Digestive Enzymes: 6 Amazing Benefits You Did Not Know!

Digestive Enzymes: 6 Amazing Benefits You Did Not Know!

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April 01, 20224 mins read

Key Takeaways

  • Digestive enzymes aid in reducing digestion problems
  • Lipase and pepsin are the best digestive enzymes for weight loss
  • Digestive enzymes help take care of your overall health

Digestive enzymes help with the easy absorption of nutrients from food in your body. These enzymes help keep your gut healthy and keep digestion problems at bay. Apart from the naturally available enzymes, you can also get digestive enzyme supplements if you have a deficiency. 

There are various types of digestive enzymes in your body but given below are some of the most important digestive enzymes in your body [1].

  • Lipase – helps to break down fats
  • Amylase – helps to break down complex carbohydrates
  • Protease – helps break down proteins

Apart from the above, digestive enzymes are also found in the small intestine, which helps keep the digestive tract healthy. These include

  • Lactase – Helps break down lactose
  • Sucrase – helps break down sucrose

One of the main digestive enzymes in the stomach is pepsin, which helps your digestive health by breaking down the protein that you consume. Read on to find out how these enzymes fight digestive tract ailments and other ways in which they benefit your body.

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Help soak in essential nutrients.

The food you consume contains a load of nutrients that need to be effectively absorbed by the body for you to remain healthy. This is where digestive enzymes come into the picture. They provide the body access to these nutrients by helping to break down food in your gut. The absence of these enzymes leads to improper absorption of nutrients. Enzyme deficiency can also lead to other digestive problems such as flatulence, cramping, diarrhea, and bloating. 

Boosts energy

When there is improper absorption of nutrients, there is improper use of energy which impacts the metabolic process of your body. With the help of digestive enzymes, your body gets enough nutrients from the foods consumed. Proper use of these nutrients results in having more energy as compared to when you don’t have enough enzymes in your body. Supplements that have amylase can help your body convert carbs into glucose. Glucose is a key element in your body producing enough energy.

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Helps manage IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a common gastrointestinal condition that is generally developed after you experience severe diarrhea because of a virus or bacteria. Another reason why you may develop IBS is excess bacteria in your digestive system, mainly in the intestines. Surplus bacteria can lead to a number of IBS symptoms such as abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and more. Pancrelipase is among the digestive enzymes medicine that can help manage IBS [2]. 

Aids in weight loss and management

Digestive enzymes do not directly affect weight loss but have a major role to play in impacting your weight loss. When your body absorbs all the nutrients from the food that you eat, you are able to function well. This way, you lose the constant hunger caused by a lack of nutritional absorption from food. When the specific nutrients required by your body are fulfilled with the help of digestive enzymes, you may not feel constant hunger. Increasing absorption in your body also helps increase your energy, which allows you to exercise properly without feeling any fatigue. Undigested food causes sensitivities in your digestive tract leading to swelling and inflammation. This can seriously impair your body’s metabolism and ability to lose weight efficiently.

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Relieves pain and tiredness 

Improper nutrient absorption can lead to a nutrient deficiency which can, in turn, cause inflammation. Inflammation is one of the major reasons why you experience pain in your body. As mentioned, digestive enzymes help absorb nutrients that provide the body energy, which then helps reduce inflammation and fatigue and inflammation. For your body to have enough energy, it needs a sufficient amount of glucose. Amylase is one of the digestive enzymes that can help facilitate your body to have enough glucose in your body.

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Prevents leaky gut

Intestinal permeability is a condition that is a result of damage to your intestinal wall. When the food is digested improperly, it can push through the cells located throughout your intestinal wall. This then results in your immune system trying to eliminate them from your body. The immune response triggered by this further causes damage to your health and intestinal wall. Since digestive enzymes help you digest food properly, it also helps prevent a leaky gut by ensuring that your immune system is not triggered.

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These features show how important digestive enzymes are for your body. Be aware of the needs of your body and eat nutritious food. For more guidance on any health-related need, you can book an online consultation on Bajaj Finserv Health. With advice from experts, you can understand more about the best digestive enzymes you need from the comfort of your home. Get started on focusing on your health right now!

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