6 Useful Ayurveda Tips to Cope With the Monsoons

6 Useful Ayurveda Tips to Cope With the Monsoons

Dr. Hetal Ramani
July 26, 20215 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Use ayurvedic remedies for treating skin infections during monsoons
  • Common ayurveda tips include having herbs like tulsi and turmeric
  • Doing the yoga child pose can help relieve constipation problems

Monsoon season brings joy as our surroundings become lush-green and the climate becomes pleasant. According to the principles of Ayurveda, this is also the time when your immunity weakens. As a result, you are prone to seasonal illnesses like cold, flu, and stomach ailments with the onset of monsoons. Ayurvedic health focuses on incorporating simple ayurveda tips in your lifestyle during the rainy season. Instead of depending on medicines, these healthy tweaks to your diet and lifestyle can help.

Read on to know some of the practical ayurveda health tips ideal for safeguarding yourself during the rainy season.

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Use ayurvedic remedies for protection against skin infections during monsoons 

Skin infections are very common during this season. In order to protect yourself from them, consider doing an oil massage before taking bath in warm water. Oiling can be done by mixing few drops of neem oil with half a cup of sesame oil and massaging it over all your body. This helps you stay safe from skin infections and makes your skin soft and supple. A warm water bath is recommended by ayurveda during monsoons as it enhances digestion. There are many Ayurvedic products available for treating skin-related problems too. One such product is kumkumadi oil. It is effective in treating acne owing to its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. [1,2,3]

Include herbs in your diet and stay free from infections during the rainy season 

Ayurveda recommends using different herbs in your diet to keep you safe from health ailments apart from boosting the immune system. Basil or tulsi is referred as the ‘Mother Medicine of Nature’ because of its medicinal benefits. Be it cough, arthritis, fever or any gastric disorders, basil has the ability to penetrate into deep tissues of the body and helps in improving the general health. [4]

Turmeric is another effective herb loaded with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is ideal for treating intestinal disorders and skin infections. Licorice is also packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. If you suffer breathing difficulties or asthma, using licorice is a suitable option. Another interesting herb that you can include in your diet is triphala or ‘three fruits’. Known to purify blood and regulate your bowel movements, triphala is also a body cleanser and used for relieving headaches and constipation-related problems. [5]

ayurveda monsoon tips

Practice immunity-boosting yoga asanas for better digestion 

A regular exercise regime is essential to make your body active and flexible. Doing yoga poses during monsoon helps in easing the digestion problems and boosting your bowel system. One of the easiest poses to provide relief from constipation is the child pose. This pose also relaxes your back and calms your nervous system. Practicing the bow pose helps in strengthening of your back muscles and improving your posture. Since the entire front part of the body is stretched, this pose can ease you from constipation, anxiety and menstrual discomfort related issues. [67] Practicing yoga in the rains is also easy to do since you can do it indoors using just a mat.

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Sleep properly for at least 6 to 8 hours at night 

Remember to get proper sleep this season as deprivation can affect normal body functioning. Other issues such as weight gain, depression and poor concentration can be associated with poor sleeping patterns. Keep in mind that ayurveda restricts napping during daytime in the rains as it can affect your digestion process. [12]

Detoxify your body with Panchkarma treatment during monsoons 

Panchkarma helps strengthen the body and mind by cleansing your body inside-out without causing any damage to the tissues. It includes 5 processes from head to toe and is said to help prevent illness, promote better health, and even cure existing issues. Ayurveda suggests this detoxification process during monsoons as the body responds well to therapies during this time. After undergoing Panchkarma, your senses feel rejuvenated and energized. [8]

Consume herbal teas to boost your immune system 

Drinking ginger and green tea during monsoons is ideal as ginger is packed with anti-bacterial properties. Not only do these teas keep you warm during the rains, but also provide relief for your throat. Apart from this, ginger is known for its natural healing and immunity boosting properties. In case of stomach inflammation or aches, consuming ginger helps reduce indigestion. Try to reduce the usage of caffeinated beverages as these tend to add toxic elements to your body by giving you instant energy. On the contrary, herbal teas help increase your metabolism for a prolonged period. [1,4]

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Ayurveda healthcare recommends these simple tips to lead a well-balanced life during monsoons. These ayurveda tips not only keep you away from infections, but also improve your immunity. To get specific treatments or customized advice, connect with eminent Ayurvedic doctors and naturopaths on Bajaj Finserv Health. Book an appointment with a specialist near you and start your Ayurvedic journey!

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