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Key Takeaways

  • Health check-ups and lab tests are integral part of modern health plans
  • The best health check-up packages cover doctor consultations and lab tests
  • Undergoing these health check-ups helps to prevent or treat any illnesses

There is no denying health is wealth, as good health ensures the proper functioning of your mind and body for everyday tasks. With changing climates, population explosions, and increasing pollution, Health check-ups are important to get aware of your health conditions and try to avoid any illness by leading a healthy lifestyle. 

One of the ways in which you can practice this is by adapting preventive healthcare. Start by eating nutritious food, exercising, and taking preventive health checkups from time to time. Bajaj Finserv Health brings to you Aarogya Care plans that offer preventive health checkups and other benefits like doctor consultations. These plans are critical for living a healthy lifestyle as you can detect diseases early and get started with treatment. Even lifestyle changes like switching to healthy food habits can be implemented at the right time. Read on to understand the Aarogya Care benefits and get best best health checkup packages offered under Aarogya Care.

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Health plans under Aarogya Care

Aarogya care plans are tailor-made for your needs so that you do not have to compromise anywhere. There are four plans, all of which offer different benefits for your individual as well as your family’s health needs. These health plans and their benefits are:

Complete health solution - Platinum

  • You can get doctor consultations reimbursement of up to Rs.12,000
  • Without any limit on the number of visits, you can visit your preferred doctor anywhere in India.
  • Get COVID 19 testing benefits of up to Rs. 17000
  • With multiple claims for testing, you can also get tested at any govt approved facility across the country.
  • You can get a cover of up to Rs 10 lakh and cover up to 6 family members who can enjoy other benefits too.
  • Along with these benefits, you also get access to Bajaj Finserv Health app, which you can detail at your fingertips. 

Complete health solution - Silver

  • Get reimbursement for doctor consultations of up to Rs 17000
  • Covers multiple appointments without limits on individual use
  • Like the platinum plan, this health plan also gives you access to the app for digital solutions
  • The sum insured by the health plan is up to Rs.10 lakh which can cover up to 2 adults and four children

Cardiac care - Basic

A healthy heart is essential to ensure proper functions. With this package, you can take preventive measures against any heart diseases by getting regular health checkups. With this package, you can 

  • Consult top specialists from all over the nation. These are experienced practitioners in various fields, such as cardiologists, neurologists, general physicians, and dieticians.
  • Get reimbursement of up to Rs.1000 with no limit on individual use. 
  • Get the consultation with specialist doctors and discounts on using network hospitals.
  • Avail reimbursement benefits of lab tests to the amount of Rs. 1500. You can also choose a diagnostic center or hospital according to your convenience and choice. 

Cardiac care - Plus

This package is an upgrade from the most basic package. Under this package, you can

  • Get doctor consultation and enjoy a reimbursement benefit of up to Rs.1500 
  • Choose labs and hospitals for testing from all over the nation
  • Consult doctors through a teleconsultation facility and enjoy all the features of the Bajaj Finserv Health app
  • Avail of a lab test reimbursement benefit with no limit on the individual use of up to Rs.2500 
  • Avail network discounts when you get treatment from the network hospitals of Aarogya Care present all around India  
Preventive Health Check-Ups -60

Benefits of choosing Aarogya Care health plans

Here are the comprehensive benefits of these health plans that you can get:

  • Around the clock, one-click access to various healthcare needs 
  • Comprehensive solution and package for your health checkups, insurance, doctor appointment, medicard, and more.
  • Get tailor-made health packages that suit your health as well as financial needs
  • Get quick and easy digital access to your health concerns with the Bajaj Finserv app
  • Connect with a relationship manager anytime to get answers for your health needs 
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After purchasing a health plan, you can choose from a list of health checkup plans under it to suit your healthcare needs. You can also receive tax exemptions under section 80D of the Income Tax Act [1] by availing of a preventive health plan. Check out these Aarogya care health plans on the Bajaj Finserv Health website for more information. Aarogya Care plans are customized to better facilitate your multiple healthcare needs. Along with these health plans, you can also get a Health Card. This virtual membership card adds to the benefits of the Aarogya care plans. This allows you to be stress-free about your financial stability during medical emergencies.

Published on 30 Apr 2022Last updated on 4 May 2023

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