Dr. Aparjot Singh

8 Years Experience
Pulmonologist, Pulmonary Disease & Critical Care Medicine
MD - Pulmonary Medicine, MBBS
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More about Dr. Aparjot Singh
Dr.Aparjot singh has completed her graduation from meerut.She has done her master's in md - pulmonary medicine from GSVM Kanpur even with the experience of 3 years she has developed skills such as thoracoscopy, bronchoscopy and guided procedures - trans-bronchial lung biopsy, trans-bronchial needle aspiration.Laparoscopy and ultrasound and ct guided procedures- pleural aspiration, intercostal drainage tube insertion, and trans-thoracic lung biopsy.
Speaks: English, Hindi, Punjabi
Awards: Original ArticlePublished in International Journal OfReaserch In Medical Sciences(IJRMS), Secured 3rdposition in poster disscussion (oral presentation) in NAPCON kolkata
MRN:  67941
Services offered
Diagnosis and treatment
Information and advice
Health and nutrition advice
Prescription of medications
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