Calcium Rich Fruits and Vegetables To Add In Daily Diet


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Having calcium-rich fruits helps you avoid a calcium deficiency. From papaya to berries, there are many fruits high in calcium for you to try! Here’s why calcium-containing fruits are a must-have.

Key Takeaways

  • Eating calcium-rich fruits and vegetables helps you avoid a deficiency
  • Dates and dried figs are some of the fruits high in calcium you can have
  • Having calcium-rich fruits can keep eye, bone and dental issues at bay

Eating calcium-rich fruits and vegetables can help you avoid a calcium deficiency. With nearly 3.5 billion people at the risk of this deficiency, it is one of the most prevalent conditions across the world. Among the 3.5 billion, 90% of people are from Asia and Africa [1]. 

Maintaining your calcium levels is essential because it is one of the most important minerals that your body needs. It not only helps develop and strengthen your bones and teeth but not having enough dietary calcium can also cause a secondary vitamin D deficiency, which also adversely affects your bone health [2].

Since your body cannot produce its own calcium, having calcium-rich fruits and vegetables is essential for not just your bones and teeth but also for your overall health. Calcium can also keep your heart and muscles healthy. By making conscious efforts to meet your recommended calcium intake, you can keep calcium deficiency at bay. Read on to know the top calcium-rich fruits that you easily include in your diet.


Among the top fruits high in calcium, orange is one you simply cannot miss out on. Apart from giving you a vitamin C boost, oranges have a quite generous amount of calcium in them. One large orange, about 184g, contains nearly 74mg of calcium. You can also consume tangerine or kinnow, which is among the top fruits high in calcium as well as vitamin C. 


All berries, including strawberry, raspberry, mulberry, and blackberry, are among the top calcium-rich fruits that you can eat. These are said to contain around 20mg of calcium content. Rich in antioxidants, berries can also help your body fight oxidative stress. This way, you keep your heart and overall health in check. 

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By giving you almost 40mg of calcium in just 100g, it is no wonder that dates make it to the list of calcium-rich fruits! With a wide variety of dates available, you can meet your body’s calcium requirements at any time with ease. Other than being calcium-containing fruits, dates are also rich in iron and fiber, which can help keep your gut and blood circulation healthy.


Figs boost your health as they are packed with calcium, fiber, and antioxidants. When dried, figs are one of the top fruits high in calcium content. When consumed raw, figs can give you 35mg of calcium, whereas dried figs can give you 162mg. Depending on your taste, you can consume either or both of these to ensure that your body has enough calcium.


Papaya is among the superfoods that are essential for your overall health. They contain around 24mg of calcium and can be consumed in various forms. From eating them raw to cooking them, you can eat papayas to protect your body from various illnesses. Being one of the top calcium-rich fruits, papayas can help you avoid calcium deficiency. Its other nutrients can protect your body against certain cancers and keep your gut and heart health.


This tropical fruit is a favorite among people of all ages and has a tart yet sweet flavor that simply hits the spot! With ample health benefits thanks to its fiber and Vitamin C content, kiwis are also known as one of the top calcium-containing fruits. With 100g of kiwi, you can give your body around 30mg of calcium. Eating them also boosts your cardiovascular health.

Other Vegetables, Seeds, And Fruits

Apart from the above, there are a number of calcium-rich fruits and vegetables that you can try. These include: 

  • Blackcurrants 
  • Limes 
  • Grapefruits 
  • Okra 
  • Milk 
  • Almonds 
  • Sesame seeds 
  • Poultry 
  • Spinach 
  • Soybeans

6 Calcium-Rich Fruits -54

How To Include Calcium-Rich Fruits And Vegetables In Diet

There are a number of ways you can include calcium-rich fruits and vegetables in your diet. From making a healthy dessert to a salad, you can eat these calcium-rich foods at any time during the day. Some of the most common ways to do that are: 

  • Blending fruits like oranges, kiwis, and papayas into a smoothie or having them as a fruit salad  
  • Mixing dry ingredients like figs, almonds, and sesame seeds and having them as a snack  
  • Having stir-fried veggies or soups made from spinach and broccoli for dinner
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Daily intake of calcium for women and men varies from 1000mg to 1200mg a day. It is important to know that women are at a higher risk of calcium deficiency than men [3]. By consuming calcium-rich fruits starting from an early age, both women and men can avoid problems related to bone, dental and eye health, and even brain-related conditions. 

It is equally important to have the right protein-rich food to build and maintain muscles and bones and get the energy you need to go through your day. To ensure your diet contains enough of both, book an online doctor consultation with top nutritionists on Bajaj Finserv Health. They can help you understand the nutritional needs of your body so that you can stay healthy.  

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