Effective Home Remedies and Food to Get Early Periods

Dr. Rita Goel

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Dr. Rita Goel

Gynaecologist and Obstetrician

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There may be many reasons why you wish to induce your period and wondering how to get periods faster. You may want to get done with it before a special occasion if you have an irregular cycle and want better predictability. On the other hand, a delayed period may cause you unnecessary worry and stress. Whatever the reason for a delayed period, you can treat its cause and regulate your monthly cycle. 

Key Takeaways

  • Natural remedies to know how to get periods faster
  • A balanced diet requires inducing periods naturally
  • Lifestyle changes that may help in getting periods faster

How to get periods faster or how to make your period come faster is one of the concerns for those women who face irregularity in their menstrual cycles. A typical monthly period will begin within 21 to 35 days after your last period, and a period shorter than 21 days is called Polymenorrhea. While regular intervals vary, if your normal cycle is 28 days, your period is considered late if you haven't got it by day 29. There are many reasons for periods being late (apart from pregnancy), right from hormonal imbalances such as PCOS to other underlying conditions. Apart from when a woman begins her menstrual cycle, and during menopause, it is not normal to have an irregular menstrual cycle. While there are no sure-shot ways to get your period right away, some proven techniques and home remedies can solve the problem of how to get your period faster and maintain a healthy hormonal balance. 

Reasons Why Your Period Might Be Delayed

According to The Maya Health Survey, on World Health Day, more than fifty percent of women in India have irregular menstrual cycles.[1] The absence of menstrual periods for more than six months during a woman's reproductive years is called amenorrhea. Amenorrhea can occur due to various reasons. 

Some of the top reasons why your period might be delayed are:


When stress levels increase, the brain instructs the endocrine system to release certain hormones. These hormones can suppress reproductive system functions, including ovulation, causing a delayed or missed period. 


Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal imbalance resulting from excessive male hormones produced by ovaries that can impact the menstrual cycle. Wondering what is ovulation and how PCOS may affect it? Women with PCOS may experience missed periods, irregular periods, very heavy/light periods and unexpected ovulation.

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The thyroid gland helps in the occurrence of main body functions, including menstruation. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can disrupt your menstrual cycle, causing delayed or missed periods for even months. 

Some other reasons for missed or delayed periods can be:

  • Pregnancy
  • Low body weight or Obesity
  • Certain medications
  • Menopause
  • Extreme physical activity or workouts
  • Irregular sleeping habits
  • Contraceptives
  • Hormonal issues

How to Get Periods Faster Naturally

Some women will want to get their period early to be free for any event, trip, or deadline. Now one may wonder how to get periods faster. Although there are no guaranteed ways to make your period arrive within 1 or 2 days, some natural ways will solve your how to make period come faster query the time it is due. You can gain control over your menstrual cycle by making certain lifestyle changes, using contraceptives or eating specific foods.

Hormonal Contraceptives

This is the answer to how to get periods faster. Taking hormonal contraceptives such as birth control pills is one way to control your menstrual cycle. However, you can only do this after consulting your doctor. The pill that contains both estrogen and progestin is an effective way to control your periods. People take hormonal pills for 21 days, then take a dummy pill for seven days to get their period during this time. After that, you can stop taking the hormonal pills early to get your periods earlier.


Although this hasn't been proven, gentle exercise can help loosen muscles and quicken the arrival of periods. However, vigorous exercises can cause irregular periods. On the other hand, moderate exercise can help restore the hormones needed to maintain a regular menstrual cycle. 

Reduce Stress

Research shows that high levels of stress can cause menstrual irregularities. However, you can find ways to relax and de-stress to reduce stress levels. Light yoga, meditation, journaling and socializing are some relaxation methods. [2] Reducing stress will reduce all your concerns regarding how to get periods faster.


Hormones produced during sexual activity and uterine contractions of an orgasm can help to dilate the cervix to a certain degree and the uterus to shed its lining, causing the onset of a period.

Diet and Weight

Fluctuations in a person's body weight can impact their periods. For example, very low body weight can cause period irregularity or cause them to stop completely, as the body requires some amount of fat to produce hormones needed for menstruation. However, being obese or having a higher body weight can also cause irregular periods. Similarly, some foods can speed up or delay your periods due to the food's protein, fat and nutrient content. So, if you wish to solve your concern of how to get periods faster, then ensure that you follow a proper diet and manage your weight.

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Add Foods to Make Period Come Faster

If you are wondering how to get periods faster naturally, you can add the foods given below to induce your periods safely:


Parsley has been used to induce menstruation for centuries. It has been proven that Apiol and Myristicin, the two substances in parsley, can stimulate contractions in the uterus, inducing the monthly cycle. 


Cumin seeds, also called jeera, have the same effect as parsley and produce similar results. They contract the uterine muscle that is responsible for periods. And to answer how to make period come fasterwith cumin, you need to soak a spoonful of them in water overnight. Chew it in the morning. For better results, you can even drink water.

Carom seeds

Carom seeds or Ajwain can help in inducing periods and relieving menstrual cramps. It can be taken with jaggery for best results.


Papaya is known to be one of the most effective remedies to advance your period. Raw papaya can bring about contractions in the uterus and induce periods. The carotene in papaya stimulates the estrogen hormone that brings about early periods.

You can consume Papaya either in raw form or as a juice to stop worrying about how to get periods faster.


Ginger is a powerful herb that has properties to stimulate menstrual flow, but it can have some side effects like acidity. For every delayed period, you can try a combination of ginger tea and parsley. Ginger is believed to increase the heat in the uterus, leading to contractions and menstruation. 


Celery is an extremely safe and natural food item and is your answer to how to get periods faster while aiding you to maintain weight. Doctors often recommend fresh celery juice every day to stimulate blood flow to the uterus and pelvis, causing the occurrence of your period.

Coriander Seeds

Coriander also has emmenagogue properties (that stimulate menstrual flow) that have proven to be an effective remedy to correct irregular periods. You can boil coriander seeds with a cup of water, strain out the seeds and have the drink a few days before your period due date. 

Fennel Seeds

Fennel seeds, also known as saunf, can be consumed by boiling them in water and making a fragrant tea. This fennel tea must be consumed each morning on an empty stomach to regulate your periods and ensure a healthy flow. You can also soak the fennel seeds overnight in a glass of water, strain the water and drink it in the morning. 

Fenugreek seeds

On how to get periods fasterhealth experts recommend fenugreek seeds or methi seeds as early. You must boil the seeds in water, strain and drink it or soak them overnight and drink the water. 

Vitamin C foods

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid can lower progesterone and elevate estrogen levels that can cause the uterus to contract, the endometrial lining to shed and begin the menstruation process. You can include foods rich in Vitamin C in your diet, such as oranges, lemons, tomatoes, capsicum, broccoli, spinach, and so on.


You can boil some turmeric in a glass of water and have it a couple of times a day to induce your periods naturally or days before its expected arrival. 


Pineapple contains heat-generating properties that can bring on the quick onset of menstruation. You can consume pineapple in its raw form or as juice. 


The juice from pomegranate is very helpful in inducing periods. You can drink pomegranate juice many times a day, around two weeks before your scheduled period. You can also mix pomegranate juice with other juices and consume it.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has several health benefits but can also work as an emmenagogue. You can squeeze out the gel from the aloe vera leaves and consume it with honey for a few months for the best results. And it will ensure that you won't have to worry about how to get periods faster.


Rich in carotene, carrot is another food that can stimulate menstruation. Carrots can be consumed either plain or in a juice form a few times a day.

Add These Foods To Make Period Come Faster


While most home remedies are safe to use and are your answers to how to get periods fasteryou must ensure that you buy herbal supplements from reliable vendors. And if you think you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the herbal products, you must avoid taking them. 

Hormonal contraceptives may not be right for everyone as they may have side effects. Even though birth control pills rarely cause side effects like strokes or blood clots, they must be taken with precaution. Never try to induce a period while you are pregnant, as some emmenagogues are contraceptives and cause miscarriages during pregnancy. If you think you are pregnant, you must avoid the supplements.

When to consult a doctor

It is advisable to induce a period under the supervision of a doctor.

Online doctor consultation is advisable if you regularly miss your period, if they are irregular, or if there are significant changes in the menstrual cycle. 

Please consult your physician about risk factors before taking any birth control pill, as instructions may vary with each individual and with each pill.

Consultation with a gynaecologist may be necessary for any of the following situations:
  • You think you are pregnant
  • Miss more than three periods continuously
  • Your periods stopped before 45 years of age
  • You are still menstruating after the age of 55
  • Experience bleeding before or after intercourse
  • Start menstruating a year after they have stopped (although bleeding after menopause could be a symptom of endometrial cancer


Menstruation is a normal physiological process for every woman. If you think any part of your menstrual cycle has altered significantly, you must track it and keep a record of it. Once you identify any unusual symptoms, you can consult your doctor for further action. Choose a comprehensive and customized healthcare plan from Bajaj Finserv Health to secure all your healthcare needs. 

Published on 31 Jan 2023Last updated on 13 Apr 2023
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Dr. Rita Goel

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Rita Goel

, MBBS 1 , MD - Obstetrics and Gynaecology 3

Dr Rita Goel is a consultant gynecologist, Obstetrician and infertility specialist with an experience of over 30 years. Her outstanding guidance and counselling to patients and infertile couples helps them to access the best treatment possible. She addresses problemsof adolescents and teens especially PCOS and obesity. Besides being a renowned gynaecologist she also has an intense desire and passion to serve the survivors of emotional abuse and is also pursuing a Counselling and Family Therapy course from IGNOU. She helps patients deal with abuse recovery besides listening intently to their story.


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