in your grocery list. Eat them regularly for good health and stay happy. If you are experiencing any health disorders, do talk to top doctors on the Bajaj Finserv Health app or website. Book an online doctor consultation or in-clinic visit and address your symptoms at once. You may even consult a nutritionist to understand more about the benefits of bell peppers and other veggies and fruits.

Published on 14 Jun 2022Last updated on 5 Apr 2023
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Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

, MBBS 1


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