6 Poses of Facial Yoga and Gua Stone Benefits You Should Know!


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Key Takeaways

  • Facial yoga benefits you by improving blood circulation & your face structure
  • You can add a Gua stone massage to your face yoga routine for better results
  • Start with easy poses of face yoga for beginners & gradually add to your routine

Like your body, your face also needs exercise to stay in the best shape. One of the ways you can maintain your facial shape is by following a face yoga routine. Facial yoga benefits not only your skin, but also the structure of your face by stimulating muscles and blood circulation. It can help you release tension or tightness that causes wrinkles and promote a healthy glow.

There are various facial yoga exercises for anti-aging, double chins, fine lines, and more. What’s more, there are no side effects of face yoga when done correctly. But if not done correctly, face yoga can cause some reverse effects such as more wrinkles. So, make sure you perform these exercises in the right way.

You can include exercises into your daily routine by starting with face yoga for beginners. This will help you find your rhythm and develop a routine that best suits you and is easy to follow. Read on for a list of facial exercises, learn how to do facial yoga and get to know the various facial yoga benefits.

Does facial yoga work? 

This is a common question that you are not alone in asking it! As per research, performing face yoga exercises consistently for around 30 minutes can improve your facial appearance [1]. However, there are very few studies on this, and research is still ongoing.

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List of facial exercises 

Cheek sculptor  

As the name suggests, this exercise is especially good for sculpting and uplifting your cheek area. It can help you tone your cheeks and give them a better structure. You can perform this pose of facial yoga for chubby cheeks in three simple steps.  

  • First, put your index and middle fingers near the bottom area of your face.  
  • Then glide your index fingers upwards in the direction of your smile and stop anear the nostrils.  
  • Then slide your middle fingers upwards the rest of the cheek. Keep in mind that your fingers will move in a ‘V’ position.\

Neck tilt  

There are many face yoga exercises that focus on your neck or double chin. Neck tilt is one of the most common facial yoga exercises for double chin. This exercise helps you stretch your neck area and get rid of a double chin. You can easily do this exercise even if your hands are busy.  

  • To start off, tilt your head back and look up.  
  • Push or move your jaw in front until you feel a stretch below your chin.  
  • Hold this pose for 10 counts and release your neck.
  • Do this exercise daily for a few times through the days to see best results. 
Face Yoga benefits

Neck massage  

This face yoga exercise can help boost lymphatic drainage and relieve tension from your neck. It can also help with tightening sagging skin near your neck and jaw. As a result, it is one of the effective facial yoga for jowls 

  • You can start this exercise by tilting your head slightly back and putting your fingers at the top of your neck. 
  • With gentle pressure, glide your fingers towards your collarbone. 
  • Press them into the collarbone for few seconds and then release.
  • Continue doing this exercise for around 30 seconds and do it a few times daily.

Balloon pose  

This is a go-to exercise for your facial muscles. It helps improve your blood circulation. This, in turn, can help clear pimple and acne scar from the surface of your skin. You can easily do this pose of facial yoga for glowing skin even on the move.  

  • Start by filling air in your mouth and holding it for about 10 seconds.  
  • Make sure that you hold the air tightly and if you feel that the air is leaving your mouth, place your fingers on your mouth. This will help you hold the air tightly. 
  • Repeat this 5-10 times.

Pouting and owl stretch  

Two common poses of facial yoga for neck are pouting and owl stretch. For the pouting stretch, simply stick out your lower lip in a way that it resembles a pout. After this lower your jaw with the lip stuck out and keeping your face still. Repeat this exercise for around 10 times daily.

For the owl stretch, release your arms at the side and form a pout with your lips. Breathe in through your nose and slowly look over your left shoulder. After holding this pose for several seconds, release and repeat it on the right side. Do this exercise twice a day up to 15 times.

facial yoga for glowing skin

Buddha face  

Buddha face is one of the poses of facial yoga for wrinkles that can help you reset your facial lines. It is also one of the easiest ones on the list of facial exercises. All you have to do is relax your face muscles, close your eyes and smile slightly – like Buddha. Make sure that you are relaxed to achieve good results. This helps reset your facial habits since you may not even realize when you are grimacing! This is also considered one of the many facial yoga exercises for anti-aging as it helps uplift your face and reduce signs of wrinkles.

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Using a Gua sha stone for face health  

Using a Gua stone benefits your face as it: 

  • Improves circulation 
  • Tightens your skin 
  • Reduces dark circles
  • Heals broken skin

Wondering what is a Gua sha stone made of? An original Gua sha stone is made from rose quartz, amethyst, jade, and other gems. You can use a Gua stone and roller for better results. But make sure you know how to use these products by following trusted tutorials online or talking to a dermatologist.

When it comes to Gua sha, different stone shapes have different purposes. So, make sure that you use them in a correct manner. The same goes for facial yoga exercises for anti-aging and other purposes. A correct form will give you better results.


Now that you know the benefits of yoga and Gua sha for face, be sure to include them in your routine. While performing these exercises remember that sometimes your skin may show signs of an underlying condition. If you think that your signs are persistent, it is best to consult a doctor. Book an online appointment with top dermatologists on Bajaj Finserv Health to ease your worries and get care either through a teleconsultation or an in-person appointment. This way, you can make the most of the latest skincare trends! 

Published on 4 Apr 2022Last updated on 26 Dec 2022

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