Blue Tea: Health Benefits, Side Effects, and Recipe

Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

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Blue tea has several health benefits, such as promoting heart and brain health. In addition, it has anti-aging and anti-diabetes properties. It also acts as a stress - reliever and improves the functioning of the nervous system. Blue tea, also known as blue pea tea, is a herbal tea that has significant health benefits. 

Key Takeaways

  • Blue tea is a significant trend nowadays and has evolved into one of the best herbal teas around the globe 
  • Several health benefits of blue tea are associated with regular consumption
  • pregnant women ensure to consult doctor if cause symptoms after consuming blue tea

As we all know, tea lovers are highly diversified all around the globe. From masala tea to milk tea to green tea, people are trying many options these days. But nowadays they are more aware of their health. So, they constantly look for the choice of tea that contains no caffeine and also provides benefits to health along with a great taste. Blue tea is one such good option and is high in demand all over the world.  

It is made up of dry petals of a blue flower called Butterfly Pea, popularly named 'Shankhpushpi' in Ayurveda. The blue flower contains a rich content of Anthocyanins (known for their antioxidant properties), and because of this, tea has a blue color.  

It is not a new concept. Blue pea flowers have been utilized as a kind of natural food dye and a coloring agent for many years. But recently, blue tea has been popularly trending in different parts of the world because of its significant benefits such as: helping in weight loss, anti-diabetes properties, promoting brain health, heart health, and the list is endless.  

We always listen to people debating about green tea vs. black tea because of their caffeine levels. The truth is that both green and black tea differ in terms of levels of caffeine present in them. Black tea has a high level of caffeine than green tea, and you will be amazed to know that blue tea does not contain caffeine at all. Also, the magical health benefits of blue tea are far more than black and green tea benefits. 

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Given below are the top benefits of blue tea for your health and overall body:

Blue Tea Benefits

1. Blue Tea Reduces the Risk of Heart Diseases 

 Heart diseases are at their peak these days, and doctors always advise patients to make necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to live a healthy life. Studies have shown that the blue pea flower has vasorelaxation properties which help widen heart arteries to ease the blood flow into the body, and it also helps in preventing blood clots formation in the body. 

Drinking blue tea benefits the heart in several ways as blue tea contains 0% caffeine; it is the best herbal for heart health.  

It also protects the heart from the disease known as hyperlipidemia, the condition in which fats in the blood are present in high concentrations, which ultimately makes the blood thicker and increases the risk of a heart attack and stroke. 

Blue Tea

2. Blue Tea Helps in Weight Loss 

 In the era of the 21st century, everyone has a tight schedule to follow and their own 9 to 5 jobs that don't allow physical exercise in the body. Because of this non-physical work schedule, our body gets stiff in one place, and most people have a most common problem called obesity. 

People follow strict dietary habits, lowering their daily calorie consumption and replacing sugar with jaggery. But, one of the hard things is to quit tea because without this day doesn't start for many people. So, replacing your regular tea with blue tea is always advisable, which has been scientifically proven to reduce belly fat by fighting against fatty diseases in the liver.  

3. Blue Tea Helps in Instantly Uplift Your Mood 

Drinking blue tea instantly uplifts anyone's mood and helps in relieving stress, and brings out positive emotions. It also eases anxiety symptoms and enhances an individual's energy levels. Because of this, one can concentrate on their work thoroughly and do exceptionally well.

4. Keeps Skin Healthy and Young 

 Blue tea has diversified nutrients present in it, which helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. It also helps ease the digestion of large food particles and purifies the blood. Because of this, skin looks more smooth, clear, bright, and uneven.

5. Blue Tea Promotes Healthy Eye Vision 

 Blue tea also helps in promoting healthy eyesight. In addition, it has pain reliever properties that help prevent redness, itching, and eye discomfort.

6. Blue Tea Prevents Hair Fall and Makes Hair Healthier and Strong  

The blue flower acts as an excellent nourishing agent for hair too. Blue tea strengthens hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation in the scalp area. Because of increased blood circulation, hair maintains, and its breakage is reduced.  

It also promotes new hair growth in the scalp and makes hair shiny, silky, and long.

7. Blue Tea Acts As a Paracetamol  

Do you feel lazy? Having headache? Don't worry, just make a cup of blue tea for yourself. 

It acts as natural paracetamol in the body. One medical research has proved that blue tea has specific properties in it which work just like paracetamol does.  

8. Blue Tea Helps in Reducing Anxiety and Stress 

In today's era, all of us are burdened with a lot of anxiety and stress, be it from our personal life or our professional life. 

Blue tea is a proven solution to relieve your stress and anxiety and helps you to calm down. Blue tea has many antioxidant properties, which have a magnetic effect on our body and allow us to relax and uplift our lousy mood instantly. 

Blue Tea Other Benefits 

Blue tea has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. Blue tea helps in treating minor skin issues such as itching, redness, and other skin-related problems such as pimples, acne, dark spots, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. because of its anti-microbial properties present in it.  

It also helps in making our immune system healthy and robust. It boosts our immunity so that the body should be ready to fight against diseases, just like tea tree oil benefits the immune system because of its anti-inflammatory properties.

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Blue Tea Recipe


For making blue tea, you need -  

  • The water of around 150-200 ml 
  • Blue tea powder  


Blue pea flowers, whichever is available to you. 

How To Prepare Perfectly Colored Blue Tea? 

Step1: Boil the water from 92° to 96° C.  

Step2: After the water gets boiled, add one tablespoon of blue tea powder or blue pea flowers, also known as Shankhapushpi.  

Step3: Now, let the powder or blue flowers mix with water for around 3-5 minutes.  

Step4: Now, this step is entirely optional; if you want to enhance the taste of blue tea, then add some drops of lemon mint juice as per your taste. After you add lemon, blue tea changes its color from blue to light violet because of the change in the beverage's pH level.  

Step 5: If you want, add some sugar or jaggery to give blue tea a sweet taste.  

And now your blue tea is ready to take a sip of it! 

The ideal time to consume blue tea is before bedtime; as mentioned above, blue tea benefits that it acts as a reliever of stress and calms down the nervous system. In addition, it regulates your sleep cycle and ensures that you have a good night's sleep and wake fresh, light, and relaxed in the morning. 

Side Effects of Blue Tea  

There are no side effects of blue tea as such. Therefore, a general physician or nutritionist considers blue tea safe and super healthy to drink when consumed within the limit. However, if you over-consumption of blue tea, it may cause diarrhea and nausea.

Blue tea has magical health benefits and is a perfect alternative to products that are rich in caffeine. However, pregnant or lactating women should be advised to avoid blue tea as some cases reported its effect. Always talk to your doctor or take online doctor consultation before consumption. If you are on any medications and taking regular medicines for any disease, you must always talk to your concerned doctor before drinking blue tea and discuss the effects of the same. Lastly, if you feel any discomfort or other symptom, then consult your doctor immediately.

Published on 24 Aug 2022Last updated on 5 Apr 2023

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Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Rajkumar Vinod Desai

, MBBS 1


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