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Looking for unlimited teleconsultation services? Opt for an Aarogya Care Health insurance plan on Bajaj Finserv Health to enjoy accessibility, remote care and other benefits of teleconsultation.

Key Takeaways

  • Teleconsultation has now become an established mode of doctor consultation
  • Teleconsultation services enable you to consult doctor from anywhere
  • Privacy, flexibility and reduced exposure are some advantages of teleconsultation

With the rise of COVID-19, teleconsultation has gradually become an established mode of formal consultation worldwide. As per data, the global telemedicine market is growing at a CAGR of 25.8 percent. Starting from Rs.6,18,999 crore in 2020, it is expected to reach Rs.30,78,005 crore in 2027. Thanks to AI, ML, and other innovations that brought a sea change in the national and global landscape of healthcare, about 20% of the healthcare ecosystem is poised to switch to modern facilities like remote monitoring, virtual care, and unlimited teleconsultation services [1].

In India, with the help of platforms like Bajaj Finserv Health, you can get easy access to teleconsultation services. In fact, you can also enjoy this mode of medical advice for free with the right medical plan. For example, by purchasing the Aarogya Care Health Insurance, you will be eligible for unlimited teleconsultation, meaning you don’t have to worry about visiting a doctor’s chamber in person if you are experiencing any symptoms. Now, with an Aarogya Care policy, you can instantly talk to 8400+ doctors via chat, audio, or video round the clock.

To democratize access to healthcare across India, Bajaj Finserv Health offers insta consultations in 17+ languages across 35+ specialties. Read on to know about the top benefits of teleconsultation covered under Aarogya Care.

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Advantages of teleconsultation

Teleconsultation offers many benefits, from easy accessibility to a lack of commute. Here are the primary advantages. 

Reduces your exposure to infection

When you visit a doctor’s chamber, there is a high chance of getting infected as patients with contagious diseases are usually also present there. By opting for remote unlimited teleconsultation, you can negate the chance of contracting infectious diseases. In case you already have an infectious disease, teleconsultation can help you prevent further spread. This was evident when the pandemic was in full swing, and more and more infected people got themselves treated via teleconsultation.

Telemedicine Benefits

Provides you with care from specialists across cities

Thanks to telehealth, now you can get coordinated care from your primary care doctor or family doctor and different specialists based out of various locations. This helps you to avoid lengthy travel to different cities for a consultation.

Comes with more flexibility

For an in-clinic visit, you need to book a prior appointment with the doctor. The time is also set by the doctor, not by you. This can be an obstacle when you want instant care or urgent advice for a medical emergency or your child’s health condition. When you opt for teleconsultation, you can choose a time that is most suitable for you. Just check the list of available doctors and their time slots, and book as per your preference. 

Allows you to consult in private

In a doctor’s office, the presence of external people like other patients, their acquaintances, and medical representatives may distract you from explaining your problems clearly. Under such circumstances, going for a teleconsultation can be effective as there you can talk to your doctor one to one and get all your queries resolved.

Saves more in time and expenses

For a patient, an in-clinic consultation includes the following processes. First, book an appointment. Then travel to the doctor’s clinic with some time in hand before the appointment. Based on the waiting time and other patients, your doctor finally sees you. Finally, you return home. However, in the case of teleconsultation, you just need to book an appointment and join the call at the time of your appointment. Thus, it is a more affordable and time-saving process in comparison to a face-to-face consultation.

Unlimited Teleconsultation

Makes it easy to provide health services in rural and remote areas

In India, the doctor-population ratio is 1:834 [2], which means the country has crossed the WHO-recommended doctor-population ratio of 1:1000. However, when it comes to the availability of specialist doctors in rural areas, India still has a shortfall of about 80%. In order to ease this bottleneck, teleconsultation plays a major role. It is all set to become an effective tool to bridge India’s urban-rural health divide.

Helps preserve beds in hospitals for emergency cases 

A shortfall of hospital beds is an issue that the country has been dealing with for some time now. The surge of COVID-19, especially during the second wave during March-April 2021, has shown what this scarcity of hospital beds across the country can mean. While it may take a long time to cover the current shortfall, opting for teleconsultation services can be a smart alternative to ensure only emergency cases are referred to a hospital. This gives a much-needed breather to both doctors and healthcare workers and the patients.

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Disadvantages of teleconsultation 

In certain cases, teleconsultation does come with a few cons. Take a look at them. 

  • It can come with a high set-up and maintenance cost if there is a lack of available infrastructure.  
  • Online or telephonic consultation doesn’t allow you to create a personal bond with the doctor. 
  • Some ailments or diseases require in-clinic examinations, and you cannot undergo them without visiting the doctor in person.  
  • It is important to consult one particular doctor for care continuity, which teleconsultation may not allow in certain cases.

Now that you know about the advantages and disadvantages of teleconsultation, you can make an informed decision on how to best utilize it for your health. You can book a video consultation in minutes on Bajaj Finserv Health and find doctors in your area from multiple specialties. Use the filters for a language spoken, fees, and experience to find the right doctor for your needs.

To enjoy the best healthcare coverage, choose from any of the Complete Health Solution Plans under Aarogya Care and enjoy benefits like free teleconsultations, high network discounts, free preventive health check-ups, and more. By subscribing to Aarogya Care Medical Insurance, you can get all this along with wide coverage for all your medical needs.

On the Bajaj Finserv Health website or app, you can also sign up for a health card that either offers discounts and cashback for medical services from partners or allows you to pay your medical bills in EMIs. Leveraging all these options, you can address all your healthcare needs without burning a hole or wallet or compromising. So, get started now for a healthy life, and don’t forget to book your teleconsultation appointment if you notice any symptoms! 

Published on 10 Jun 2022Last updated on 30 Dec 2022
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