Skin Care Tips: Follow these Top 8 Tips to get Glowing Your Skin in Summer

Dr. Iykya K

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Dr. Iykya K

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Key Takeaways

  • Among the common tips for glowing skin is staying sun-safe, so that you aren’t affected by harmful UV rays
  • Skin care tips that for bright and healthy skin are actually quite easy to do
  • You should use external products with caution, in proportion, and with the advice of an expert dermatologist

Come summer and the sun shines brighter, the weather changes, you begin to sweat more, and your skin has a new set of environmental conditions to deal with. This demands that you tweak your skin care regimen or at least your daily habits. In fact, among the common tips for glowing skin is staying sun-safe, so that you aren’t affected by harmful UV rays or left with red, scaly skin. The good news is that most skin care tips that you can implement for bright and healthy skin are actually quite easy to do, from drinking green tea for skin complexion to showering less!

Sounds interesting? Read these 8 tips for good skin care in summer.

Wear sunscreen

Vital to good skin care in summer, a sunscreen ensures that you get protection against harmful UV rays. Its advised that you reapply the sunscreen every 2 hours or so. How to pick a sunscreen? Firstly, look for one that offers protection against both UVA and UVB rays. This way you work against skin cancer, premature aging, and sunburn. Sunscreens that offer such protection are called broad spectrum sunscreens.

Similarly, verify that the sun protection factor (SPF) is 30 or more. With SPF 30, approximately 97% of the UVB rays are filtered out. When wearing a sunscreen remember to layer some on your ears, feet, hands, and lips as well as your face.

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Hydrate and rehydrate

Summer season is when one tends to lose body fluids and experts say that even setting a goal of 8 glasses of water per day can leave you with great results in terms of your skin. However, you can go one step further. Lemon water, for instance, balances pH levels, contains Vitamin C, and provides a ton of electrolytes that will keep your skin hydrated. Aloe vera juice too helps in detoxification and promises to leave you with glowing skin. Adding cucumber water and coconut water to your summer home menu is a great idea as well.

Go for green tea

What about consuming the likes of green tea for skin complexion? Green tea contains several catechins like EGCG and these are natural antioxidants that work to prevent cell damage. Green tea is said to soothe one’s complexion and promote anti-aging as well, which makes it a must-have.

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Cut down on makeup

One thing you’ll notice about wearing makeup in the summer is that it tends to crease and cake. Makeup tends to move around because of the heat and become sticky. One of the best face care tips to follow is to simply wear less makeup. Makeup is also linked to acne outbreaks and skin allergies, which can intensify in the summer. So, your makeup should go from heavier to lighter during this season and some moisturiser and concealer can do well to finish off your routine.

Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation is among the top skin care tips as it helps unclog blocked pores and prevent acne that results due to the oils on your skin. How do pores get blocked? Well, your body sheds dead skin every day. Exfoliation keeps you from looking dull and dry. It gives your stressed summer skin a new look and a smoother, brighter tone. But, you must exfoliate your skin with caution. While you can increase the frequency with which you use a scrub, you don’t want to over exfoliate and leave your skin devoid of a strong protective barrier and open to sun damage.

Avoid over showering

This may come as a surprise, but showering too often or spending too much time in the tub can affect your skin adversely. Amidst the summer heat you may feel like curbs on showering are unnecessary but, here, the caution is just on over bathing, especially in very hot water. The downsides of bathing too often include dry, itchy skin, inflammation, eczema, flaky skin, psoriasis, and brittle hair. Moreover, you may actually scrub yourself off ‘good’ bacteria and essential oils. So, strive for a balance between personal hygiene and the best tips for glowing skin, bearing in mind that improper personal hygiene can lead to equally bad results.

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Stay in the shade

This seems like a no-brainer and perhaps it is. Adequate skin care in summer includes avoiding unnecessary exposure to the sun. From about 10am to 4pm, you may get a lot of direct sunlight on your face and body and there are many means to avoid it, starting with staying indoors. Umbrellas, caps, and brimmed hats help, as do long-sleeved clothing and sunglasses. However, this doesn’t mean that you should fear the sun altogether. After all, sunlight is known to be a mood enhancer and supplies you with Vitamin D!

Don’t miss out on a moisturiser

Its natural for your skin to lose moisture in the summer, even if you don’t feel it. This is where a moisturiser plays a role. Moisturisers help hydrate your skin by preventing water loss through the skin’s outermost layer, the stratum corneum. Simultaneously, by giving you a protective barrier, a moisturiser protects you from pollutants and environmental damage. Heavy moisturisers can lead to clogging of the pores and acne. So, opt for a lightweight moisturiser. However, remember that moisturisers can hinder the natural exfoliation process and alter your skin’s natural balance of proteins, lipids, and water.

That’s why you should use external products with caution, in proportion, and with the advice of an expert dermatologist. Even something like makeup can cause eye infections and lead to infertility.

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Dr. Iykya K

Medically reviewed by

Dr. Iykya K

, MBBS 1 , PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC) 2

Dr. Iykya K is a Cosmetic Dermatologist, a General physician and also a social activist in Kodambakkam, Chennai and has an experience of 4 years in these fields. Dr. Iykya K runs and practices at Berry Glow Skin, Hair & Laser Cosmetic Clinic in Kodambakkam, Chennai and visits Relooking Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic in Porur & Mogappair Chennai and visits Flawless Skin Clinic at Pallikaranai, Chennai and Astra Ortho & Spine Hospital, Velachery, Chennai. She completed MBBS from Pondicherry University and PG Diploma In Clinical Cosmetology (PGDCC) and Masters in Hair Transplantation (MHT) From Greifswald Univeristy, Germany.


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