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Balloon Angioplasty Surgery Cost

Balloon angioplasty is a medical procedure used to treat blocked or narrowed arteries, primarily in the heart. This minimally invasive surgery involves inflating a small balloon inside the narrowed blood vessel to widen it and improve blood flow. Balloon angioplasty has become a common and effective treatment for various cardiovascular conditions, making it a critical aspect of cardiac healthcare. In India, this procedure is not only readily available but also more affordable compared to many other countries. The cost of balloon angioplasty in India ranges from Rs 140000 to Rs 893050.

Cost of Balloon angioplasty in Major Cities in India

CityMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
New Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
Central Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
Delhi NCR₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
East Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
North Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
North East Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
North West Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
Shahdara₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
South Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
South West Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
West Delhi₹ 157490₹ 211000₹ 893050
Mumbai₹ 164900₹ 193050₹ 221000
Bangalore₹ 149900₹ 175550₹ 201000
Hyderabad₹ 149900₹ 175550₹ 201000
Chennai₹ 142400₹ 166800₹ 191000
Kolkata₹ 140400₹ 166700₹ 190000
Jaipur₹ 140000₹ 167000₹ 194000
Thiruvanathapuram₹ 140500₹ 166800₹ 195000
Pune₹ 149900₹ 175550₹ 201000
DisclaimerThe cost of balloon angioplasty depends on the following factors: the city, the hospital that is selected, the complexity of the procedure and the room chosen by the patient. The price range mentioned here is an approximation of the surgery cost; Bajaj Finserv Health does not claim that these prices are an exact estimate. For exact information about surgery charges, it is best inquire at the selected hospital.

Factors Affecting Balloon Angioplasty Operation Cost in India

  • Hospital and Facility Charges

    The choice of hospital plays a significant role in determining the overall cost of the procedure. Premium hospitals in metro cities often charge higher fees for their state-of-the-art facilities, experienced medical staff, and post-operative care. However, smaller hospitals and clinics in less urban areas may offer more budget-friendly options.

  • Surgeon's Fee

    The surgeon's expertise and experience can impact the cost of the procedure. Highly skilled and renowned cardiologists or interventional radiologists may charge higher fees for their services. Patients seeking treatment from well-known doctors may have to pay a premium for their experience and reputation.

  • Type of Balloon Angioplasty

    The cost of balloon angioplasty can vary based on the type of procedure. While the basic balloon angioplasty is the most affordable option, advanced variations such as drug-eluting balloon angioplasty or coronary stent placement during the procedure may increase the overall cost.

  • Location

    The geographical location of the hospital is a crucial factor in determining the cost of balloon angioplasty. Urban centers like Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore tend to have higher living costs and, subsequently, more expensive medical services. In contrast, smaller towns and cities offer a cost advantage, often making healthcare more affordable.

  • Pre-operative Tests and Medications

    Before undergoing balloon angioplasty, patients may need several diagnostic tests and medications to prepare for the procedure. The cost of these tests, as well as pre-operative medications, can add to the overall expenses.

  • Length of Hospital Stay

    The duration of hospitalization following balloon angioplasty can affect the cost. Shorter stays may be less expensive, while extended hospitalization due to complications or post-operative monitoring can increase the overall expenses.

  • Why Does the Balloon Angioplasty Operation Cost Vary in Different Cities?

  • Cost of Living

    Cities with a higher cost of living, such as Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai, tend to have higher healthcare costs. The expense of maintaining a hospital, hiring skilled medical staff, and providing high-quality patient care in these urban areas is more significant, which is reflected in the treatment costs.

  • Infrastructure and Technology

    Larger metropolitan cities often invest more in advanced healthcare infrastructure and cutting-edge medical technologies. Hospitals in these cities have the latest equipment and facilities, which can increase the cost of angioplasty procedures compared to smaller towns or rural areas with more limited resources.

  • Demand for Services

    Highly populated cities experience greater demand for medical services, leading to increased competition among healthcare providers. This competition can drive up prices as hospitals strive to offer better services and attract top medical talent.

  • Healthcare Regulations

    Each state in India may have its healthcare regulations, which can influence the cost of medical procedures. Variations in tax rates, licensing fees, and other regulatory factors may affect the overall cost of balloon angioplasty.

  • Availability of Specialists

    Cities with a higher concentration of specialists and experienced healthcare professionals may charge more for their expertise. The demand for skilled cardiologists and interventional radiologists can lead to increased prices for angioplasty procedures.

  • Other Factors that Affect the Balloon Angioplasty Surgery Price in India

  • Health Insurance

    The availability and extent of health insurance coverage can significantly affect the out-of-pocket expenses for patients. Those with comprehensive health insurance plans may have a more substantial portion of the procedure's cost covered, reducing their financial burden.

  • Package Deals

    Some hospitals in India offer package deals that include not only the procedure but also pre-operative and post-operative care. These package deals can provide cost savings and simplify the billing process.

  • Government Initiatives

    Government-sponsored healthcare programs and initiatives may subsidize the cost of certain medical procedures, making them more affordable for patients. Availability and eligibility for such programs vary by location.

  • Conclusion:

    In conclusion, balloon angioplasty surgery in India is a cost-effective and readily available treatment for cardiovascular conditions. However, the total cost can vary significantly depending on factors like hospital choice, surgeon's fee, type of procedure, location, pre-operative expenses, and the length of hospital stay. Patients should carefully consider these factors and conduct thorough research to make informed decisions about their healthcare options. Additionally, consulting.

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