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The primary step counter benefits include tracking your steps. The benefits of a step tracker also include keeping you motivated and helping you monitor your progress. Here’s how to use it smartly.

Key Takeaways

  • Knowing the number of steps taken is among the primary step counter benefits
  • Benefits of step counter include giving you a goal to focus on and tracking it
  • You can get the benefits of step tracker with a wearable device or a mobile app

Given the numerous ways in which a step counter benefits our health, people have started it more and more. A step tracker isn’t just meant for fitness enthusiasts or athletes but for everyone who wants to maintain adequate physical activity. Growing awareness of how a step counter benefits our overall health by helping us track our steps is a key reason behind its popularity.

Aside from knowing the number of steps you have walked, there are many ways in which a step counter benefits you. From keeping you accountable to monitoring your vitals, there are numerous reasons to make the most of the benefits of a step counter. Read on to know more about the various step counter benefits you can get.

Keeps You Focused And Motivated

Focused motivation towards reaching your daily goals is one of the benefits of step counter that you can rely on. A common feature of most fitness trackers and pedometer apps is that they send reminders about your daily goals and notify you when you have been sedentary for a long period.

With regular alerts, you can follow through on your goals and meet them with ease. Research also suggests that people who wear fitness trackers take around 2,000 steps more than those who don’t [1]. Moreover, fitness trackers also display how many steps you have already walked. This way, a step counter benefits you by giving you a reason to reach your goal for the day.

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Offers Various Ways To Meet Your Daily Step Goals

Regular updates in apps and devices contribute a lot to the diverse benefits of a step tracker. A popular feature of these devices is that they track your steps not just when you are walking but also when you are performing other activities such as doing chores, sports, swimming, yoga, and more.

This can help you reach your daily step goals by doing other things too. This feature also helps you gradually increase your workout intensity while helping you achieve your goals. Ultimately, a step counter benefits you by counting steps not just during your walks but also when you follow your regular exercise habits. This gives you another reason to be consistent with workouts or physical activities.

Helps You Track Your Progress

One of the most common reasons why people discontinue physical activities is because they lose track of their progress. Not knowing what you have already achieved can be demotivating. But you can avoid this by using a step counter.

One of the many benefits of a step tracker is that it can track your progress over a long period. Some of them also offer an analysis or a graph about your physical activities in a stipulated time frame. This way, a step counter benefits you by helping detect patterns. By knowing when you are the most inactive, you can take the necessary measures to lead a more active lifestyle. Couldn’t walk or exercise for two days? No problem! Simply consult a step tracker and pick up right where you left off.

benefits of leading active lifestyle Infographic

Monitors Your Heart Rate And Other Vitals

Among the many ways in which a step counter benefits you, tracking your vitals while you are performing physical activity and, at other times, is an important one. Most trackers give you information such as when your heart rate is going too high as well as your blood oxygen levels.

Knowing this information can give you the time to take swift measures to ensure that your vitals are within the normal range and that you do not put excess strain on your body. Most fitness trackers and steps counter apps also have the feature of monitoring your sleep and water intake. This feature of a step counter benefits your overall health by helping you know whether your body is getting the rest and hydration that it needs.

Easy And Simple To Use

To use a step tracker, you only need to put in some basic information such as your height, weight, average physical activity in a week, and your goals. Once you add this information, the app can give you an estimate of the number of steps you require in a day to reach your goals. These apps also have the option where you can manually set your daily step goal.

Generally, launching and using the application is simple and quick. And to use these apps and enjoy all the benefits of step counter, all you have to do is keep your device with or on you while performing any physical activity. With motion sensors, your phone itself can help track steps, and the ease with which you can monitor this is very encouraging, no matter whether your goal is weight loss or maintaining your health.

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Now that you know all the step counter benefits make the most of them. If you don’t know how to count steps on the phone, the answer is quite simple. First, find a step tracker app that works on your phone and install it. Then put in your step goals and other required information, and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to take your phone with you when you go for a walk or any other exercise. In fact, you can use the easy step counter offered on the Bajaj Finserv Health app. Using it gives you double the motivation as you can also earn rewards while you burn calories!

This app also helps you connect with doctors to get the right health advice anytime, anywhere. Simply choose a doctor based on various filters like area, fees, language spoken, experience, and more, and book a tel consult in minutes. This way, you can get your medical queries answered and any concerning symptoms diagnosed.

By talking to specialists, you can also understand how your actions, such as leading a sedentary lifestyle, affect your health. Whether it is a nutritionist, a general physician, a dermatologist, or an ENT doctor, you can get the right advice in one place and even book lab tests with ease. Check it out now, and don’t wait anymore to experience the benefits of step counter yourself!

Published on 30 Jun 2022Last updated on 23 Feb 2023

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