Top 5 Vajrasana Benefits To Improve Your Health

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June 10th, 2022
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Vajrasana benefits your health by promoting blood flow and pelvic strength. Try the vajrasana pose to relieve tension! You can practice vajrasana by placing your knees on a pillow for greater comfort.

Key Takeaways

  • Vajrasana benefits your mental health and improves digestion
  • You can even do the vajrasana yoga pose after you’ve eaten
  • You can modify the vajrasana pose to ensure your comfort

Vajrasana benefits stem from its ability to enhance your gut health. Due to this and its simplicity, the vajrasana pose is one of the most popular asanas of yoga. Along with vajrasana, you can include various other poses in your yoga routine for better digestion as well as overall health. Regular practice of yoga boosts your body’s functions, aligns your mind and body, and can help improve your physical and mental wellness.

The vajrasana pose is also referred to as the thunderbolt pose. Relieving you from erratic sleeping patterns and back ache, there are many ways in which vajrasana benefits you. Read on to know how you can perform vajrasana yoga and the various vajrasana benefits you can enjoy.


Steps to do the vajrasana pose

  • Kneel down on your yoga mat
  • Your soles should face up and your toes should touch the mat
  • Gently and slowly take a sitting position on your knees
  • Your thighs will touch your calves and your sitting bones will be placed on your ankles
  • Adjust your position until you are comfortable
  • Place your hands on your knees and keep your back erect
  • Use your head as a guide and make sure your chin is parallel to the floor
  • Slowly breath in and breath out
  • Hold this position for a minimum of 3-4 minutes

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when to avoid Vajrasana

Keep in mind to start off slow and then increase the time you spend in the vajrasana pose.

This will help ensure that you do not strain your muscles and cause any injury. If you find it difficult to sit on a mat, you can use a pillow, a blanket, or padding to ease the discomfort. For example, if you have knee pain, keep a pillow under your knees and for ankle pain place it under your shins.

Top vajrasana benefits for your health

Promotes vascular health and digestion

Vajrasana is one of the well-known yoga poses for constipation. This is because it improves blood flow in your torso. Because of a sedentary lifestyle, circulation in the abdominal region is often improper, which negatively affects your digestive health. The improved blood circulation due to vajrasana not only helps prevent constipation but also ensures that your body absorbs the nutrients from food properly.

This pose also helps relieve the burning sensation caused by acidity as well as gas. Given the ample ways, vajrasana benefits your digestive health, you can do this pose post your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. This helps you make the most of the vajrasana pose and keeps your digestion going smooth.

Vajrasana  Steps

Eases lumbar pressure or pain and cramps

The lumbar region of the spine encompasses your lower back, and it is quite common to feel a constant ache here. Not being active and not keeping your weight in check are some of the causes back ache. Doing the vajrasana yoga pose helps as it requires you to keep your spine erect. Regular practice of this pose makes your pelvic and lumbar muscles stronger and reduces back ache and sciatica [1].

Since the vajrasana pose also improves blood circulation in the pelvis, it eases the pain of menstrual cramps. It also helps strengthen your pelvic muscles, which can be a boon during labor. The vajrasana pose also helps get relief from rheumatic symptoms. This benefit stems from the fact that this pose helps improve muscle flexibility in your hip, foot, ankles, knees, and thighs.

Reduces stress and anxiety

Vajrasana benefits your mental well-being by enhancing your focus and calming your mind. According to a study, vajrasana yoga can help improve your concentration [2]. Due to this, vajrasana is also often practiced as a meditative asana.

Since it promotes a feeling of peace, vajrasana benefits you by reducing your stress and anxiety levels. You can also do other breathing exercises while performing vajrasana yoga. Ultimately vajrasana benefits your emotional health by protecting your mind from various mental illnesses such depression. The calm state of mind you achieve through it also helps improve hypertension.

Improves metabolism and helps reduce weight

As mentioned, improving digestion is one of the main and most popular vajrasana benefits for your health. Moreover, vajrasana also helps combat the side effects of a sedentary lifestyle that slows down your metabolism. Improved metabolism helps your body shed excess weight. Improved absorption of nutrients also helps your body function better.

Other ways in which vajrasana benefits your health includes improving your overall posture, enhancing your sleep, treating urinary issues, and preventing muscle spasms.

There are other yoga poses that can help make your vajrasana posture better. You can try some of these poses to experience this for yourself:

  • Toe touch
  • Bridge pose
  • Lunge
  • Pigeon pose
  • Child’s pose

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Keep all these precautions and tips in mind to make the most of vajrasana benefits. If you face any difficulties, get in touch with a yoga teacher or ayurvedic doctor. Don’t forget to also try immunity-boosting yoga poses or even yoga for sinusitis relief. There are a range of poses that can benefit your health in every way. However, if you experience any symptoms, don’t delay. For expert advice and guidance, book an online appointment or an in-clinic consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health.

On this platform or app, you can get advice from top practitioners from all fields. You can also book lab tests and even buy health insurance, enjoying discounts and deals as you do so. Take the first step towards a healthy body and mind by doing yoga and being prompt about all health concerns that need your attention.

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