10 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat at Home Naturally

10 Effective Ways To Lose Face Fat at Home Naturally

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November 24, 20226 mins read


Many slimming straps and devices in the market claim to help with facial fat loss. Losing body fat usually happens with long-term changes to your diet and lifestyle. If you are wondering how to reduce face fat, follow the blog below to get all your answers! 

Key Takeaways

  • The forehead-face yoga exercise helps to reduce horizontal wrinkles
  • Yoga for skin glow includes a cheek sculptor exercise
  • Doing face yoga can help to prevent sagging jaw lines and double chins

Wondering how to reduce face fat? Many of us have probably wished we could lose a little body fat from one area or another, whether it's our thighs, arms, or stomach. Many people may want to lose face fat from their neck, cheeks, or chin to improve their appearance. 

Fortunately, numerous natural ways can support long-term weight loss and make your face appear slimmer. The blog covers ten tips on how to reduce face fat and some simple strategies for preventing fat gain in the long run.

Here are some easy methods that will answer the question of how to remove face fat.

1. Do Facial Exercise 

Facial exercises improve facial appearance and strengthen muscles. According to research, including facial yoga exercises in your routine can tone facial muscles, making your face appear slimmer.

Some of the most well-known exercises include puffing out your cheeks and pushing air from side to side, puckering your lips on opposite sides, and smiling while clenching your teeth for a few seconds. It effectively answers the question of how to reduce face fat.

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2. Include Cardio in Your Routine 

Excess body fat frequently causes extra fat in the face. If you are wondering how to reduce belly fat, the same methods can also help you lose face fat. Numerous studies [4] have found that cardio can promote fat burning and fat loss. Every week, aim for 150-300 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise, which equates to 20-40 minutes of cardio per day. Running, walking, dancing, biking, and swimming are all examples of cardio exercise. So, including cardio in your routine is an excellent answer to the perplexing question of how to reduce face fat.  

3. Increase your Water Consumption

Water is essential for overall health and equally important if you want the answer to how to reduce face fat naturally. Water can make you feel full and lose some weight. 

One small study discovered that drinking water before a meal significantly reduced the number of calories an individual consumed during the meal. Drinking water may partially increase your metabolism, according to other research. More calories you burn throughout the day can aid in weight loss.

4. Limit Alcohol Consumption 

A glass of wine with dinner is fine, but excessive alcohol consumption is one of the leading causes of fat accumulation and bloating. Alcohol is high in calories, and according to some research, alcohol may influence the levels of certain hormones that affect hunger and appetite [1]. It may, for example, lower leptin levels, a hormone that promotes feelings of fullness. 

Limiting alcohol consumption is the best way to avoid bloating and weight gain. So, limiting alcohol consumption prevents weight gain and helps to answer how to reduce face fat.

5. Limit your Intake of Refined Carbohydrates 

Refined carbohydrate foods, such as cookies, crackers, and pasta, are common causes of weight gain and increased fat storage. In addition, these carbs get processed heavily and deplete beneficial nutrients and fibre, leaving only sugar and calories.

They are easily digestible because they contain very little fibre. But, unfortunately, it causes blood sugar spikes, making you more likely to overeat. Replacing refined carbohydrates with whole grains may aid in overall weight loss and helps to reduce face fat.

6. Get Enough Rest 

Sleeping more is beneficial for the overall weight loss strategy. It may also help to reduce face fat. Sleep deprivation can increase the stress hormone cortisol. High cortisol levels can cause several side effects, including weight gain. 

High cortisol levels, based on studies, increase appetite and alter metabolism, resulting in increased fat storage. Besides that, more sleep may aid in weight loss. [2] To help weight management and facial fat loss, aim for at least eight hours of sleep per night.

7. Maintain a close watch on your sodium intake 

Table salt is the most common form of sodium in most people's diets. It can be added to food easily, but it can also be consumed passively as part of processed or premade sauces, foods, and other common condiments. Bloating is one symptom of high sodium intake and can contribute to facial puffiness and swelling. 

It is because sodium causes your body to retain extra water, known as fluid retention. 

Several studies have shown that a higher sodium intake can increase fluid retention, particularly in people sensitive to the effects of salt. [3]  

Because processed foods account for almost 75% of sodium intake in the average diet, eliminating savoury snacks, convenience foods, and processed meats can effectively reduce your sodium intake and can be an effective solution to the question of how to reduce face fat. 

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8. Consume More Fibre 

Increasing your fibre intake is one crucial piece of advice for toning your face and losing cheek fat. Fibre is a substance found in plant foods that your body does not absorb after consumption. Instead, it passes through your digestive system, keeping you satisfied for an extended time. It can help to curb cravings and decrease appetite in this way. 

Even if you don't limit your calorie intake, eating more soluble fibre may help you lose weight and reduce your waistline.

Beta-glucan, found in oatmeal, barley, and other cereals, is a common type of soluble fibre in the diet. You will find it in several foods, including fruits, nuts, vegetables, seeds, whole grains, and legumes. Your daily fibre intake should ideally range from 25 to 38 g from these food sources.

9. Take A Steam Facial 

Steam can help to reduce face fat. It improves the face's tone and shape. Since steam opens your pores, sweat and any clogged toxins can escape. As a result, water retention in your face gets reduced. It is critical to understand that if you are not completely hydrated throughout the day, this method will not work. To start, warm some water in a container. Allow it to cool slightly before soaking a clean towel in the warm water and squeezing it to remove any excess water. To prevent burning, ensure the temperature is correct before applying it. You can do this for ten minutes and twice a day.

10. Eat Some Gum 

Chewing gum is an exercise that assists in the reduction of face fat. It also helps tone the fat under your chin and around your jaw, giving you the desired defined shape. Place your back straight on a chair. Insert a wad of chewing gum into your mouth and begin chewing for at least twenty minutes three times a day. It can get done immediately following your morning, afternoon, and evening meals.

There are numerous methods you can employ to reduce face fat. Changing your diet, adding exercise to your routine, and adjusting some daily habits can help you slim down your face.

To achieve the best results, combine these suggestions with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise to aid in weight loss and overall health. Get a doctor consultation from Bajaj Finserv Health for more queries, or visit your general physician.

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