How to Increase Height Naturally: A Step-by-Step Guide

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A person's height is genetically determined. Most methods to enhance height after adulthood, including proper nutrition, are ineffective. However, there are techniques to look taller and avoid losing height with age. What determines height, how to grow height, and other topics are covered in this article. 

Key Takeaways

  • DNA is primarily responsible for determining one’s height
  • Exercising and having a proper diet during childhood impacts how tall you turn out to be
  • In adulthood, height cannot increase, but proper posture and other techniques can help

How To Increase Height:

There are plenty of ways to answer your question about how to increase height. Let's take a look at some of them below: 

Boost your core muscles' strength

A person can keep a good posture and seem taller by building strength in their core. The muscles in the abdomen that go along the spinal column make up the core muscles. These muscles aid in stabilising the spine. One might try a variety of core-activating workouts to build stronger core muscles.

Practising yoga daily

Yoga practice may assist in relaxing the muscles, developing body flexibility, and improving posture, giving the impression of greater height. Yoga helps the bones retain calcium, which may strengthen them and improve a person's posture. In this way, practising yoga can increase height. Yoga may stop adult height loss because bone loss is one of the main reasons for height decrease with ageing. So, if you are worried about how to increase height naturally, yoga can be one of the best solutions.

Taking supplements cautiously

A healthy diet can be supplemented with specific vitamins and minerals. To maintain a healthy posture, the body's support system, the bone, can be strengthened with particular supplements. Calcium and vitamin D supplements help increase bone density and prevent​ bone loss, which can cause osteoporosis, arthritis, fractures, and hunched posture.

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Be active

Regular exercise has many advantages. It helps you maintain a healthy weight, strengthens your muscles and bones and encourages the synthesis of HGH. Are you wondering how to increase height through exercise? School-aged children should exercise for at least one hour each day. During this time, individuals should concentrate on movements that increase strength, including pushups and situps, yoga poses for flexibility and aerobic exercises like tag, jumping rope, or cycling. To check if a child is growing properly, the average height and weight age chart for children comes in handy. 

Get adequate sleep

Occasionally, skipping sleep won't have a long-term impact on your height. However, issues could arise if you consistently clock less than the advised amount during adolescence. This is because while sleeping, your body releases HGH.[3] If you aren't getting enough sleep, your body may stop producing this hormone. 

How to Increase Height

Play sports

Sports​ might aid someone in growing taller. For the greatest results, sports such as cycling, ​​swimming and basketball and practise frequently. 

Eat a balanced diet

In high-income countries, the average adult height has quickly increased. In case you wonder how to increase height by having a balanced diet, here is the explanation. The body receives the nutrients it needs from a balanced diet to keep bones strong and fend off osteoporosis and bone loss. As the spine and joints compress due to bone loss, height can decrease. Lean meats, leafy greens, fruits, nutritious grains, and a range of colourful veggies make up a balanced diet.

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Do skipping

It is an excellent workout to enhance height and help you grow taller. You can perform it with friends and alternate performances. Your body is stretched as you repeatedly bend your knees back and forth while performing this workout.

Put on higher shoes

A quick and easy technique to enhance temporary height is to wear heels or platforms. Wearing shoes with higher heels and moving more quickly when walking can impair balance, which may result in injury.

Live a disciplined life

If you are wondering how to increase height, a disciplined life is important since a diet high in junk food, overeating before sleeping, irregular eating, and skipping exercise can all harm your health and impede growth. Plan to lead a disciplined life and adhere to a well-organised schedule to satisfy your body's needs!

What Factors Affect Height? 

Besides knowing how to increase height, you should learn about the factors that primarily affect your height. Let us look at some determinants that have a role to play in determining how tall an individual will grow.

1. DNA

The primary determinant of someone's height is their DNA. According to researchers, more than 700 distinct gene variants affect height. [4] Some of these genes have an impact on the growth plates, while others have an impact on how growth hormones are made. DNA is the primary predictor of normal height ranges, which vary for people with diverse ethnic backgrounds. Genetic disorders, including Marfan syndrome and Down syndrome, can also impact the adult height of some people. In such cases, it is important to consult with a general physician about the steps to proceed. 

2. Nutrition and Exercise

A healthy diet and regular exercise are essential for strong bones. Brittleness, weakness, abnormalities, and injuries are less likely to occur in strong and healthy bones. Exercises that end up putting too much strain on the muscles or run the danger of harming the bones must be avoided. Compromised bone tissue can result in a shorter overall height, difficulties moving around and carrying weight, and a higher risk of injury and delayed healing. For ideal height, spine, muscle, and bone health, as well as general well-being, exercise and a nutritious diet are crucial.

how to increase height

What are Growth Stunting Factors? 

Knowing what prevents your growth is as important as exploring how to increase height. Several elements that could hinder growth include:  

  1. Stress: Prolonged stress can disturb the functional activity of growth hormones, which might impose a detrimental effect on human growth 
  2. Environmental factors: According to research [5], lead, cadmium, and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) exposure may be associated with a reduction in height 
  3. Nutritional deficiencies: Over time, a lack of essential nutrients and an improper diet can cause growth to slow 

Importance of Posture to Increase Height 

Good posture can be a perfect answer to the question," How to increase height?" When getting to your true height, your posture is crucial; it can alter your physical height and reduce neck and back discomfort and stress. For example, your standing height could increase by as much as two inches if your back is straight. You can measure your height at home and check whether it works for you. Poor posture might eventually result in a permanent loss of height if it is not treated. On the other hand, proper posture can help you look taller and increase your confidence.  

Tips on How to Increase Height 

After trying these tips, you can check the ideal height weight chart for men and women to see where your height falls: 

  • Keeping a healthy diet, which includes consuming lots of calcium 
  • Frequent weight-bearing activities to prevent muscular loss 
  • Maintaining adequate hydration 
  • Stopping smoking, if necessary 
  • Getting adequate amounts of sleep daily 

After trying these tips, you check the ideal height weight chart for men and women to see where your height falls.  

After the growth plates close, an adult cannot grow taller. However, there are several methods to correct their posture to appear taller. A person might take precautions to avoid losing height as they age by taking various measures such as exercising, taking vitamins, eating a balanced, wholesome diet, and maintaining excellent posture. Contact Bajaj Finserv Health to speak to an expert for additional details about how to increase height naturally. In addition, you can arrange a virtual teleconsultation from the comfort of your home to get the correct guidance to enjoy a healthy life ahead.

Published on 29 Nov 2022Last updated on 13 Apr 2023

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Dr. Vibha Choudhary

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Vibha Choudhary

, Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT)


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