Healthy Calcium-Rich Food: What Are the Best Calcium Foods


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Calcium is important for your health. Calcium-rich foods include yogurt and paneer. There are non-dairy foods high in calcium too such as broccoli, rajma and tofu. See the calcium foods’ list below.

Key Takeaways

  • The human body usually requires a daily intake of 1,000 mg calcium
  • You can choose between dairy and non-dairy calcium-rich food
  • The best calcium foods include seeds, milk, figs, yogurt and more

When it comes to calcium, were you aware that it is one of the most important minerals for your health? It plays a crucial role in the development of your teeth and the 206 bones you have in your body! It also has major responsibilities in maintaining the function of your muscles and nerves. Having sufficient calcium in your system is also required for good cardiac health. Considering all this, are you having sufficient amounts of calcium-rich food in your regular diet?

If not, put in some efforts to include foods high in calcium in your daily meals. As an adult, it is important for you to ensure a daily intake of 1,000mg of calcium. Note that you may need more calcium if you fall under one of these categories: 

  • Women who recently underwent menopause 
  • Adolescents 
  • Senior citizens [1] 

When it comes to adding calcium-rich food to your diet, you may consider dairy or non-dairy products or even a mix of the two as per your preference. Read on to know about the best calcium foods with which you can maintain your health and overall well-being.

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Calcium-Rich Fruits

Top calcium foods list you can consult 

Non-dairy calcium rich food 

  • Leafy vegetables 

Consuming leafy green vegetables is one of the most common ways to boost calcium. In India, you can opt for green vegetables like spinach, amaranth, broccoli, cabbage, and more. However, remember, if you have health conditions like high uric acid or you are on an anticoagulant, doctors may recommend that you decrease the number of leafy vegetables in your diet. So, check in with a general physician if you have these conditions. 

  • Almonds 

A calcium foods list would be incomplete without badam! Among different kinds of nuts, almonds have the highest amount of calcium. By consuming about 28 grams of almonds, you can get 6% of the daily value required by your body [2]. They also contain the following nutrients: 

  • Healthy fats and protein 
  • Vitamin E 
  • Manganese 
  • Magnesium 
  • Fiber 

Consuming almond also helps reduce body fat, hypertension, and other triggers that can lead to metabolic diseases.

  • Beans and lentils  

Rajma (red kidney beans), lobia (white beans), masoor (red lentil), and mung dal (green lentils) are foods high in calcium. Cook up delicious dals, soups, and gravies with them or boil and add to your salads. Such ingredients also contain a high value of protein and fiber and multiple micronutrients such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, folate, and iron.

  • Seeds 

Til (sesame), chia seeds, and khus (poppy) are some of the seeds you can eat to  

boost your calcium intake. For example, by taking one tablespoon of khus khus which weighs about 9 grams, you can get 127 mg of calcium. That measures up to 10% of the daily value required by your body. When it comes to white til, one tablespoon of them is equivalent to 7% of the daily value of calcium. These seeds also have other nutrients. Chia seeds deliver a high value of plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. On the other hand, sesame seeds contain minerals like iron, copper, and manganese.

  • Figs 

Figs are one of the best calcium-rich fruits as they have a higher value of calcium in comparison to other dry fruits. Remember, 40g of dried figs is equivalent to 5% of your daily calcium needs. Figs are also good resources for vitamin K and potassium, both of which play a key role in maintaining bone health. Apart from that, they are rich in fiber and antioxidants.

Calcium-Rich Food list
  • Sardines and canned salmon 

Two edible oily fish, sardines and salmons, are also foods high in calcium. Known as mathi and rawas, respectively, they have a high value of calcium in their bones. They are known as. When you have 92g of sardines or 85g of canned salmon, you will get 27% of the daily required value of calcium. Both these fish are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and high-quality proteins and can boost the health of your skin, heart, and brain.

  • Tofu 

Tofu, popularly known as soya paneer in India, is a preparation of soybeans and is a calcium-rich food. You can get it easily in most grocery shops, and by having a half cup of tofu, which weighs around 126g, you can get more than 66% of your needed value of calcium a day. Use it like paneer to make sabzis, add it to Kathi rolls or make stir fries with it and other leafy veggies for a healthy meal. 

Dairy calcium rich food 

  • Yogurt 

An excellent source of calcium, curd, or yogurt cannot be ignored on any calcium foods list and offers other nutrients to your body too. While one cup or 245g of plain yogurt gives you 23% of the daily value required, the same amount of low-fat yogurt provides your body with 34% of the daily value for the same mineral. By regularly consuming yogurt, you can also lower your risk of type 2 diabetes and heart diseases.

Calcium-Rich Food
  • Paneer and cheese 

Homemade paneer is not only delicious but also a calcium-rich food. Just 200g of paneer fuels 16% of your calcium needs a day. Other than paneer, you can also have parmesan cheese. Just 28g of parmesan offers 19% of the calcium value you need every day. This cheese is also low in fat, which makes it an ideal addition to your diet. Other cheeses also contain varying amounts of calcium, but be sure to study their fat content and other values before having them on a daily basis. 

  • Milk 

One of the most abundant and popular sources of calcium, cow's milk provides you with 306-325 mg of calcium per cup (237 mL). The amount varies on the basis of whether the source is whole milk or non-fat milk.

  • Whey protein 

This dairy supplement is also a must-have in the list of foods high in calcium. It not only provides your body with 12% of the daily needed value for calcium but also helps you shed the kilos and build your muscles.  

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With all this information regarding calcium-rich foods, you can make the needed dietary changes. To know more about the importance of calcium for women, get a list of protein-rich food, and more, you can book a doctor's appointment on Bajaj Finserv Health. Simply log on to the app or website to do a teleconsultation with a nutritionist and boost your health with a balanced diet! 

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