Beetroot in Winter: Here Are 5 Benefits of Consuming It

Beetroot in Winter: Here Are 5 Benefits of Consuming It

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January 21, 20225 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Beetroot gives your immunity a boost and supports heart health
  • The benefits of beetroot include improving digestive function
  • Overconsumption of beetroot juice may lead to beetroot juice side effects

Packed with a number of nutrients and vitamins, beetroot promotes your overall health. It has all that your body needs, from carbohydrates and potassium to magnesium, iron, fiber, and more. Known for its earthy aroma, beetroot is packed with flavor and nutrition. The benefits of beetroot that you get especially during the winter season make this vegetable a good addition to your meals. 

However, the best way to eat a beetroot is to consume it raw or to roast it. Cooking it for longer periods may cause the vegetable to lose some of its nutritional value. The other great way to add beets to your diet is to juice them. Beetroot juice benefits your health in the same way as having raw beets. The juice is easier to consume too! 

Read on to know more about how consuming beetroot benefits you during the winter.

Gives your immunity a boost

The cold weather has an adverse effect on your immunity. It weakens your immune system and makes it difficult for your body to fight off infections and viruses. That is why people are more prone to the common cold, flu, and viral infections during the winter season. Beetroot is a good source of vitamin C, which helps build better immunity. The vitamin C and iron content present in beets help in the production of healthy red blood cells. These are necessary to fight and prevent infections. Beets also improve your gut health by promoting healthy bacteria. Good gut health also aids in bettering the human immune system.

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Increases your stamina

You may experience decreased stamina during winter because your body uses glucose, your body’s fuel, more quickly. Glucose is readily available in the form of glycogen in your muscles and liver. On the other hand, the oxidation of protein and fat does not increase during winter, and they take longer to mobilize. This causes your body to use more glucose, reducing its levels and causing a decrease in your stamina.

Beetroots help increase your stamina by opening the blood vessels. This leads to a better flow of oxygen throughout your body which makes you feel more active and energetic. The best time to consume beets is in the morning as your energy levels are at their peak.

Improves your digestion

During winter, your body may slow down metabolism to help preserve heat and energy. This can also reduce the speed of your digestion, and as a result, stomach problems such as indigestion or bloating may occur. Though you may not see the effects of this prolonged metabolism, it is best to support your gut health in any manner. One of the best ways you can do so is by eating seasonal foods that yoga for digestion.

Beets are a good source of fiber, and one cup of beet juice may contain approximately 3.4 grams of fiber. As fiber has a role in the production of healthy gut bacteria, consuming beetroot can help prevent IBS, constipation, and also help keep your bowel movements regular [1].

Beetroot in Winter: Here Are 5 Benefits-45

Helps fight inflammation

As per a study, winter causes a rise in the genes that promote inflammation and a decrease in genes that help suppress it [2]. The cold temperature also causes a dip in the air pressure. This leads to expansion of tissues causing joint points. 

Betalains, the pigments of beetroot, have anti-inflammatory properties. This helps with chronic inflammation that is associated with a number of health conditions. According to a study, capsules of beetroot extract with betalains reduced the discomfort and pain in osteoarthritis [3].

Supports your heart health

In the winter season, your body heat decreases and this causes your heart to work harder. It narrows your blood vessels so supplying blood to your brain and other important organs may make your heart work more and beat faster. It may also raise your blood pressure and increase your risk of a heart attack. The nitrates present in beetroot may help temporarily lower your blood pressure. The nitrates cause an increase in nitric acid which allows your blood vessels to open up. This leads to a better flow of oxygen throughout your body. 

It is important to form a healthy food habit for your overall health. By including beetroot in this list, you may be able to boost your overall health. Beets should be a part of your nutrition therapy plan if you are at risk of nutritional deficiency or may already have one.

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Beetroot benefits for females include maintaining the required iron level during menstruation. Losing blood results in low iron levels and consuming beetroot or its juice may help increase or maintain the levels. One of the major beetroot benefits for men is that it acts as a remedy for impotence or erectile dysfunction. Beetroot has nitric oxide which is usually present in supplements for ED. Beets also have the ability to lower your blood pressure [4] and hence may help ED caused by hypertension.

It is vital that you keep in mind the importance of a balanced diet as overconsumption may cause you to experience beetroot juice side effects. These include causing kidney stones or low blood pressure in those who suffer from these problems. To check how much beetroot is right for you and other diet advice, book an in-clinic or online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. Put your worries to rest and get advice from the best. Choose test packages that will help you diagnose and track your health better. This way you can make your health a priority with ease!

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