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Health Facility Registry (HFR) ID

The Health Facility Registry is an extensive collection that includes contemporary and conventional medical facilities around the nation. Hospitals, clinics, diagnostic imaging centres, pharmacies, and other public and private medical facilities are included.

Registration will allow medical facilities to link to India's digital health ecosystem and list on a national platform. Making health institutions easier to find will foster trust among citizens looking for medical care. Health establishments that sign up will have access to various digital services.


Why should a doctor create an HFR ID for their facility?

Benefits of Health Facility Registry

Authentic & Unique Identity

A facility ID is used to identify medical establishments within the ABDM ecosystem.

Easy-to-do business

The digitalization of services lowers the effort required for license registration, renewal, and TPA and insurance agency empanelment.

Availability and discoverability online

The availability of health facilities in search results and presence on a global platform.

Digital services in one place

This makes possible the availability of HMIS technologies, digital health records, and telemedicine.

For whom can we create an HFR ID?

It can be created for both governments, private & public entities

Diagnostic & imaging centresDiagnostic & imaging centres
Blood BanksBlood Banks

How to create HFR ID?

Create a healthcare professional ID

Create a healthcare professional ID

Use Aadhar or another form of KYC to register.
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Examine your facility

Examine your facility

Request the State/District administration to obtain the facility.
Complete the registration form

Complete the registration form

Once the facility is designated, enter information on the facility, its services, and its infrastructure.
Submit form

Submit form

After reviewing, submit the form for verification.
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Government video tutorial for creating it

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Frequently Asked Questions

The HFR or the Health Facility Registry is a repository for all health facilities in the country across all streams of medicine. Both public health facilities as well as private health facilities such as hospitals, diagnostic centres, clinics, labs, imaging centres, pharmacies, etc. can register themselves with the Health Facility Register.