6 Effective Lifestyle Habits to Stay Healthy While at Home


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Key Takeaways

  • Obesity and inactivity are the biggest negative post-Covid impacts
  • Following an exercise regime regularly increases immunity health
  • A nutritious diet is key to preventing Covid-19 symptoms

As the pandemic continues to rage across the country, everyone is confined home, trying their best to stop the spread. However, lockdown and restrictions have not been all that bad. Everyone certainly enjoys the perks of working from home and spending quality time with family. However, it has undoubtedly taken a toll on health due to a reduction in physical activity. Obesity and inactivity are already being touted as the biggest negative impact post-Covid. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you do not overlook your health while you take necessary precautions. Following a healthy lifestyle habits where you exercise and monitor your eating habits is easier said than done, primarily when you are confined to your home, busy shuffling work and chores. Moreover, taking care of other people, your spouse, parents, or children can keep you busy, leading to your health being neglected.

However, you can make minor changes to your lifestyle habits that can help you stay healthy. These changes can range from a 20-minute exercise regime to choosing healthy breakfast options. Every little change that transforms into a healthy lifestyle habits will ensure that you stay healthy. Read on to know how to stay healthy while staying at home.

Start and stick to a simple exercise regime

Exercising ensures that you remain fit, helps increase concentrations, and reduces lethargy. Moreover, exercising strengthens the human immune system, protecting you from a range of communicable diseases. Studies also suggest that following an exercise regime can help prevent Covid-19 symptoms.

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But, with the restrictions in place, going to the gym is out of the question. This does not mean you cannot exercise. All you need is a yoga mat, a few dumbbells, and the internet. Choose a workout that suits you the best, and do it regularly. If possible, go out for a walk, jog, or run, while maintaining social distancing protocols. You can always sign-up for an online workout, yoga, or Zumba class.

Increase activity time by making household chores count

Juggling household chores with working from home can leave you exhausted and with little time for yourself. Moreover, working from home can have you sitting for long hours. This can cause stiffness, joint inflammation, and weight gain.

However, you can still ensure you remain physically active by turning household chores into exercises. For instance, broom or mop your house a little faster than usual to get your heart pumping. If you have children or pets, play with them around the house.

healthy diet plan

Shop smart and follow healthy recipes

Your health largely depends on your eating habits. A healthy diet ensures that your immune system is equipped to ward off infections and viruses. A diet that has vital minerals and vitamins protects your body, boosting your immunity.

So, shop responsibly to have a nutrient-packed diet. Pick fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and beans. Pick ingredients that are easy to cook. This will ensure that you cook healthy even on a hectic day. As for healthy recipes, all you need to do is use Google. There are several videos, Instagram pages, and websites with healthy, easy-to-cook recipes to choose from.

Stay hydrated

You should at least drink 2.5 to 3 liters of water daily. Staying hydrated flushes out toxins and subsides hunger. Drinking juices, tea, and coffee also count as hydration, but drinking water still is the healthiest option. Drink water first thing in the morning on waking up. Also, always carry a bottle of water with you if you’re heading out. If you struggle to keep up with your hydration, you can use mobile apps that remind you to drink water regularly.

Snack cautiously

Stress from work and negligible social life can trigger stress eating. Moreover, with work and home responsibilities, it is easier to eat unhealthy snacks than cook. Binge eating without accounting for its salt, sugar, and calorie content can lead to weight gain. This can put you at a higher risk for a variety of diseases.

So, when it comes to snacks, choose healthier options such as popcorn and baked chips. Ensure that your refrigerator and pantry are stocked with wholesome and nutritional foods. Turn to fruits, dry fruits, high-fiber biscuits, and nuts for your evening and mid-morning snacks. Check the sugar, salt, and calorie content of canned and easy-to-cook food items while shopping.

Do not lose sight of your mental health

While physical health is essential, so is your mental health. The pandemic with its social restrictions has resulted in zero socialization. This can make you feel lonely and helpless, especially if you live away from home. Moreover, work stress and responsibilities can add to the mix.

So, stay in touch with your loved ones and friends via video call. Pick up a hobby or learn something new. Build up new habits like journaling, meditation, and mindful living. Do what helps you feel at ease and comfortable. Remember you do not have to be productive all the time.

While you cannot control the current pandemic and its effect, you can certainly ensure that you remain healthy. A healthy body houses a healthy mind that will keep you motivated in this time of crisis. Incorporate these simple good lifestyle habits and start on your wellness journey today!

Published on 23 Jul 2021Last updated on 13 Feb 2023
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