Isabgol Benefits: 4 Important Things You Must Know

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June 9th, 2022
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A fibre-rich ingredient, isabgol is known to assist digestion. There are many other benefits of isabgol linked to cholesterol and diabetes. Find out how isabgol benefits your gut health in depth.

Key Takeaways

  • Myriad isabgol benefits for health make it an all-season must-have
  • Better digestion and maintenance of cholesterol are a few benefits of isabgol
  • Isabgol is a very healthy ingredient and assists in weight loss too

Isabgol benefits your health primarily by keeping constipation at bay. A very widespread digestive disorder, constipation is prevalent all across the world and almost in every community. The percentage varies from 1% to 80% across communities [1]. The difference is based on a number of factors ranging from the genetic constitution to fiber intake, socioeconomic status, or even fluid intake. Several underlying factors like inadequate mobility and hormonal imbalance can lead to constipation too.  

In Asian countries such as China, Korea, Hong Kong, and India, the dominance of constipation is more as compared to other countries and ranges from 8.2% to 16.8% [2]. So, every Indian is at a higher risk in comparison to others and must look at ways to treat constipation naturally. In this regard, isabgol is a natural elixir helping prevent constipation symptoms. But that’s not all. Isabgol benefits your health in numerous other ways, such as promoting weight loss, helping you maintain healthy cholesterol levels, and even keeping diabetes symptoms in check. Read on to know about these psyllium husks or isabgol benefits in detail.  

Isabgol Benefits

What are the benefits of isabgol? 

Isabgol helps fight a range of gastrointestinal issues. 

In summer, constipation is usually at an all-time high. Isabgol, owing to its fibrous backbone, helps ease constipation as it is known to encourage the passage of stools. Whether you consume it as a drink, by mixing it with warm water or milk, or as an unfermented gel, isabgol has a soothing power and keeps your digestive system at ease. 

It regulates bowel movements and works as a remedy for people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. It helps them easily defecate without feeling any pain. Moreover, isabgol eases the transit of food particles inside the colon. Due to this, people experiencing diarrhea or inconsistency in bowel movement can feel better by consuming isabgol. Other conditions in which isabgol can be used include ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, piles, and inflammatory bowel disease [3]. 

Isabgol helps keep cholesterol in check. 

Isabgol contains both soluble and insoluble fibers, and these are known to significantly lower the LDL (bad cholesterol) and serum cholesterol in the body. This helps maintain a balance and reduces your risk of cardiac disorders or problems. 

Isabgol Benefits

Isabgol benefits your health by keeping hemorrhoids at bay. 

Hemorrhoids or inflammation of veins in your rectum can be painful and often lead to bleeding over time. Since isabgol has fibrous properties, which allows you to deal with constipation, it does not permit hemorrhoids to get out hands. It also keeps inflammation and its severe properties in check. 

Isabgol aids those with diabetes.  

Among all the benefits of isabgol, it is also known as a great medicine for diabetics. Isabgol contains gelatin, which decelerates the breakdown and absorption of glucose into the body. This, in turn, helps in keeping the blood sugar levels under check. This can be a boon for those who experience spikes and lows.  

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Isabgol Benefits

Things to keep in mind when consuming isabgol 

Loaded with benefits, isabgol is a powerful food, but taking it in moderation or as per the doctor’s direction is important. An important thing to keep in mind when consuming isabgol is that you should take it with ample water or milk. If you try to consume dry isabgol, it may lead to problems in swallowing. It is better to avoid taking isabgol in case you are taking prescribed drugs, as some medicines may react with isabgol.  

Another thing to note is that consuming isabgol without being careful about your doses over a long period is likely to reduce your body’s absorption capacity for copper, magnesium, vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and copper. It can also affect the absorption of calcium severely. So, it is smart to consult a doctor and plan your isabgol dosage to get maximum isabgol benefits for your health.  

Now that you know the health benefits of isabgol, you can safely include it in your diet to get maximum advantage. To understand more about it and to take the proper amount of isabgol, schedule a doctor appointment with ease on Bajaj Finserv Health. A general physician, a naturopath, or an ayurvedic doctor available on this platform or app can help you understand how much and when to take isabgol.  

You can book all types of blood tests like a cholesterol test or lipid profile test on Bajaj Finserv Health, too, and enjoy discounts as well as at-home sample collection for safety and convenience. This way, you can get all your healthcare concerns addressed within minutes without having to wait for days to get a doctor’s appointment. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the type of doctor you can consult. Be it an ayurvedic treatment for constipation or an allopathic treatment for piles; you can find it all here! So get started now and make health your priority today.

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