What is Zucchini? 5 Vital Benefits That Make It a Must-Have!


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Key Takeaways

  • Zucchini is an excellent high fiber green vegetable that you can add in your diet
  • Weight loss and improved heart health are some zucchini benefits for health
  • Nutrients in zucchini make it a great addition to your Candida diet plan too

What Is Zucchini? it is a vegetable that is white on the inside and has dark green skin. If you are planning to add more healthy veggies to your diet, zucchini is an excellent option. The flavor of zucchini is not overwhelming, but you can use it as a successful addition to baked goods or a tasty substitute for pasta! 

You can either sauté, grill, or roast it and add garnishing of your choice. Preparing zucchini dishes doesn’t require much effort, and the vegetable comes with a wide range of benefits for your health. Read on to understand how zucchini benefits your body and why you should add this fiber-rich food to your diet.

Lowers glucose levels

Because of being a low-carb vegetable, zucchini is one of the vegetables that can help people manage their diabetes. Carbohydrates essentially turn into glucose which raises your blood sugar levels. When you consume zucchini, it helps reduce your carb intake because it is a low-carb food. This then helps reduce your blood sugar levels. Moreover, the dietary fiber can delay glucose absorption, which then helps manage type 2 diabetes [1]. High fiber intake with the help of zucchini also helps lower the risk of metabolic syndrome that can lead to diabetes. [2]. 

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Benefits your eye health

Vitamins A and C are essential in maintaining and improving your eye health [3]. Rich in both vitamins A and C, zucchini is good for your health as it helps you get these key nutrients. Not only that, but zucchini also contains zeaxanthin and lutein. These are beneficial antioxidants that play a vital role in order to improve vision and to reduce the risk of age-related eye diseases [4].

Protects heart health

The health of your heart is closely related to your blood pressure, and hypertension can lead to severe heart diseases. According to NHLBI, following a DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) diet can help you manage hypertension symptoms and improve heart conditions. 

It includes foods that are low in fats and sodium and rich in fiber, protein, potassium, and other nutrients [5]. Because of its nutritional value, which includes low fat, sodium, carbohydrates, and cholesterol, zucchini can be and often is a part of a DASH diet plan. These factors play the main role in keeping your heart in perfect health. The high amounts of potassium and fiber present in it also make zucchini a healthy food. Research also reveals that a fiber-rich diet can help protect your heart and overall health by reducing your risk of several heart conditions [6].

What is Zucchini and its benefits- 7

Improves digestion

There are various components that go into maintaining your digestive health. Among these, fiber, both soluble and insoluble, is good for the gut. Zucchini being a fiber-rich food, helps maintain your digestive health. The insoluble fiber helps regulate your bowel movements and reduce the chances of constipation. Another component of zucchini that helps in digestion is the high water content. Like fiber, zucchini also regulates your bowel movements and reduces the chances of constipation. 

Aids in weight loss

Zucchini is low in carbohydrates, rich in fiber, and non-starchy with high water content. This, in turn, makes you feel satiated for longer and curbs unhealthy cravings. Zucchini is also a great food to improve and maintain your digestive health, which in turn helps with weight loss. Also, foods like zucchini require you to chew more which helps reduce your calorie intake.

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Usually, zucchini does not have any side effects, but it can cause issues if you are suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or if you are allergic. Because of its various prep methods and multiple benefits, doctors may even suggest that you have it as a part of your Candida diet plan. It is also one of the best green vegetables for diabetics. 

Now that you know how zucchini benefits your health make sure you add it to your diet in the right way. To do this, you can book an online consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health and talk to a nutritionist. This way, you can avail guidance regarding zucchini benefits and side effects, PCOD and diet changes, as well as other concerns that may be addressed by eating right. So, get started now and ensure your nutrition meets your body’s evolving needs.

Published on 4 May 2022Last updated on 22 Nov 2022
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