Got a Sweet Tooth? Here are 6 Vital Benefits of Quitting Sugar!

Got a Sweet Tooth? Here are 6 Vital Benefits of Quitting Sugar!

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September 06, 20215 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Stop eating sugar to manage your blood pressure and weight properly
  • A sugar-free diet benefits you by keeping the brain and mind focused
  • Follow a quit-sugar diet to prevent sagging skin and make your skin glow!

Most of us cannot deny our sweet tooth, whether it is mithai or frosted cupcakes, a cold glass of a fizzy beverage, or a bite of ice cream. To quit eating sugar or at least reduce your intake may sound like a challenging task. However, if you succeed in this, it is worth the effort taken! Many of you may be unaware of the harmful effects of added sugars.

According to WHO, sugar doesn’t offer any nutritional benefits. In fact, it recommends that we consume only 10% of our total energy requirements as free sugar [1]. It further states that reducing our intake to 5% or less is even better for health! This means that if you consume a 2,000-calorie diet, you restrict free sugar to 25g or 6 teaspoons.


Any sugar added to a food or drink is called free sugar [2]. Even sugar present in honey is free sugar. It is called free sugar as it is not naturally present in the foods you consume. Excessive consumption of free sugars may lead to health complications like obesity and heart ailments. However, the natural sugar present in fruits, milk, and vegetables does not cause harm, and you don’t need to cut them out of your diet. In fact, these foods are packed with nutrients and fiber required for the body to function properly.

Remember that lactose, galactose, fructose, dextrose, corn syrup, sucrose, and maltose are multiple names of sugar with negligible nutritional value [3]. Read nutrition labels on packaged foods to identify these with ease. A sugar-free diet benefits all of us, whether we are healthy, underweight, or overweight. To know why to check out these 6 top benefits of quitting sugar.


Following a ‘quit sugar’ diet results in weight loss

Losing weight is one of the most important health benefits of quitting sugar. When you consume sugar, there is an increase in your insulin levels that affects your overall body metabolism. As a result, visceral fat develops around your organs. Minimizing sugar may help you reduce belly fat as your body starts to burn fat for fuel, thereby keeping your weight in check. Go for healthier dessert alternatives like fresh fruits post your meal if you have a sweet tooth.

Reducing sugar keeps your mind sharp and focused

Indulging in sugary foods can affect your brain development as well. Too much sugar intake may impair your brain functioning, which can affect your concentration, memory, and focus. One of the other vital benefits of quitting sugar includes better mental health that results in healthy and restful sleep.

Ideal Consumption of Free Sugar Consumption

Eliminating sugar makes your skin glow and look younger

Consuming sugar can interfere with the collagen repair process in your body. Collagen is a protein that provides a glow to your skin by maintaining its elasticity and keeping it wrinkle-free. Excessive intake of sugar can cause body inflammation that results in acne and pimples. When you stop eating sugar, especially added sugar, you prevent skin sagging and other aging-related issues.

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Stop eating sugar to reduce your blood pressure levels

Apart from weight gain, increased consumption of sugar can raise your blood pressure levels. This can lead to serious kidney or heart complications. One of the main benefits of quitting sugar is to reduce your blood pressure while keeping your body weight under control.


Advantages of quitting sugar include less risk of diabetes

Excessive drinking of sugary drinks and eating high-sugar foods can affect your body’s blood sugar management. There is also an increased risk for Type 2 diabetes. If you consume sugar-rich foods, it can result in insulin resistance. This is a condition where your body’s cells become less sensitive to the insulin hormone, which is essential to keep your sugar levels in check. Quitting sugar, managing weight, and leading an active lifestyle are the key factors to minimize the incidence of diabetes.

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Sugar-free diet benefits overall health by reducing your food cravings

Consuming too much sugar can result in binge eating. This means you eat more than what your body actually needs. There is an increase in dopamine levels when to have sugar, which actually makes you binge eat. As sugar is addictive, you tend to crave sweet foods. By reducing your sugar intake for a period of time, your cravings will reduce. Just keep at it!

While there are many benefits of quitting sugar, transitioning to a sugar-free lifestyle does not happen overnight. Start by minimizing the intake of processed foods and reducing free sugars in your diet. If you want to check your blood sugar levels, book blood tests on Bajaj Finserv Health. You can also schedule an online doctor consultation with specialists and take proper care of yourself for a healthy life ahead.

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