Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

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  • Surgery Time: 4-8 hours
  • Recovery Time: 6-12 months
  • Chances of Recurrence: Low
  • Success Rate: High
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Hair Transplant - Everything You Need To Know

We often feel good about ourselves when someone compliments our hairstyle. However, several external factors can lead to hair fall, hair damage, and other problems related to hair growth and development. Due to some genetic factors as well, loss of hair growth after a certain age can take place. If you are facing a severe loss of hair, you can always go for a hair transplant. Not only is it safe, but also the procedure is effective. Here is everything you need to know about hair transplants.

What are hair transplants?

Hair transplant surgery is your go-to option if you suffer from patterned baldness. Not only is it easy and safe, but the success rate is quite effective. In hair transplant surgery, your dermatologist will mark specific areas on your scalp. The donor region will be from where the follicular hair is extracted from. Once done, these follicles are grafted into the recipient area. Why

Why are hair transplants done?

A hair transplant is especially beneficial for those people who have patterned baldness.
  • Genetic factors:

    Patterned baldness is mostly caused because of some underlying genetic trait. The recessive genes are responsible for this problem.

  • Medications:

    Some medications can also cause an adverse reaction that may result in excessive hair loss. This may also lead to baldness.

  • Types of Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant surgery is of two types:
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation:

    This is one of the most performed surgeries as the method is quite effective. In this, the surgeon will first mark the portions where the hair follicles need to be grafted. These portions are the parts where baldness is prevalent. Next, your surgeon will cut a part of your skin from the side of your head and extract the hair follicles from it. Once done, he will implant the hair follicles in the marked portions where a hair transplant is needed. During the procedure, you will be conscious. Only the area of surgery will be subjected to anesthesia. This surgery usually takes up to 4 to 8 hours, depending on the area of the surgery. Also, the skin grafts from which the hair follicles are to be extracted are not more than 1-2 centimeters.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction:

    This technique is also effective for hair transplant surgery. Especially in androgenetic alopecia, this technique is quite popular. In this procedure, extraction of the grafts is done as single units of follicles. Once they are extracted from the donor area, they are implanted into the recipient area through surgical methods. As there are fewer invasive techniques used, scarring is also minimal. This technique ensures faster healing time as well as minimum pain. Follicular Unit extraction is popular among young patients suffering from patterned baldness. When you consult your doctor, he will guide you through the procedure before deciding which surgery technique suits you.

  • How are hair transplants done?

    As already mentioned, hair transplant surgery is done according to the need. Your dermatologist will give you a thorough check-up before suggesting the type of hair transplant surgery. Accordingly, the rest of the hair transplant procedure will be followed.

    What to expect during hair transplant surgery?

    Preparative steps that your dermatologist may follow:
  • Before the hair transplant surgery, your dermatologist will guide you through a step-by-step procedure that will be done during the surgery.

  • They will also give you some anesthesia to numb only the area of the surgery. However, you will be conscious during the procedure.

  • Your dermatologist will mark the donor and recipient areas on your scalp before proceeding with the follicular hair extraction and grafting.

  • Financing options for hair transplant surgery

    Such aesthetic surgeries can put you under financial strain. However, there are several financial options available for hair transplant surgery. The Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network card, can give you access to many economic benefits during the surgery. With a Bajaj health card, you can convert your medical bills into easy EMIs and unload yourself of the financial burden. It is also accepted by several hospitals across India and can get you the finest health services. The EMI Network Card not only converts your medical bills into easy EMIs but also covers those expenses that insurance may not be able to do. Since the application process is super fast and easy, you can apply for your health card online as soon as possible for financial aid.

    Factors that affect the cost of hair transplant surgery

    factors affecting the hair transplant surgery cost:
  • Surgical methods:

    After consulting your doctor, he will tell you which surgical method best suits you. Depending on that, the hair transplant surgery cost may differ.

  • Area of surgery:

    The more the area, the higher the surgery cost. Since extracting the hair follicles is a time-taking process, the whole surgery may be divided into sessions depending on how large the recipient area is. Therefore, the cost may also vary accordingly.

  • Number of grafts:

    Interrelated with the area of surgery, hair transplant cost also depends on the number of grafts that are extracted. Usually, it takes about 4-8 hours, depending on the quantity. Therefore, the cost of hair transplant surgery also varies accordingly.

  • Conclusion

    Hair transplant surgery is easier, painless, and accessible these days. If you are facing problems like patterned baldness, you can immediately consult a specialist and get a hair transplant surgery appointment in no time.

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    DisclaimerThe cost of hair transplant depends on the following factors: the city, the hospital that is selected, the complexity of the procedure and the room chosen by the patient. The price range mentioned here is an approximation of the surgery cost; Bajaj Finserv Health does not claim that these prices are an exact estimate. For exact information about surgery charges, it is best inquire at the selected hospital.