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Cystatin C Test in Pune

Also Known asCystatin 3

No fasting required


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Need to book your Cystatin C test in pune ? Bajaj Finserv Health has you covered. Get your test only for Rs. 475, including home sample collection.

About Cystatin C test

The Cystatin C test is a medical examination that measures the level of cystatin C, a protein produced by cells throughout the body, in the blood. This test is particularly useful for assessing kidney function, as cystatin C is filtered by the kidneys and usually remains at a constant level in the blood. Elevated levels of cystatin C may indicate impaired kidney function, and glomerular filtration rate making the test valuable for the early detection of kidney disease.

Cystatin C Test Brief

Test Name

Cystatin C Test in Pune

Also Known as

Cystatin 3

Preparation required.

No fasting required



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    Who needs a Cystatin C test?

    • People on treatment for kidney disease.

    • People showing signs of kidney disease like swelling of feet, breathlessness, turbid urine.

    • Patients of kidney disease who are obese or having a lot of muscle like body builders as creatine-based test can interfere with results.

    Preparations and Precautions

    • No special precaution required

    Cystatin C Test price in Pune

    • The regular cost of Cystatin C Test is ₹500 in Pune, but we are offering a 5% discount, so you can book it for just ₹475. This all-inclusive cost covers the collection, testing, and mailing of reports.

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    How lab sample collection for Cystatin C Test in Pune works?

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    Book a test at your preferred lab by selecting lab visit

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    Visit lab to get your sample collected at the designated time


    Receive your lab reports within 24 hours over email



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    Frequently Asked Questions about Cystatin C Test in Pune

    What type of infection/illness can Cystatin C Test detect?

    Cystatin C test assess how well the kidneys are functioning. It gives a measure if the treatment for kidney failure is working well.

    What happens if Cystatin C is high?

    High levels of Cystatin C are not life-threatening but it suggests reduced kidney function which can lead to a lot of major health problems.

    How is Cystatin C tested?

    Cystatin C can be measured in the blood and urine. Normal individuals do not throw out cystatin c protein in the urine. Only if tubular damage is suspected, urine cystatin test can be ordered. It is uncommon and done mostly for research purposes. A blood test is usually recommended.

    What is the normal range of cystatin C test?

    A value of 0.6-1 mg/L for a creatine normal value of 0.6-1.3 mg/dl GFR >60ml/min

    What is the Cystatin C price in Pune?

    The Cystatin C price in Pune is Rs. {{price}}, including free home sample collection.

    Can I get a discount on the Cystatin C cost in Pune?

    At Bajaj Finserv Health, we aim to offer competitive rates, currently, we are providing {{discount_with_percent_symbol}} OFF on Cystatin C. Keep an eye on the ongoing discounts on our website to ensure you get the best value for your health tests.

    Where can I find a Cystatin C near me?

    You can easily find an Cystatin C near you in Pune by visiting our website and searching for a center in your location. You can choose from the accredited partnered labs and between lab visit or home sample collection.

    Can I book the Cystatin C for someone else?

    Yes, you can book the Cystatin C for someone else. Just provide their details during the booking process.