7 Ways In Which Health Plans Can Benefit You Even During A Pandemic


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Key Takeaways

  • Health plans help provide financial cover and fight rising medical expenses
  • Premium deduction in tax is one of the various benefits of healthcare plans
  • Choose from the best health plans to ensure that you get sufficient coverage

The pandemic has been difficult for us in various aspects. It has made people realize the importance of health and wellness. India is among the countries that have been severely affected by the pandemic. The health sector of the country also witnessed a huge surge in demand for health care plans.

With COVID cases now at 4.3 crores [1] and other diseases still prevailing, it is important to cover yourself and your family members with proper health plans. Health care plans work as a financial cushion that safeguards your finances and health in normal times as well as during such difficult situations. Read on to understand how health plans can benefit you during the pandemic. 

Health plans provide a comprehensive package. 

Medical emergencies always come unannounced, and this is one of the reasons why people opt for health insurance. Healthcare plans safeguard you and your family against any planned or unplanned medical treatment by offering comprehensive coverage against all prominent diseases. Other than this, health plans also provide extensive cover against COVID infection and pay for your hospitalization costs. The pandemic resulted in health contingencies for many and health plans helped ensure that the repercussion of medical emergencies doesn’t fall heavy on your pocket.

health insurance plans in India

Health plans cater to rising medical expenses.

Medical expenses are constantly on the rise. And, with the pandemic going on, one may need to check their health parameters regularly. For people with COVID positive and other health issues, the treatment can take time too. This is why it is smart to opt for health plans during the pandemic. It helps you become prepared for future medical expenses so that you receive support during tough times.

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Health plans provide lifetime protection.

Currently, more and more people are choosing health plans that offer lifetime coverage. Earlier, the age limit of these healthcare plans was 60 to 80 years, but many insurers now offer lifelong protection. It helps you plan ahead and cover yourself against future exigencies as well. If you face any issues in the future owing to the pandemic or something else, you will have covered as per your health plans. 

Health plans with specific cover help mitigate the risks.

In 2020, IRDAI advised all insurance companies to offer cover for COVID-19 hospitalization expenses [2]. Despite this, there is a possibility that your regular health plans may fall short on coverage. To avoid such situations, you can look for healthcare plans that can offer optimum cover for COVID-19 treatment. Policies like Corona Kavach or Corona Rakshak can help you manage hospitalization expenses. These policies come with a maximum tenure of 9.5 months. Apart from these, many insurers also offer other policies for COVID-19. 

In terms of the future, you can look for healthcare plans that offer a specific cover. This will help you better protect your and your loved one’s health, as well as your finances.

Health plans provide EMI options. 

EMIs are monthly installment options to pay back a sum of money. This option enables everyone to be able to afford the basic necessities. Health plans also have the option of EMIs. This makes it easier for you to maintain your healthcare plan without it being a burden. EMI system has proven to be helpful in unprecedented times like the pandemic.

Health plans can provide tax benefits.

Health plans offer tax advantages that help you save money. The pandemic has left many struggling with their finances. In such a situation, you can use healthcare plans and avail of exemption of tax on all the premiums you pay under section 80 D of the Income Tax Act, 1971 [3]. Note that you can get tax benefits not only for yourself but also against the health insurance policy premiums of your kids, parents, or spouses. This helps add to your savings.

Health Plans Can Benefit

Health plans provide extra rider advantages. 

Another great benefit of getting a health plan is that you can add extra rider benefits to your existing policy. A rider includes coverage of other health issues that are not covered in your current policy. Make sure to choose an insurance provider who offers this option so that you can be better prepared for any future exigencies. 

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Any emergency will lead you to think about your finances, and that is why it is important to have your health plans in place. These plans can help you deal with such situations. You can, and should, start saving and planning for your healthcare in advance. Check out Arogya Care plans on Bajaj Finserv Health for options that suit your requirement. These healthcare plans offer a comprehensive cover for you and your family members. Not only that, but these plans also come with additional benefits like doctor consultation and lab test reimbursements. The Super Saving Plans will help you save money and help ensure that your medical treatment is not hindered by any financial problems. This way, you can start making smart decisions regarding your health plans today!

Published on 29 Apr 2022Last updated on 25 Nov 2022
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