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Hernia Surgery Hospitals in Mumbai

14 results

MGM Hospital photo

MGM Hospital

CBD Belapur, Thane
OPD10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
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Suraj Clinic

Saki Naka, Mumbai
OPD10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
DisclaimerThe cost of hernia surgery depends on the following factors: the city, the hospital that is selected, the complexity of the procedure and the room chosen by the patient. The price range mentioned here is an approximation of the surgery cost; Bajaj Finserv Health does not claim that these prices are an exact estimate. For exact information about surgery charges, it is best inquire at the selected hospital.

A Manual on Hernia Surgical Procedures

A hernia occurs when an organ or tissue protrudes through a weakened section of the surrounding tissue, leading to noticeable bulges, discomfort, pain, and, in some cases, even nausea and vomiting. Hernia surgery, also referred to as hernia operation, is a medical procedure designed to address hernias. If left untreated, hernias can cause significant pain and complications. Medical practitioners frequently conduct hernia surgery to repair the affected tissue and alleviate associated symptoms. Numerous surgeons in Mumbai routinely perform this surgery and can offer valuable guidance and treatments.

Distinct Varieties of Hernias

Hernias can manifest in various areas of the body. Some common examples comprise: - Inguinal hernia: Arises in the groin region, where a section of the intestine or bladder protrudes through the abdominal wall or inguinal canal. - Hiatal hernia: Characterized by a portion of the stomach pushing upwards through a gap in the diaphragm into the chest area, potentially leading to heartburn and acid reflux. - Umbilical hernia: Occurs near the navel when a segment of the intestine or abdominal tissue pushes through the abdominal wall. - Incisional hernia: Develops at the location of a previous surgical incision that did not heal properly, causing organs to protrude. - Ventral hernia: Resembling an incisional hernia, this type forms where the abdominal wall is weakened, not necessarily due to prior surgery.

Approaches to Hernia Treatment

In most cases, hernias necessitate surgical intervention to mend the weakened area and reposition the protruding tissue. For smaller hernias, physicians might opt for observation and recommend lifestyle adjustments, such as avoiding heavy lifting. If you suspect a hernia, seeking medical attention is crucial to receive appropriate guidance.

Factors Affecting Surgical Decisions

Several factors contribute to a doctor's decision regarding the suitability of surgery: - The location and type of hernia. - The size of the hernia. - The severity of accompanying symptoms. - Your overall health status. - Your age.

Risks and the Recovery Process

Prior to hernia surgery, engage in a discussion with your doctor about these aspects. This will enable you to make informed choices and prepare for the post-surgery phase.

Types of Hernia Surgical Techniques

- Open Hernia Repair: This conventional approach involves a single larger incision to reposition the protruding tissue and reinforce it with stitches or mesh. - Laparoscopic Hernia Repair: A more modern technique utilizing small incisions, where a camera and specialized instruments are employed. This approach results in smaller scars and quicker healing.

Recovery Following Surgery

Following hernia surgery, you might experience some discomfort and pain. Typically, you can expect to be discharged from the hospital within a few days. It's essential to exercise caution when coughing or sneezing to avoid straining the surgical area. Hernia surgery is highly effective in rectifying hernias and preventing complications. In Mumbai, proficient specialists can offer the appropriate treatment for your specific hernia condition.


The average cost of hernia surgery in mumbai can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the case, the chosen healthcare provider, the facilities provided, and any additional services required. However, it typically ranges from 4400 to 340000 INR.

Many hospitals in mumbai offer financing options or payment plans to assist patients with managing the cost of hernia surgery. These options can help make the procedure more affordable and accessible. It is recommended to inquire about available financing options directly with the healthcare provider or hospital.

The success rate of hernia surgery in mumbai can vary depending on several factors, including the type of procedure, the individual patient's condition, and the expertise of the healthcare provider. It is advisable to consult with a reputable healthcare provider or specialist in mumbai who can provide you with more specific information regarding success rates.


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