5 Health Benefits of Button Mushrooms and Nutritional Value

Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

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Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

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Button mushrooms are a powerful source of essential minerals. The nutritional value of button mushrooms offers many health benefits from treating diseases to improving well-being. Read to know more!

Key Takeaways

  • Button mushroom health benefits include reducing risk of cancer
  • Button mushrooms are a rich source of vitamins and micronutrients
  • Having button mushrooms benefits your immunity and gut health

Button mushrooms are the most common type of edible mushroom. India has rich fungal biodiversity due to its favorable climate conditions. Some of the edible mushrooms found in India are: 

  • Button Mushrooms 
  • Portobello Mushrooms 
  • Shiitake Mushrooms 
  • Enoki Mushrooms 
  • Shimeji Mushroom 
  • Oyster Mushrooms 
  • Paddy Straw Mushrooms 
  • Porcini Mushrooms  

White button mushrooms account for 73% of the total mushrooms found, closely followed by the oyster mushroom at 16% [1]. These are the meat or plant-based protein of the vegetable world. In fact, mushrooms have many benefits for health-conscious people. They can be a great addition to many diet plans as the nutritional value of button mushrooms not only make them superfoods but also give them a delectable taste!

Besides dietary uses, these foods also have medicinal value. Mushrooms are often called 'white vegetables,' and button mushrooms are a great low-calorie, fat-free, and cholesterol-free food. They are also rich in vitamin B and fat-soluble vitamins. This depends on their exposure to sunlight.

Read on to know more about the button mushroom health benefits.  

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In India, button mushrooms are of two varieties. These are White button mushrooms and Cremini mushrooms [2]. White button mushrooms are about 90% more common than the other types. They have a mild taste and very few calories, providing many healthful benefits. Here are a few button mushrooms benefits to take note of.

1. Improves Metabolism  

They act as a prebiotic by adding to the 'good' bacteria already present in your gut. These mushrooms also include riboflavin and niacin. They help you gain energy by breaking down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. They have important minerals such as copper, selenium, and potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that aids in nerve and muscle function. They also enhance your dietary habits. Eating button mushrooms benefit certain psychological factors, too, decreasing depression and anxiety and improving cognition. Lastly, these mushrooms can protect you against cardiovascular disease, as they can lower cholesterol and aid weight loss.

2. Regulates Vitamin Intake  

Riboflavin and niacin B vitamins are typically found in animal sources, but you can get them through button mushrooms. The content and nutritional value of button mushrooms make them an ideal choice for vegans and vegetarians. Additionally, due to a provitamin called ergosterol, B vitamins promote optimal function of the nervous system. This converts to Vitamin D after exposure to sunlight. They are grown under sunlight; as such, the provitamin content increases their Vitamin D concentration.

Button Mushrooms

3. Boosts Your Immunity  

Eating them benefits your immune system because they are rich in selenium. Selenium is a mineral that helps the immune system function. They are also rich in antioxidants like ergothioneine. These are anti-inflammatory compounds. They can help with autoimmune disorders such as sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. In fact, they are one of the common immunity-boosting foods you can have!

Along with antioxidants, mushrooms are rich in B-complex vitamins, protein, fiber, and vitamins. Polysaccharides are the main bioactive compounds of white button mushrooms. These compounds activate your body's immune system cells, safeguarding it from:  

  • Cancers 
  • Infections 
  • Harmful organisms 

They also protect body cells from damage that might lead to chronic diseases. All these nutrients together prevent cell and tissue damage.

4. Lowers Risk of Cancer 

They have many antioxidant compounds that help fight oxidative stress. These compounds range from polysaccharides to vitamins and micronutrients. Oxidative stress could lead to cancer or even heart disease, which is why having button mushrooms benefits you so much. In fact, the vitamin C in them can prevent cancers from spreading by restricting problematic enzymes. Both vitamin C and selenium help defend against cancer growth [3].  

Some of the more notable phenolic compounds in button mushrooms are phenolic acids and flavonoids. It offers you the dual benefit of serving as antioxidants and pro-oxidants. They may even protect against cancers. This can prevent cell death and tumor growth [3].

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5. Reduces Aging

They are abundant in ergothioneine and glutathione. They are the highest dietary source of these two antioxidants taken together. These are two antioxidants that can help to protect the body from cellular damage. This can improve many age-related chronic conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease. They can also help you with healthy skin aging. 

Inadequate intake of micronutrients is associated with adverse health effects such as: 

  • Neural tissue defects  
  • Poor bone health (osteoporosis) 
  • Impaired immune function 
  • Impaired cognitive functions 
  • Cancers 
  • Age‐related eye diseases 
  • Hypertension 
  • Coronary heart disease and stroke 

Now that you know the health and nutritional value of button mushrooms, you may be eager to find easy-to-cook recipes for edible mushrooms online. Try them out and include button mushrooms in your diet for their protein and fiber constituents. They taste great in vegetable stir-fries, biryanis, curries, soups, and even in omelets and sandwiches.  

Eating button mushrooms benefit you more when you cook them, so this is better than trying them raw. To know how to add button mushrooms to your diet, contact a nutritionist on Bajaj Finserv Health. With a simple doctor appointment via teleconsultation, you can understand if mushrooms will help you get closer to your health goals. Make your search for doctors and health experts easier with the Bajaj Finserv Health app, and enjoy discounts on online consultations and even lab tests on this platform.

Published on 12 Jul 2022Last updated on 5 Apr 2023
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Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

, MBBS 1


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