6 Top Benefits of Health Group Insurance Plans You Should Understand!


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Key Takeaways

  • A group medical insurance is purchased and managed by your organization
  • For every employee’s health, group insurance is the best choice for companies
  • A group mediclaim policy covers not only you, but also your family members

Rising medical costs and the spread of infectious diseases explain the importance of health insurance today. Investing in a health insurance plan can help you meet unexpected medical emergencies. To safeguard their employees’ health, group insurance plans are preferred by most companies. Availing group medical insurance is highly beneficial for you too as your employer will pay the premium as long as you work in the organization. Health group insurance is also called employee or corporate health insurance [1].

With a group mediclaim policy, you can cover not only yourself, but also your immediate family members. The people covered may include:

  • Spouse
  • Children
  • Dependent parents

When compared to individual health insurance plans, group medical insurance policies are pocket-friendly plans with a lower premium [2]. To know more about their benefits, read on.

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Lower premium options

When you are covered under a group insurance policy, your company bears the cost of the premium. This premium amount is also much lower in comparison to an individual health insurance policy. Getting free coverage is one of the greatest advantages of a group health insurance policy for you.

Doesn’t require a medical check-up

The best part of a group insurance policy is that there is no need for a medical check-up unlike individual policies. This is because insurers don’t require individual medical reports if your organization is covering you with a group medical insurance.

Zero waiting period

Waiting period is the time you may have to wait before you utilize the benefits of your health insurance cover. This is usually for people with preexisting diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure. However, in a group policy, you are exempt from such a waiting period. All such ailments are covered right from the first day of your plan. This way you can use the policy to pay for your treatment of preexisting diseases.

Group health insurance

Maternity coverage

While there are many benefits of a group health policy, perhaps the biggest advantage is that it covers expenses related to maternity. You can cover costs related to your delivery and medical treatment during this phase with such a policy. What’s more exciting is that your newborn can also get coverage for a period of up to 90 days. After this time, you can include the child as a dependent on your base plan. Usually, this coverage is an add-on feature for which you pay an additional premium. However, in a group policy, you don’t need to as your employer will cover the premium.

Preventive healthcare and OPD coverage

With preventive benefits, you can take precautionary measures against different illnesses. Thus, by including preventive healthcare as a part of a group health policy, you can make strides towards better health. By providing such benefits in the form of teleconsultations with reputed doctors and health test packages, group insurance plans today have become more useful.

Out-patient treatment is also included as a part of group plan, which covers your treatment costs even when you don’t need to be hospitalized.

Extends benefits to your family members

You can add your immediate family members to the group policy with ease. This is not the case when you sign up for individual insurance plans for each family member as it requires an additional premium. In a group policy, this is not required as you can get coverage for a maximum of 5 dependents without paying any additional charge.

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While there are many pros of a group health insurance, this policy is valid only as long as you work in a particular organization. When you leave the company or change jobs, your policy is no longer active. Your new employer may or may not offer a group insurance benefit to you. In such cases, you may need to invest in a new health plan. Usually the cover you get in group health insurance is also limited. When you add more family members to it, this amount may simply not be enough. In such cases, you can add a top-up policy to your group plan for more cover.

Whether you want a top-up or a more comprehensive health policy, browse through Aarogya Care plans on Bajaj Finserv Health. With features like free preventive health check-ups and online doctor consultations, these plans offer numerous benefits. With a claims settlement ratio that exceeds that of competitors and many network discounts, these insurance plans help you put your health first. So, ignore health insurance myths that are keeping you from making a smart choice and invest in these affordable health plans without any delay!

Published on 6 Dec 2021Last updated on 17 Nov 2022
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