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Walking a certain number of steps per day to lose weight is one of the most common forms of exercise. Your daily step goal to lose weight may vary from the average. To know more on about it, read on.

Key Takeaways

  • Generally people set 10,000 steps as a daily step goal to lose weight
  • Your daily step goal may vary from the average daily steps to lose weight
  • Use the Step Tracker on the Bajaj Finserv Health App to monitor this!

There are many ways in which you can track your health, from setting a goal of taking certain steps per day to lose weight to know your vitals. With health tech by your side, taking care of your health has gotten easier! Setting a daily step goal to lose weight has been one of the most popular methods of keeping your health in check.

One of the reasons why walking is a common form of exercise for weight loss is because it is simple. You can walk at any time of the day, in any environment, without the need for any equipment. One thing that you should remember to ensure that walking proves effective for you is to know your ideal daily step goal to lose weight.

Setting a target of steps per day to lose weight depends on a lot of factors. Consider your weight, lifestyle, diet, environment, and more to know not just the average daily steps to lose weight but what works for you as an individual.

An important part of setting this goal of taking certain steps per day to lose weight is to ensure that the calories you burn through physical activity are more than what you consume. Read on to know more.

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What Are The Average Daily Steps To Lose Weight?

Normally, to shed the kilos, people set a goal of 10,000 steps a day. Weight loss can be achieved when you have a calorie deficit. This means that you need to use up more calories than you eat. A study revealed that with a calorie-restricted diet, people who walked 10,000 steps daily lost more weight than those who walked 3,500 steps [1]. On average, 1,000 steps can help you burn nearly 40 calories if you weight around 72 kg and are of average height. By this calculation, 10,000 steps can help burn 400 calories. 

Keep in mind that the actual number of calories you burn may vary. This is because the rate at which you burn calories is also dependent on a number of factors. A major reason for this is your metabolism. Since everyone’s metabolism works differently, the number of calories you burn also differs.

Apart from that, the pace at which you walk and whether it is an uphill path or not are also key determinants of the number of calories you burn. While setting your target of steps per day to lose weight, make sure to take these factors into consideration.

How To Measure Your Daily Steps To Lose Weight?

Measuring your steps can be beneficial for a number of reasons. A major one is that it can help track your progress, and this keeps you motivated. Apart from that, a step tracker also helps ensure that you meet your daily goals. Knowing how to count steps on your phone can help you as all you need is a step tracker app. This way, you can set your goals for steps per day to lose weight with ease and monitor your activities better. The best way is to set the step-per-day goal by age, gender, and weight too. This way, you can ascertain that every step you take is worth it and takes you closer to your target!

benefits of walking daily Infographic

Tips For Meeting Your Goal Of Steps Per Day To Lose Weight

Meeting your daily step goal to lose weight can be difficult for a lot of reasons, be it attending to family, being busy at work, taking care of emergencies, and more. You can easily tackle these obstacles by putting in small walk routines throughout your day. This may include using the stairs instead of a lift or an elevator or parking away from the gate. These measures can get you into the habit of walking daily and improve your endurance and strength without you having to set aside a special time in your day.

Not having to dedicate a specific time also makes it easy for you to reach your goal without any hiccups. However, remember that it is more beneficial if you walk continually for 30 to 40 minutes instead of spacing it through the day. This helps your heartbeat get to the point that it helps you burn fat better. This doesn’t mean taking steps at regular intervals isn’t helpful. In fact, doing this helps you get into the habit of walking and builds your endurance for long walks too.

Other than that, you can also try the following tips to meet your goals of certain steps per day to lose weight:  

  • Walk while talking on the phone, be it with your friend or family member  
  • Get some company during your walk, be it your furry or a human friend! 
  • Use the long way to the grocery store, park, parking lot, or mall to walk just a little more 
  • If you want to talk to someone in the other room or a coworker, don’t call or message – just walk to them! 
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Once you know your daily step goal, ensuring that you follow through on it is an important step. This doesn’t mean that you set such a high target that achieving it consistently becomes difficult. You can take a 6-minute walk test to know your endurance and make sure that your steps per day to lose weight are manageable. As your endurance increases, you can increase your daily step goal to lose weight faster.

This will help ensure that you meet your daily fitness goals and stay positive. Simply use the step tracker on the Bajaj Finserv Health app to track your steps right from your smartphone without having to invest in a wearable. What’s more, you can take a health test on this platform to assess your risk for common health conditions and also understand your fitness levels. The app helps you prioritize and stay on top of your health by also making doctor consultations and lab tests easier to book. Try it out now and live your best and most healthful life!

Published on 30 Jun 2022Last updated on 23 Feb 2023
  1. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5970037/

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