6 Important Ayurvedic Self-Care Tips for Post-Workout Session

Dr. Shubham Kharche

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Dr. Shubham Kharche


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Key Takeaways

  • Ayurvedic self-care tips include Mahanarayan oil massages to reduce muscle pain
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana gives a good stretch to your body after a workout
  • Sheetali Pranayama helps in reducing the excess heat generated by the body

Exercising is essential to promote a healthy body and mind. According to ayurveda, there is an increase of the Vata dosha after every workout session. This dosha deals with air and space, and is responsible for body movement. It governs the body’s nervous, respiratory and circulatory systems. So, it is important to keep control of this dosha and manage it effectively using ayurvedic self-care tips after a workout.

While you exercise, your nervous system is stimulated. As a result your breathing rate, blood pressure and heartbeat increase. Such physical changes can be handled only temporarily by the body. This is why following the principles of self-care ayurveda are crucial. When you don’t follow a post-workout cool down session, it can be quite taxing for the body. This causes issues like indigestion, nervousness, sleep issues and anxiety attacks. Following simple ayurvedic care practices can enhance your energy, endurance and stamina by creating a harmonious balance between the body and mind.

foods to eat after workout

Here are 6 ayurvedic self-care tips to help you better manage your post-workout sessions.

1. Stretch your body to reduce pain

It is essential to give your body a good stretch after a workout. This helps alleviate any kind of muscle pain or cramp. While negating pain completely isn’t possible, you may feel relieved after a stretch. This also helps your body attain better flexibility. You can do simple yoga asanas such as Adho Mukha Svanasana or downward facing dog pose and reclining butterfly pose or Supta Titali Asana pose for a proper body stretch.

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2.Improve blood circulation with a hot water bath

After a tiring exercise session, a hot water bath can be soothing. By doing so, your nerves are calmed, your stress is lowered, and you feel energetic. A hot water bath also helps in enhancing blood circulation and reducing soreness. Adding sea salt or herbal oils to water when bathing rejuvenates tired cells too.

3. Incorporate breathing exercises to restore normalcy

To bring your heart rate to normal mode, do short breathing exercises. One of the most important breathing exercises post-workouts is Sheetali Pranayama. This practice is effective in cooling your body and mind by minimizing the excess heat generated by exercise.

A few benefits of this pranayama can be briefly summed up below.

  • Minimizes inflammation in body
  • Reduces gastric ailments
  • Promotes better mental health

4. Nourish your muscles with a self-massage

After a good workout, do a self-massage as per an ayurvedic practice called abhyanga. This facilitates better blood circulation, which reduces any soreness you may feel. Abhyanga involves the application of warm oil on your body prior to a warm water bath. After applying the oil, leave it on for some time so it is absorbed by your skin. One of the traditional ayurvedic oils used for self-massage is the Mahanarayan oil. It helps reduce pain in muscles, joints and connective tissue. This oil is packed with herbs like turmeric, guduchi, ashwagandha and bala.

5. Use aromatherapy for better sleep

Following a holistic healing treatment like aromatherapy helps to cleanse your body and mind by promoting both physical and emotional health. The soothing aroma aids in managing workout pain and relaxing sore joints. As a result, your sleep improves, thereby reducing stress and anxiety. After all, good sleep is essential to allow the body to repair and heal after workouts. Some of essential oils that you can use include Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Vacha, Sarpagandha and Ashwagandha. These herbs rejuvenate your mind by inducing peaceful sleep.

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6. Follow a nutritious diet to rebuild your tissues

During a workout, the body supplies blood and energy to muscles. This can hamper the digestion process. This is why it is important to replenish after a workout. Choose foods that provide energy to tired muscles. According to ayurveda these muscle tissues are known as mamsa dhatu and ojas. In order to nourish mamsa dhatu, have whole grains and protein-rich foods like khichdi and lentils. Ojas can be replenished by including almonds, saffron, dates and ghee in your diet.

While it is important to exercise regularly, it is equally essential to follow the health tips ayurveda suggests for rejuvenation. Apart from the ayurvedic self-care suggestions mentioned above, do keep yourself hydrated to increase body fluids and cope with post-workout stress better. To get customized ayurvedic advice, book an online appointment with an ayurvedic doctor near you on Bajaj Finserv Health.

Published on 28 Jul 2021Last updated on 12 Apr 2023
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Dr. Shubham Kharche

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Shubham Kharche

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