6 Top Immunity Booster Vegetables You Need to Include in Your Diet

Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

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Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

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Key Takeaways

  • Always include spinach in your list of immunity vegetables
  • Okra and broccoli are nutrient-dense vegetables to increase immunity
  • It is important to get quality nutrition for immunity building

Vegetables play a key role in providing essential nutrition for immunity building. Studies show that consuming vegetables packed with vitamin C and beta carotene can improve your immunity [1]. In fact, to maintain a proper immune system, it is recommended to have at least three portions of vegetables in your diet. After all, vegetables are packed with antioxidants and many important nutrients. This food group is also rich in fiber and low in calories. Thanks to this, you don’t need to worry about weight gain either!

The beta carotene in vegetables helps reduce inflammation, while vitamins E and C destroy free radicals. This is why talking about the right nutrition for immunity building is impossible without including vegetables in the conversation. After all, a strong immune system is essential for a healthy life. So, it is key that you incorporate immunity booster vegetables in as many meals as possible. To help you understand why you need to have more vegetables that boost immune system and how to go about it, read on.

Immunity booster vegetables

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Have green leafy vegetables for immunity like spinach

Amongst different vegetables to increase immunity, spinach is an important one. Loaded with essential nutrients such as vitamins C, E, flavonoids and carotenoids, spinach is something you should not ignore. There are many studies revealing the effectiveness of vitamins E and C in boosting functions of immune system [2]. Spinach also contains omega-3 fatty acids and several phytonutrients.

These components help you fight pathogens thereby protecting you against several infections. Another interesting fact is that uncooked spinach contains potassium along with vitamin C, which can increase your immunity levels.

Some of the other benefits of consuming leafy greens include the following.

  • Improves your bone density
  • Promotes good vision
  • Enhances body metabolism
  • Provides energy to the body
  • Increases the functioning of brain

Eat broccoli and enhance your body’s immunity

Broccoli is one of the most important cruciferous vegetables to incorporate in your meals. Like spinach, broccoli also contains vitamin C and it increases your immunity levels. Vitamin C not only protects against the common cold but also fights against free radicals. Being a rich source of iron and antioxidants, this green vegetable is a sure-shot way to protect you against other infectious diseases too.

Several other essential nutrients packed in broccoli include calcium, magnesium and potassium- all of these are important to keep your blood pressure levels under control. Further, your immune defense mechanism enhances with the help of trace elements like selenium and zinc. The abundance of calcium and potassium in broccoli is what aids in promoting bone health.

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why eat vegetables

Lower your LDL by eating Okra or Lady Finger

When mentioning about list of vegetables for immune system, one vegetable you should include is okra. This is one of the most important immunity booster vegetables that is packed with dietary fibers, magnesium, vitamins A, C, calcium, iron and magnesium. No wonder okra is one of the most-commonly cooked vegetables in households.

The presence of pectin in okra helps in minimizing LDL or bad cholesterol levels. It also has essential nutrients like vitamin C and others is what helps in boosting your immunity levels. To stay healthy, don’t forget to eat okra at least thrice a week!

Consume beta carotene-rich foods like carrots

This orange-colored vegetable isn’t only good for improving your vision. It also minimizes your blood pressure levels and helps you shed those extra pounds as well. Carrots are also packed with numerous components such as potassium and vitamins A, C, K that helps in boosting the functions of your immune system.boost your immunity

Maintain steady BP with beetroot

This popular vegetable contains antioxidants, vitamin C and iron. It crucial to building a strong immune system and to prevent health ailments like flu and cold. Different essential nutrients present in beetroots help you maintain your blood pressure levels and body weight. In fact, in some cases, it may even protect against certain types of cancer.

Include mushrooms in your list of immunity vegetables

Mushrooms is another immunity boosting vegetable packed with vitamins and minerals. They are rich in antioxidants, protein and fiber, and you can include mushrooms as a part of your daily diet for weight loss as well. Eating mushrooms also promotes good heart health, and can work to prevent some types of cancer.

Eating a variety of immunity booster vegetables is the best way to prevent diseases and lead a healthy lifestyle. While many vegetables help in improving your metabolism, others promote good bone health. In fact, regular intake of vegetables can boost your energy levels too. However, despite the health benefits of vegetables, you should visit a specialist when dealing with a health issue. One quick way to get quick care is via an online doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an appointment within minutes and address your issues from the comfort of your home. Get advice on how to boost your immune system and stay in the pink of health for longer.

Published on 8 Oct 2021Last updated on 5 Apr 2023
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Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

, MBBS 1


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