7 Top Yoga Poses to Improve Your Flexibility and Stability

7 Top Yoga Poses to Improve Your Flexibility and Stability

Dr. Vibha Chaudhary
November 30, 20214 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Doing yoga stretches improves your concentration and strength
  • Triangle asana is one of the effective immunity booster yoga poses
  • Basic yoga poses include lateral arc pose and downward dog pose

When it comes to weakness and tiredness, yoga is the go-to-solution. Yoga is a unique relaxation technique that combines breathing techniques with physical poses. A full-body workout includes deep stretching exercises for your hips, back and legs. Practicing a full-body workout at home on a daily basis improves your overall health. Start your mornings with these stretches and you can witness how positive and relaxed your mind will feel. You can even try out the stretches at the end of the day to get a restful sleep.

There is nothing better than yoga stretches to improve your flexibility and stability [1]. Yoga poses help you focus on your body alignment by increasing your concentration and helping you reconnect with your inner self. Here are simple and basic yoga poses that you can incorporate in your daily exercise routine.

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Stretch your shoulders with the downward-facing dog pose

Amongst several yoga poses to stretch and strengthen, this pose works on your hamstrings, feet, calves, shoulders and arms. Doing this pose regularly helps in elongating your spine while strengthening your legs and arms. When your shoulders are stretched, your chest also opens up. This pose promotes good digestion as well. The tightness of your leg and back muscles is also drastically reduced.

Reduce your back issues with the fish pose

This is one of the important yoga poses to reduce pain in your back. It gives a wonderful stretch to your throat muscles too. Practicing it can reduce your thyroid dysfunction problems. This pose relieves tension from your shoulders and provides good relaxation to them. It is a deep breathing pose and helps in increasing your lung capacity. If you are struggling with a sore back and neck, do include fish pose in your workout routine! In fact, it is one of the best poses to beat fatigue and stress.

yoga poses for back pain

Loosen up your side muscles with the lateral arc pose

This is more like a warm-up exercise that you can practice before doing other yoga poses. With it you can increase your flexibility and complete routine asanas comfortably. Raise your right hand over your head and slowly bend towards your left. Repeat the same on the other side.

Release stress from your back muscles by doing the half-moon pose

Half-moon pose is one of the ideal yoga poses to boost productivity. It works on your postural imbalance by giving a good stretch to your hip and chest muscles. This pose is effective for strengthening your legs and can help you focus better. You can also improve your hand-eye coordination by doing the half-moon pose.

Activate your core muscles with the triangle pose

This is one of the vital immunity booster yoga poses, which gives a complete stretch to your body. Few benefits of triangle pose include:

  • Increases stability by activating your core muscles
  • Elongates your spine and makes it more flexible
  • Loosens your tight shoulder and hip muscles
  • Helps in reducing anxiety and stress

Place your legs apart and try touching the ground with your hands. When you are touching the ground with one hand, stretch your other arm towards the sky. Repeat it for a few counts.

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Increase the strength of your legs by practicing the chair pose

This pose increases the strength of your legs by engaging your major muscles. It helps you develop your core strength and opens up your chest and shoulders. Your breathing pattern also improves considerably when you do this asana daily. Not only does chair pose balance your body, but it also tones your knee and thigh muscles. However, if you are experiencing lower back pain, take proper care while doing this pose [2].

Execute a forearm plank to strengthen your core muscles

This is a full-body workout that is beneficial for your core muscles. Though it is quite a challenging pose, it is good for strengthening your abs and legs. Doing this pose regularly increases your mental strength and concentration too.

It is necessary to include a full-body workout plan in your daily routine to prevent weakness. To maintain proper health, work towards building adequate body strength. These yoga poses help in boosting your immunity apart from increasing your stamina. However, if you face any difficulty in doing your exercises, connect to specialists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an online doctor appointment and be proactive towards taking proper care of yourself!

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