How to Take Care of Your Child’s Mental Health During the Pandemic

Dr. Archana Shukla

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Dr. Archana Shukla


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Key Takeaways

  • Children’s mental health during the pandemic needs constant vigil and care
  • Involving children in indoor activities reduces anxiety during the pandemic
  • Lend a patient ear to your kids and allow them to express themselves openly

The COVID-19 pandemic brought drastic changes to our normal routines. Right from social distancing to wearing masks, from not being able to meet friends freely or go out for simple needs, it hasn’t been easy. While adults began to cope gradually with work from home and other challenges, it was totally new for kids to not go to school, not meet friends and not do regular activities that were part of their schedule.

As days passed, most kids got more or less accustomed to the new normal. However, something that needs your attention during these tough times is a child’s mental and emotional health. While parents and families strive to ensure that they don’t lag behind in education, a child’s mental health during the pandemic often goes unnoticed.

Here is a brief insight on child’s mental health during the pandemic and the measures helpful in coping with anxiety during the pandemic.

Keep Your Child Active Within the Four Walls of the House

During a pandemicmental health of children often gets compromised as kids tend to feel frustrated staying in all the time. You can arrange virtual play dates so that your kids don’t feel left out or away from their friends. This can be online gaming sessions or a simple video call to chat with their peers. However, keep a close watch on them so that excess screen time does not harm their eyes.

Involve children in creative activities like painting, drawing and coloring is also a good idea. It can be real fun for kids when you sing and dance with them too! For older kids, try cooking and baking together. Do ensure that staying at home doesn’t make your kids lethargic. To help with this, do yoga or simple aerobic exercises with them to make them feel rejuvenated and energized.

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Understand Your Child’s Emotional Needs

A very common thing noticed in kids is anxiety during the pandemic. A child’s mental health during the pandemic is vulnerable and each child behaves differently. While some choose to stay silent, others may express resentment by being hyperactive or screaming. Manage their anxiety by understanding them and allowing them to express their feelings. [1] Try channelizing their energy in a positive way by involving them in craft-related works, board games and more. Try to ensure that their day is well-structured by setting up a rough timetable for them. This way they know what’s in store and may feel less anxious.

Recognize Signs of Deteriorating Mental Health in Children

There may be times when kids’ mental health during COVID may be affected for the worse. So, keep a constant vigil and check to see if they are facing psychological stress. Watch out for the following symptoms that may affect the mental health of children during the pandemic. 

  • Getting nightmares
  • Unable to eat or sleep properly
  • Scared of staying alone
  • Acting clingy
  • Uninterested in playing or talking
  • Staying aloof  

These warning signs may require additional support and help from professionals.

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Provide Absolute Facts About the COVID-19 Situation

It is necessary to provide correct information about the pandemic to your kids so that they have a clear idea of what’s happening. Giving them more than they can actually understand can be risky as it may increase their anxiety levels. So, give them information based on their age and maturity. Educate them on why it is essential to follow safety precautions. In fact, you may even explain the matter using creative illustrations online. [2]

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Engage in Open Conversations with Your Kids 

Taking good care of kids’ health during the pandemic is important, be it mental or physical. Have open conversations with your little ones asking them how their day has been. Encourage them to pour out their feelings openly and be patient while listening. If you hear anything negative, provide comfort and reassurance that you’ll always be there for them.

It is important to take utmost care in ensuring that the mental and physical well-being of children is not compromised during the pandemic. Above all, teach your children about COVID-19 safety measures and keep a check on their health. Feed them a nutritious diet and ensure that their sleeping routine is not affected. After all, a healthy and active body leads to a happy mind. However, if you notice unusual symptoms in your kids, connect with reputed pediatricians near you on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book a tele-consult or an appointment in person within minutes. This way you can safeguard your children and keep them hale and hearty.

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Published on 13 Aug 2021Last updated on 12 Apr 2023

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Dr. Archana Shukla

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Archana Shukla

, MBBS 1 , MD - Psychiatry 3


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