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Blood Urea Test in Mysuru

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About Blood Urea Test

The BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen) test is a blood test that measures the level of urea nitrogen in your blood. Urea nitrogen is a waste product that forms when the body breaks down proteins. The BUN test helps assess how well your kidneys are functioning, as they play a crucial role in filtering and excreting urea from the body. Abnormal BUN levels can indicate issues with kidney function, dehydration, or other medical conditions.

Blood Urea Test Brief

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Blood Urea Test in Mysuru

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    Who needs serum BUN test?

    • People who show signs of kidney dysfunction like swelling of hands and feet, hoarseness of voice, pale skin, foamy urine.

    • People with coexisting disease which can cause kidney damage like diabetes and high blood pressure.

    • Individuals with family history of kidney disease.

    • Patients on dialysis.

    • As monitoring test for people diagnosed with kidney disease.

    Preparations and Precautions

    • No special precaution required

    Blood Urea Test price in Mysuru

    • The regular cost of Blood Urea Test is ₹129 in Mysuru, but we are offering a 5% discount, so you can book it for just ₹123. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

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    Frequently Asked Questions about Blood Urea Test in Mysuru

    What infections/illnesses does Blood Urea Test detect?

    This test can detect kidney disease, damage, and reduced function.

    What are the symptoms of a Blood Urea Test?

    Symptoms are due to reduced kidney function. They are: Swelling of feet, hoarse voice, high blood pressure, foamy urine, anaemia

    What happens if the blood urea level is high?

    High urea levels mean that kidneys are unable to efficiently remove waste products of metabolism. It can cause heart disease, seizures, unconsciousness, and encephalopathy.