Benefits of Drinking Detox Water, Myths and Recipes

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Key Takeaways

  • Drinking detox water is a simple, tasty and easy way to strengthen your immune system
  • Endless combinations can be used for making detox water
  • The exact benefits of detox water will vary depending on the ingredients you use

Drinking detox water is a simple, tasty and easy way to strengthen your immune system! Some people find plain water boring, so detox water is a great way to get more hydration into your system by making it tasty. Detox water is nothing but water infused with various herbs, vegetables and fruits packed with essential nutrients which can help your body be nourished and hydrated.

Endless combinations can be used for making detox waters; all you need to do is chop the veggies or fruits and add them into hot or cold water, as per your preference. To drink cold detox water, keep it in the fridge for 3-12 hours, to ensure proper infusion.

What is Detox Water?

When you add slices of fresh fruits and vegetables along with herbs to your water, it is called detox water. It is also known as fruit or vegetable-infused water. Depending on your choice of herbs, vegetables, and fruits, there are numerous ways of preparing detox water at home. Drinking detox water benefits your health in umpteen ways. As it is zero on calories and packed with essential nutrients, detox water for weight loss is getting more and more popular. A glass of detox water benefits your metabolism and keeps you energized throughout the day.

Benefits of Detox Water

Now that you know what detox water is, you need to learn about the different benefits of drinking detox water. Here are a few detox water benefits.

1. Detox Water For Weight Loss

Drinking detox water for weight loss is a vital benefit familiar to most people today. While you know that water is effective for weight loss, converting normal drinking water to detox water also helps you shed extra kilos. When you drink plenty of water, your metabolism increases, which helps you burn more calories.

If you feel bored of drinking water, adding a slice of cucumber, lemon, and some mint leaves can improve the taste of plain water. Drinking a glass of detox water before your meal helps curb your hunger pangs. This way, you can keep a check on your weight.

2. Eliminates Bad Odor

You may know that accumulation of bacteria in the colon results in bad breath. A bad odor can get worse over time if you ignore it. By drinking plenty of detox water, you can eliminate unwanted bacteria and toxins in your gut. This helps reduce bad breath and makes you feel better too!

3. Boosts Digestion

One of the most important benefits of drinking detox water is that it helps improve digestion. Water is essential for aiding digestion and smooth bowel movements. If there is a lack of water in your body, it can cause constipation. This can result in stomach bloating and other digestive ailments. By drinking an adequate amount of water, you can overcome stomach problems.

4. Improves Immunity

You require good immunity to fight unwanted pathogens from entering your body and causing infections. While water helps eliminate harmful toxins and free radicals from your body, drinking detox water benefits your immune mechanism. When you add lemon or other vitamin C- rich fruits and vegetables to your water, you get additional doses of vitamin C to keep all your infections at bay.

5. Uplifts Mood and Energy

While you can have detox water for weight loss, you may be amazed to know that detox water can also improve your energy and concentration levels. If there is dehydration, your body feels fatigued, which can hamper your mood and energy. Drinking plenty of detox water makes you feel rejuvenated and increases the glow on your skin. Drink detox water regularly and improve your mood!

lemon water detox recipe

6. Cleanses Toxins From Kidney and Liver

Drinking detox water benefits your kidney by helping it flush out harmful toxins. In addition, detox water acts as a natural diuretic and increases urination. This helps reduce urinary tract infections as your kidney eliminates unwanted toxins. Similarly, detox water also helps the liver remove toxins and improve bile production. This way, detox water keeps you hale and hearty by removing unwanted substances from the body.

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Best Detox Water Recipes:

  1. Half of a cucumber with a handful of mint leaves and the juice of one lemon makes a refreshingly zesty drink, perfect for hot days.
  2. 2 inches of ginger, juice of one lemon and 5-10 mint leaves added to water makes tasty and wholesome detox water.
  3. For some delectable flavours, try adding 8-10 fresh chopped strawberries with a handful of basil leaves and juice of one lemon to plain water.
  4. Quarter cup chopped up Mango, a quarter cup of chopped Pineapple with juice of one lemon brings tropical vibes, right to your kitchen.
  5. One cup of watermelon cubes and 5-10 mint leaves in cold water is the perfect summer drink and kids favourite!
  6. For comforting warmth try chopping one juicy apple and add it to water with half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
  7. Crush one stick of fresh turmeric and cinnamon, add half teaspoon of honey along with a one-inch piece of ginger and the juice of one lemon to hot or cold water.

If you are in a hurry, try crushing the ingredients. This would infuse the flavours quickly and make the detox water more tasteful. Try making your own recipes and see what suits you the best! Many benefits of the detox water are mainly due to the water itself.

benefits of drinking mint water in morning

Few Benefits of Drinking Detox Water

  1. Helps the body to get rid of toxins
  2. Improves energy levels
  3. Helps in losing weight
  4. Balances the body pH levels
  5. Improves digestion
  6. Boosts immune system
  7. Makes skin clearer
  8. Reduces inflammation
  9. Improves liver function

The exact benefits of detox water will vary depending on the ingredients you use and the strength of the infusion. The customizations are endless! Pick ingredients that you need and that will supplement your lifestyle and diet, and hydrate away!

Detox Water Myths:

While there are many benefits of drinking detox water, many myths surround it too. Be aware of these myths before you start drinking detox water for weight loss or other reasons.

Drinking Detox Water Helps Detoxify Your Body

This is a myth though there have been claims about detox water eliminating toxins from your body. While many diets claim detox water removes unwanted toxins from the body, nothing is clear as to how this process happens. Though it is called detox, it remains unclear if it actually detoxifies your body.

Taking Detox Water Can Improve Your Skin Health

Many claims that drinking detox water regularly can help improve your complexion. However, if detox water may not help flush toxins, improving your skin’s complexion may be a myth. Have plenty of water to eliminate toxins rather than depending entirely on infused water.

Having Detox Water Helps Balance Your ph Levels

This is yet another myth of detox water that it may create an alkaline environment in the body. Since there aren’t many experiments conducted to prove this fact, it remains a myth. Moreover, altering the normal pH of blood with the help of foods you eat is almost impossible.

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Dt. Gagan Anand

Medically reviewed by

Dt. Gagan Anand

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