Peppermint Tea Benefits, Recipes and Risk Factor

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Peppermint is a type of herbal tea that offers a host of health benefits, particularly for those with stomach problems, headaches and sinus problems. Imparting its cooling and invigorating taste, this little herb will surely uplift your mood and brighten your day. 

Key Takeaways

  • Peppermint plant is known as an effective herbal infusion with a fresh and soothing flavour
  • Menthol is an aromatic component present in mint plants, which has a myriad of uses in traditional and modern medicine
  • The beverage has immune-boosting properties, used to treat muscular aches and pains, related to the digestive system

Feeling nauseated? Struggling with abdominal cramps? Need an energy pick-up drink? Then it's time to reach for this power-packed herbal tea! People have been infusing and drinking different types of herbal leaves for centuries. Peppermint, officially named Mentha piperita, is a natural hybrid of spearmint and watermint. Mint tea acts as a herbal elixir to stay healthy due to the presence of vital elements – menthol, menthone, and limonene. Whether you just need a bright-minty flavored drink or want something to soothe your ailments, then a cup of peppermint tea is an efficient way to reap the benefits the herb has to offer. Read on to know peppermint tea benefits and how to prepare it.

Peppermint Tea Benefits 

Peppermint is one of the refreshing and aromatic herbs that is widely known for its role in essential oils. Nonetheless, there is also a myriad of peppermint tea uses, as it's no wonder the tea is exalted as one of the most healthy drinks for overall well-being. Scroll on to discover more about the 8 peppermint tea benefits. 

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1. Reduces Indigestion 

It is one of the major peppermint tea benefits, facilitating easy digestion and maintaining the system to perform efficiently. The component Methanol in the tea produces more bile to prompt digestion and relaxes the muscles in the digestive system to ease constipation. It also soothes abdominal pain and reduces bloating and other painful symptoms of indigestion. 

Peppermint Tea Benefits

2. Alleviate Bad Breath 

It is no ordinary incident that most toothpaste is loaded with peppermint flavor. The fresh feeling and beneficial menthol help you to treat bad breath, also known as Halitosis. The aromatic properties of this peppermint tea will camouflage the bad breath, while the antibacterial will destroy the germs responsible for the condition.

3. Enhances Healthy Skin and Hair 

The anti-inflammatory effects of peppermint tea help you to lower the redness caused by acne. At the same time, the antiseptic characteristics prevent bacterial accumulation that can clog up the pore. It aids in treating dandruff and reduces rashness, and itchiness, soothing the dry scalps. For instance, wash your hair with peppermint tea, and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing it off. 

4. Fights Off the Common Cold and Flu 

Similar to other herbal teas, peppermint tea also aids in relieving colds and flu by strengthening your immunity. Drinking one hot cup will soothe a sore throat, open airways, relieve congestion, and prevent severe cold conditions like bronchitis. The antioxidants and other essential nutrients will increase the production of White blood cells to keep you healthy. 

5. Aids in Weight Loss 

As a calorie-free and hydrating beverage, peppermint tea could be your best choice for your weight loss journey. Experts believe the mere scent of the tea can stave off hunger temporarily, and various studies prove this appetite control. Research has found that inhaling peppermint several times a day makes people consume fewer calories and experience less hunger. 

Peppermint Tea Benefits

6. Helps in Stress Reduction 

Peppermint tea is usually known for aromatherapy for its essential role in reducing stress, inducing mental peace, and promoting overall health. The tea has natural sedative qualities; it will help you to unwind the stress after a long day, allowing your body to relax and stimulating a calm state. 

7. Boosts Immune System 

Peppermint tea is packed with essential vitamins and other nutrients that can boost your immune system and increase the speed of your performance to prevent the entry of viruses and bacteria. The compounds like antioxidants, potassium, and calcium will absorb nutrients more easily and fight invaders to stay healthy for a long time. 

8. Treats Abdominal and Menstrual Cramps 

Besides healing an upset stomach, menthol in peppermint tea aids in treating stomach and menstrual cramps. The menthol relaxes the muscles surrounding the stomach, enhances circulation, and lowers inflammation to cure cramps. It also helps women with their menstrual cramps

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How to Make Peppermint Tea

The best part about peppermint tea is that you can purchase it outdoors or grow the peppermint leaves in your home. Here are the simple steps to make peppermint tea. 

  • Boil one/two cups of water in a pan. 
  • Take a handful of mint leaves and tear them. 
  • Add the leaves to the water based on your leaves. The more leaves, the stronger the tea you want. 
  • Once the water is boiled for a few minutes, turn the burner off and let the water absorb the goodness of mint. 
  • Then strain it, and pour it into a serving cup. Also, honey can be used as a natural sweetener. 

Risks in Drinking Peppermint Tea 

Now that you are aware of these mint benefits, it is also important to learn about the possible side effects of peppermint tea. Even though peppermint tea is caffeine free, overconsuming it could cause adverse health effects. Here are some possible concerns you need to keep in mind before getting your share of refreshing peppermint tea. 

  • Not suitable for people with indigestion problems. 
  • Decreased sugar level. 
  • Allergic reaction. 
  • Emmenagogue effects stimulate uterine blood flow and pregnancy risk. 
  • Stomach ulcers and other related disorders. 

In case you have any concerns, you can always opt for online doctor consultations. 

Peppermint tea is the perfect drink for an evening due to its refreshing aroma and enticing flavor. A cup can help you more, from cooling down your system to providing countless health and beauty benefits. These herbal leaves are usually used by Ayurvedic doctors, nutritionists, and herbalists around the globe to treat various health ailments, from indigestion to restful sleep. With all these benefits, why wait to harness the power of this herbal tree for yourself? Sip on a freshly brewed cup of peppermint tea, reviving the vibrant and verdant joy of the beverage!

Published on 3 Aug 2022Last updated on 12 Apr 2023

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Dr. Mohammad Azam

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Mohammad Azam

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