Worrying About Aging? Follow these 10 Tips for Healthy Aging


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Key Takeaways

  • Aging is inevitable, but the process need not be difficult!
  • For aging well, eat nutritious food and exercise daily
  • Invest in your body to make the aging process more comfortable

Aging is inevitable, but that does not mean the process must be difficult or painful. As you age, your healthcare needs change accordingly. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes more important with time. Aging well applies to both your physical and mental health, so give them both equal attention. 

Wondering how to maintain good health in old age? Read on for ten tips you can follow on how to age beautifully and focus on overall wellbeing.

Enjoy a cup of coffee every day

In coffee, there are several compounds and antioxidants which can help you prevent Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease [1, 2]. Consuming one cup of coffee a day may also lower the chance of getting heart disease [3]. It further reduces the risk of different types of cancers [4] and types two diabetes. Make sure not to add processed syrup or sugars to your coffee to attain maximum health benefits.

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Eat nutritious food

Changing your habits for aging as well as following the same lifestyle in your 30s is simply not good for you in your 50s. Eating nutritious food is a great way to start, especially if you’re worried about how to stay strong as you age. Eating foods high in fiber helps you delay the process of digestion. This also helps keep your insulin level in check. 

Inflammation can also be controlled by eating fiber, which in turn provides a barrier against aging. Consuming foods rich in nutrients like green leafy vegetables, fruits, and nuts help maintain the overall health of your body. At the end of the day, a healthy body will help you age well. 

Use olive oil

Known as liquid gold, olive oil has a number of health benefits, which make using olive oil one of the ten tips for healthy aging. A study among 7,000 older adults with a high risk of getting cardiac illness found that consuming a diet rich in olive oil leads to 30% fewer instances of cardiac complications such as heart attack or stroke [5]. They also had healthy levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, and an improved lipid profile. Taking olive oil-rich food may also boost your blood sugar level and delay the spread of breast cancer. So, use this oil as a dressing for your veggies or for light cooking to help you slow down the aging of your heart.

Exercise outdoors

A short walk or a few exercises in a garden or green area, where you can find grass and trees, can improve your immunity. Exercising helps keep your body active, while exercising outside gives you additional benefits like Vitamin D from the sun! That is why any answer to how to maintain good health in old age is incomplete without outdoor workouts. 

aging preventive food

Cultivate the habit of reading

Reading frequently has been linked to a healthier life, and that’s why it is one of the ten tips for healthy aging. In a study, people over the age of 50 discovered that the habit of reading boosted their longevity by almost two years [6]. And books can become a good companion that can keep you occupied, give you knowledge and perspective and help you simply relax. So, pick out a book off the shelf and start reading! 

Meditate daily 

Meditation can offer powerful positivity to the brain. It appears to promote empathy and reduce stress. Doing meditation for just 15 minutes every day can be beneficial and improve blood pressure levels. Other than this, it really just gives you a chance to sit down, peacefully reflect, and take a break. Keeping calm during meditation relaxes and rejuvenates you and helps you in aging well. 

Follow a flexible yoga routine.

Yoga can benefit your body by reducing stress, improving sleep, and strengthening bones. It also enhances mobility, strength, flexibility, and balance. That is why it is the perfect answer if you are wondering how to stay strong as you age. You can try different yoga poses every day to suit your age. Increase difficulty once you get the hang of it. Some poses to try are the warrior, lotus, and tree poses, all of which can help you in aging well. 

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Take that afternoon nap!

Napping can help you focus better and increase your attention span. Taking a quick nap of less than one and a half hours may also improve memory. Naps provide a way for your body and mind to relax and take a break, and this will become more important as you age. 

Cultivate friendships

As per research, social isolation has its links to disorders like dementia, depression, heart disease, and stroke. The isolation also makes untimely deaths more likely, by 29%. Quality of friendship helps keep you alive by staying around people that have a positive outlook. Helping others by being empathetic with them boosts your longevity. Friendships help you age well. Spend time with your friends, even if it is just to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Try being optimistic

Surprised to see this on a list of 10 tips for healthy aging? Don’t be! Older adults with pessimistic attitudes can have worse health conditions than optimistic people. They also may trail in cognitive abilities. Unsurprisingly, negativity puts stress on the body, which elevates cortisol levels. This can impact your sleep quality, heart health, cognition, and weight. So be optimistic and focus on the good over the bad. After all, both your mental and physical health affect the aging process. 

Staying active, maintaining a balanced diet, and training to be mentally alert can all foster a healthy aging experience. Focus on the positive for aging well, and if you have any health concerns, book a doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. Get expert advice regarding any health-related queries while you are comfortably home! 

Published on 27 Apr 2022Last updated on 17 Nov 2022
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