What is Sandalwood Oil? Health Benefits & Traditional Uses

Dr. Adapaka Nishita

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Dr. Adapaka Nishita

Ayurvedic General Medicine

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Key Takeaways

  • Sandalwood oil has a woody and rich fragrance that soothes and calms
  • Healing wounds and helping with anxiety are some sandalwood oil benefits
  • Side effects of sandalwood powder on face or body are usually minimal

With its multiple health benefits, the use of sandalwood or Chandan as a home remedy is limitless. One of the most popular sandalwood products is its essential oil collected from the roots and wood of trees. This oil is famous for its fragrance all over the world, which is usually considered woody as well as sweet. Read on what is sandalwood and its Ayurvedic uses.

It plays an essential role in beauty products as it promotes better skin and hair health. In different forms like sandalwood oil and paste, it is used in products like: 

  • Deodorants and perfumes  
  • Creams and lotion  
  • Mouth fresheners 
  • Soaps or haircare products  
  • Candles and incense sticks

The presence of alpha-santol is one of the ingredients that give rise to various sandalwood oil benefits for health, such as elevating your mood and providing a cooling effect [1]. It is also what provides sandalwood properties such as: 

  • Reducing inflammation 
  • Decreasing growth of cancerous cells 
  • Lowering damage by free radicals 
  • Eliminating the risk of infections

Read on to understand more about the various sandalwood benefits for skin, uses hair, and overall health.

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What are some of the traditional sandalwood uses? 

Sandalwood oil has also been widely used in aromatherapy to boost physical and mental health. From ancient times in India, It has been used with other therapies in Ayurveda to help manage conditions such as: 

How sandalwood benefits your health

1. Eases stress and anxiety  

Applying sandalwood oil or inhaling its scent promotes calmness and helps you relax. It can also help you fall asleep with ease. For best results, use it in an electric aroma diffuser or rub it on your pulse points. Much research has revealed reduced stress and blood pressure thanks to the aroma of sandalwood when mixed with other fragrant essential oils, proving its use in aromatherapy [2]. 

2. Decreases mouth sores  

Since sandalwood oil reduces swelling and decreases infection, it has been studied for its positive effects as an ingredient in mouthwashes. It soothes the inner lining of the mouth, and studies show its efficacy in reducing oral mucositis [3]. This disease is usually a side-effect of chemotherapy during cancer treatment. In addition, research is ongoing on whether mouthwashes infused with sandalwood oil can also improve oral health by strengthening gums due to its properties as an astringent.

What is Sandalwood Oil -39

3. Works against acne and boosts skin health  

Two of the reasons why sandalwood is popular for its use in skincare is because it reduces inflammation and eliminates bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms. This makes it ideal for skin diseases like acne, rashes, and more. It also decreases inflammation in case of skin disorders like atopic dermatitis or psoriasis.

Sandalwood's astringent and antiseptic properties also make it ideal for healing scars and tightening skin. This is the same reason why sandalwood is also known to heal wounds, as it promotes the growth of skin cells [4]. It is a good moisturizer as well, and this is the most well-known of all the sandalwood benefits for the skin. What's more, sandalwood is known to eliminate wrinkles and reduce the signs of skin aging [5].

4. Reduces blood pressure  

Even though the stress that we experience is psychological, it has a physical response. One of these reactions is an increase in your blood pressure. Sandalwood is known to bring down your systolic BP as its application was found to soothe both the nervous system and emotions in a study [6].

While more research is needed to understand sandalwood uses in modern medicine, it has proved to either relax or stimulate us based on whether it is inhaled or applied. Research is also currently being done on its anti-cancer properties and effect against herpes, influenza, warts, and more. 

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Keep in mind that some people may have allergic reactions to sandalwood oil. This usually occurs if you apply sandalwood oil to your skin directly. So, either uses it in combination with other oils or test it on your hand first. While there are no confirmed side effects of sandalwood powder on the face, be careful about using anything new on your skin.

You can consult with top skin specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health for more information. Book an in-person or teleconsultation on the platform or the app in seconds. Apart from understanding sandalwood's benefits for skin, you can also talk to naturopaths to understand the connection between Ayurveda and insomnia or the health benefits of eating Chyawanprash. This way, you can use natural remedies to maintain your health.

Published on 20 May 2022Last updated on 9 Dec 2022
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Dr. Adapaka Nishita

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Adapaka Nishita

, BAMS 1

Dr. A Nishita Has a very Rich of 22 years Experience in Ayurveda,has Completed BAMS in 2005 from Dr NRSGAC, Vijayawada. Completed six months diploma course in PANCHAKARMA from Shantigiri Ayurvedic Hospital, Chennai. Worked as an Assitant doctor under an experienced and well known Gynecologist for 2yrs till 2008. Completed MD Ayurveda.Got Govt job in March 2009, worked as Govt Medical officer in PHC, Peddamajjipalem, Vijayanagaram district till 2012 may. In 2012, rendered services as Medical officer in ESI Hospital, Visakhapatnam. Specialization in male & female Infertility, Diabetes Mellitus.


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