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Key Takeaways

  • Test pregnancy with a simple salt or sugar test
  • Confirm pregnancy at home using white vinegar
  • Check pregnancy with a simple toothpaste test

Nausea, fatigue, or a sudden spurt in cravings for a particular food are all hints of pregnancy. While these signs may not necessarily mean you are pregnant, missing your periods is another indicator. The other way to conclusively check this is to take a natural pregnancy test. There are many test kits available in the market that may help you confirm this apart from visiting a doctor.

A natural pregnancy test works on the principle of detecting the hCG hormone in your urine [1]. When the embryo gets attached to the uterus, a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (hCG) is produced, which enters your blood and urine. The presence of this hormone reveals pregnancy. However, if you are unable to step out to purchase a pregnancy test kit or meet a doctor immediately, there are many natural ways, how to check pregnancy at home naturally. Learn about these easy and simple natural pregnancy tests to test pregnancy right from the comfort of your home.

Is Increasing the Accuracy of Pregnancy Tests Possible?

  • When you gather the pee sample, use a pristine container
  • Since the first pee of the day will contain high amounts of hCG, try using it for testing
  • Be careful of gathering a sizable volume of pee. If it is too low, your test findings can be wrong
  • Wait for the response to occur after taking the test. It could take ten minutes
  • Do not hesitate to retake the test again if you feel that the results are inaccurate

DIY Pregnancy tests

How To Check Pregnancy At Home Naturally

Pregnancy test with mustard powder

You may use this at-home pregnancy test if you have missed your period and suspect that you could be pregnant rather than rushing to the shop to buy a pregnancy test kit. A warm bathtub and half to three-quarters of a cup of mustard powder are all you need for this experiment. It is thought that mustard powder will raise body temperature and help stop missing periods.

What to doIndication of PregnancyNegative Sign
Spend around 20 minutes submerged in the lukewarm bathtub water mixed with the mustard powder. Two to three days should pass.After the wait, you could be pregnant if you start having periods.If you do, it will be clear that you are not yet pregnant, as periods signify that you are.

Pregnancy test with Dandelion Plant

It has been demonstrated that this home pregnancy test is entirely accurate. So, you can benefit from this test if you have a dandelion plant in your garden. All you need is a plastic sheet, dandelion leaves, and a urine sample taken very early in the morning. Make sure the sheet is not directly in the sun's path as you scatter a few dandelions leaves there. After covering the leaves with the urine sample, wait 10 minutes. Assume that you are pregnant if you notice bubble development or reddish-browning of the leaves. You are not yet pregnant if you don't see any changes in the leaves.

Pregnancy test with Stored Urine

You may also use your preserved pee as a home pregnancy test by just keeping an eye on it. An early morning urine sample and a glass container are all you need. The sample should be added to the glass jar and hidden for roughly 24 hours. You are pregnant if you see a thin coating or film that has developed on the surface of the sample that has been preserved. You are not yet pregnant if there is no layer or film presentation.

Pregnancy test with wine

Did you know that one of the pregnancy tests you may do at home is wine? A morning urine sample and a bottle of wine are all required for this. Pour equal parts of wine and pee into a cup. Watch the subsequent changes now. If the colour of the wine changes, you are likely pregnant. On the other hand, consider yourself not pregnant if the colour of your wine doesn't change.

Tuna Juice

One of the simplest and most reliable at-home methods for a pregnancy test is this one. For this test, all you need is a container, canned tuna, white vinegar, and a urine sample taken first thing in the morning. Tuna juice should be extracted and added to the container. Add an equal quantity of vinegar. After a day, add a urine sample and let it rest again. You are pregnant if the combination emits a dark green colour. You can presume that you are not yet pregnant if you detect a yellow colour development.

How To Confirm Pregnancy At Home

1. Wheat and Barley Pregnancy Test

This is one of the oldest ways to confirm natural pregnancy tests at home. Originating in ancient Egypt, this test requires you to urinate on either wheat or barley seeds. These seeds are then left as is for 2 days. The presence of sprouts on these seeds confirms a positive result. If there is no sprouting, your sample shows you are not pregnant [2]. However, keep in mind that this is not a reliable way to check your pregnancy as false positive results are possible. It is always better to reconfirm the result using a pregnancy test kit or meet a doctor for a blood test.

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2. Baking Soda Pregnancy Test

This is a very easy and simple method to test pregnancy. All you need to do is mix equal amounts of baking soda and urine. Observe the reaction and if you see the formation of bubbles (similar to when you open a soda bottle), this may indicate a positive result. No frothing seen is an indication that you aren’t pregnant.

 3. Sugar Pregnancy Test

Sugar is one of the most accessible ingredients available easily in your home. Hence, it is one of the easiest home tests to check if you are pregnant or not. For this test, mix your urine sample collected during early morning hours with sugar in a bowl. If the hCG hormone is present in your urine, sugar may not get dissolved and starts to form lumps. This confirms a positive pregnancy result. On the other hand, when the sugar is completely dissolved in urine your result is negative [3].

pregnancy test infographic

4. White Vinegar Pregnancy Test

To check pregnancy at home naturally, white vinegar can also be used. Take a plastic container and mix your urine sample and vinegar thoroughly. Wait for some time and notice the reaction. If you see a color change in vinegar along with formation of bubbles, it indicates that you are pregnant. However, it is important to note that these natural homemade tests may not give sure-shot results. So, be careful and wait until you have results that you can rely on.

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5. Salt Natural pregnancy test

Like sugar, salt is yet another easily available ingredient in your home. Take your early morning urine sample and add a pinch of salt to it. After waiting for 3 minutes, check if you can see formation of white creamy clumps in the bowl. If so, it indicates a positive result. Absence of any reaction means that you are not pregnant.

pregnancy test infographic

6. Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

This is another interesting test to confirm pregnancy at home. However, it is important to use only a white toothpaste for this test. All you need to do is mix your urine sample with two tablespoons of white toothpaste and you are good to go! Any change in toothpaste color or a frothy reaction seen in the bowl indicates you are pregnant.

7. Shampoo Pregnancy Test

Similar to the toothpaste test, this is another convenient way to check pregnancy at home naturally. Use any available shampoo at your home. Mix your early morning urine sample with two drops of shampoo and water. Start whisking gently and observe any reaction taking place. The presence of froth or bubbles indicates a positive pregnancy result. Absence of any change indicates a negative result.

What is the Accuracy of Home Pregnancy Test Methods?

Unfortunately, researchers or medical experts have not studied the efficacy of most DIY pregnancy tests that people use for testing at home.

Although some users popularly on messaging platforms and blogs claim that these tests are practical, there is no evidence to back up their assertions.

By chance, a handmade pregnancy test may yield the same results as a trustworthy test. However, the fact that both procedures produced the same result does not prove that the DIY test was correct or accurate. So, getting a proper medical pregnancy test with a doctor consultation is recommended. 


How much accuracy do the pregnancy tests have?

Numerous home pregnancy tests make a 99% accuracy guarantee. However, the efficacy of home pregnancy tests to detect a pregnancy in individuals who have just missed a period varies. [1]

When will a pregnancy test show a positive result?

The pregnancy test will be deemed positive as soon as the blood test results are received.

Could a positive test be inaccurate?

Yes, there are instances where test results can be incorrect.

Which type of pregnancy test first confirms pregnancy?

Urine tests for detecting pregnancy are a faster procedure than hCG blood tests.

What benefits can a home pregnancy test offer?

Women can easily use it at home and do not have to visit any clinic. Visiting a gynaecologist every time their period is missed is unnecessary and full of hassle. In addition, the home pregnancy test is way too simple and is less expensive.


All these natural methods can give quick insight into pregnancy. However, remember that these methods may not provide accurate results. It is always better to use a pregnancy test kit or go for a blood test to confirm your pregnancy. Meeting a doctor not only confirms your pregnancy result, but also helps you get an idea of how far along you are. To connect to eminent gynecologists from the comfort of home, book a doctor consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. Address your symptoms and get your tests done to check if you are pregnant.

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