Excited for Holi? Here are Effective Holi Tips for Eyes, Skin and Hair

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Dr. Amit Guna

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The festival of Holi is all about playing with colours and celebrating the occasion with your loved ones. However, the most crucial part before stepping out to play is to think of skin and hair care. This blog contains the best skin and hair care tips for you to enjoy Holi in the best way possible.

Key Takeaways

  • The application of oil beneath your eyes helps in the easy removal of colour
  • Remove your contact lenses, if any, before you play Holi 
  • Do not use non-alkaline soaps post Holi as they tend to dry your skin 

March is the month we wait for the whole year! Why not? It is the month of Holi or the festival of colours. It is one of the most vibrant and cheerful festivals in the world. As Holi approaches and we start our festive shopping, it is important to watch out for colours loaded with synthetic pigments. These artificial substances can harm your skin, eyes and hair [1]. 

Another concern is that inhalation of these colours can affect your lungs. One of the most common conditions, called allergic rhinitis, occurs when you inhale these synthetic colours. You may even end up with a runny nose and continuous sneezing after Holi. That doesn’t mean you need to lock yourself up in a room and be away from all fun. All you need to do is prepare yourself with some pre- and post-Holi tips. Take some Holi precautions and opt for organic colours instead of synthetic ones. In order to get proper skin and hair care tips to turn Holi into a memorable day, read on. 

How to protect hair from Holi colours? 

It is important to condition your hair a day before Holi so that colours do not harm it. Follow these simple tips to take care of your hair before Holi. 

  • Oil your hair the previous night 
  • Do a proper massage that will protect your hair from the harmful effects of colours 
  • Tie your hair when you are playing Holi 
  • Apply lime juice on your scalp to prevent any infection in case your scalp is sensitive 

Here are simple tips for hair you can follow post-Holi: 

  • Wash all colours from your hair using plain water 
  • Rinse it thoroughly so that there are no colours left on your scalp or hair strands 
  • Use a mild shampoo to wash the hair 
  • Follow hair wash with a good conditioner 
  • Apply a hair mask to moisturize your hair 
  • Make a mask with honey, olive oil and lime juice 
  • Let it remain on your hair for 20-30 minutes, and wash it off with a good shampoo 
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Easy tips to follow this Holi

Holi Safety Tips

What are the different healthy skin tips you need to follow before and after Holi? 

On the day before Holi, you can follow these easy tips: 

  • Apply coconut or almond oil on your face 
  • Do not forget to apply oil on all exposed parts of your skin 
  • Apply a good sunscreen on your face and exposed parts to protect your body from harmful chemicals 
  • Apply argon oil, as it will prevent the penetration of colours into your skin 
  • Hydrate and moisturize your skin using creams containing zinc 
  • Clean and tone your skin properly so that there is no seepage of colours inside your skin pores 
  • Wear comfortable cotton clothes covering the maximum parts of your body, so there is less exposure of colours on the skin 
  • For nails, apply two coats of nail polish to avoid discolouration of your nails

These are the precautions to follow after you enjoy this year’s Holi celebration:

  • Avoid rubbing your skin vigorously, as your skin is delicate 
  • Use mild soaps containing aloe vera 
  • Do not use non-alkaline soaps, as they tend to dry your skin 
  • Remove the colour using lukewarm water 
  • Avoid warm water as it can make colours stick to your skin 

If you are wondering how to remove Holi colour from your face because you have sensitive skin, the answer is simple - use a homemade cleanser with cold milk and any oil. Mix it well and apply it on your face using a cotton ball. Not only will it remove the colour but also moisturize your face. You may use homemade face packs containing honey and yoghurt. With these face packs, the dryness caused by colours will vanish within minutes! 

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How should we take care of our eyes? 

While you must be cautious about your hair and skin during Holi, protecting your eyes from colours is also important. Follow these simple tips to ensure that colours do not enter and harm your eyes [2]:

  • Wear sunglasses before you go out, as the skin around your eyes is very delicate 
  • Apply oil beneath your eyes, as it will help in the easy removal of colour 
  • Keep your eyes tightly covered when there is splashing of colours 
  • Remove your lenses, if any, before you play Holi 
  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes, as it can result in eye irritation 
  • Clean your eyes with water if colours are sprayed inside 

Now that you know important tips for skin, hair and eyes, follow them before you celebrate Holi. You can also try a few face yoga exercises post-Holi to improve blood circulation and the texture of your face. For any skin and hair care tips, connect to top dermatologists on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book teleconsultation to address your symptoms. Take precautionary measures and make this Holi a memorable one!

Published on 15 Mar 2022Last updated on 12 Apr 2023
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Dr. Amit Guna

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Amit Guna

, Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BPT) , MPT - Orthopedic Physiotherapy 3

Dr Amit Guna Is A Consultant Physiotherapist, Yoga Educator , Fitness Trainer, Health Psychologist. Based In Vadodara. He Has Excellent Communication And Patient Handling Skills In Neurological As Well As Orthopedic Cases.


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